The Mystery of David Futrelle: Fidelbogen is on the case

If you’ll forgive the self-indulgence here, I thought this little Twitter exchange between some of the Men’s Rights Movement’s top men was too good not to share: Aside from being a professional hack, does @DavidFutrelle have a meaningful avocation? Why does @DavidFutrelle indiscriminately mock MRAs? — Attila L. Vinczer (@AttilaVinczer) July 16, 2014 @fidelbogen @DavidFutrelle…

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Fidelbogen writes a manifesto (and it’s even more turgid than you’d expect)

If you’re starting up a political movement and want to get the asses into the seats — and then out into the streets — it’s helpful to have a stirring manifesto.

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@Fidelbogen sez: “We needn’t treat feminists fairly or ethically. Underhanded tricks r the order of the day.”

It’s labor day here in the US of A, a day for picnics, parades honoring our nation’s workers, and going through Fidelbogen’s timeline on Twitter looking for especially obtuse tweets from the always obtuse Men’s Renaissance Agitator and would-be philosopher-king of the Men’s Rights movement. Yes, I know we just did Fidelbogen the other day,…

antifeminism are these guys 12 years old? domestic violence fidelbogen grandiosity gross incompetence men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA slacktivism sluts why should we have to do anything?

Fidelbogen: Men’s Rights Activists! Forget about DV shelters for men. Focus on the important issue: yelling at feminists

Our old nemesis Fidelbogen — the Would-Be Counter-Feminist Philosopher King — has taken on a dire, if altogether hypothetical, threat to the men’s rights movement as we know it today: the danger that actual activism that benefits men in the real world will get in the way of the feminist bashing that he thinks is…

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Fidelbogening while the world burns

We’re having Fidelbogen for lunch again. In my defense, the Twitter feed of this self-proclaimed philosopher of the non-feminist sector is hands down the most consistently entertaining thing in the manosphere today. In today’s post, Fidey opines on Women’s Suffrage (neither good nor bad), feminist “exit strategies,” and why it’s not necessary for MRAs to…

a voice for men antifeminism creepy drama kings fidelbogen grandiosity I am making a joke imaginary oppression MGTOW misogyny MRA none dare call it conspiracy straw feminists the eternal solipsism of the MRA mind the sound of his own voice whaaaaa?

More #Fidelbogenisms from @Fidelbogen, brave Counter-Feminist Tortoise-Fighting Ant Warrior of Truth

I know I just wrote about it, but our Counter-Feminist pal Fidelbogen’s Twitter feed is turning into the funniest thing on Twitter next to 80sDonDraper.

antifeminism fidelbogen grandiosity mansplaining misogyny MRA straw feminists twitter

@Fidelbogen is killing it on Twitter with his antifeminist bon mots #NotReally #SeriouslyTheyreAwful

So our old friend Fidelbogen the Counter-Feminist Agent of Male Renaissance has gotten on the Twitter. And even though he hasn’t yet figured out how to replace his generic egg avatar, and has managed to amass only 44 followers (one of them me), he’s been tweeting up a storm in the last couple of days.…

actual activism antifeminism armageddon drama kings facebook censoring rape memes the world is ending oh no misogyny MRA oppressed men playing the victim rape culture rape jokes slacktivism straw feminists

Man-O-Philosopher Fidelbogen: Feminists want to ban Facebook rape memes because “feminists do not allow the right to exist of people who are not feminist.”

While we’re talking about this whole Facebook thing (see here and here if you don’t know what I’m referring to), I figured some of you might be wondering: What does the eminent Man-O-Philosopher and self-described “Counter-Feminist Agent of Change” Fidelbogen think of all this?

antifeminism drama kings fidelbogen

Fidelbogen’s Sonnets for the Portuguese

Brazilians! Portuguese! I have fantastic news! Fidelbogen is now available in Portuguese! Yes, our old frenemy Fidelbogen, the self-described Counter-Feminist Agent of Change (CFAC), and the would-be philosopher king of the manosphere, has managed to find someone who is, for some perverse reason, willing to translate snippets from Mr. F’s blogs into Portuguese.

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Prominent Men’s Rights Activist: Don’t you DARE call me an activist; I just like to pester feminists

By David Futrelle Men’s Rights “Activists” are the least activist activists I’ve ever met. Oh, they’re noisy enough, but for all the noise they make about the supposed injustices faced by men, they won’t lift a finger, or open their wallets, to do a single thing that might actually help real men in real pain.

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