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Vox Day calls for expulsion of Muslims, hails far-right terrorist Anders Breivik as a “saint”

Nazoid fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale has had some, well, interesting, if contradictory, responses to the carnage in Manchester. The one thing they all have in common? Utter moral bankruptcy.

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That Anders Breivik dude has some good ideas, Dark Enlightenment Redditors suggest

I found the above on the Dark Enlightenment subreddit, home to some of the most reactionary dudes on all of Reddit. Seriously, fellas, if you’re turning to a neo-Nazi mass murderer for insights into the world, you might want to sit down for a while and rethink the choices you’ve made in your life.

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Red Piller: Anders Breivik’s “methods were atrocious but his message is redpill relevant”

And we return once again to the Red Pill subreddit, where the locals are finding intellectual inspiration in the manifesto of one slightly problematic Norwegian, er, thinker — Anders Breivik, a far-right, antifeminist ideologue who decided to promote this manifesto by murdering 77 people with guns and a bomb.

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Manosphere blogger: Anders Breivik “should have targeted the politicians, media, and bureaucrats, not their children”

In July of 2011, Anders Breivik set off a bomb in front of government buildings in Oslo, killing 8 people, then gunned down dozens more at a summer camp for the youth league of the Norwegian labor party; in all, 77 people died by his hand. Breivik, a virulent Islamaphobe with a manifesto he wanted to publicize, thought he was striking…

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A Voice for Men publishes a post by racist blogger Pamela Geller, whose Islamophobic writings helped to inspire Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik [UPDATE]

NOTE: Man Boobz Pledge Week Continues! Big  thanks to everyone who has donated! If you haven’t yet, and want to, here’s the button you’re looking for: UPDATE: AVFM has taken the post down. Men’s Rights Activists have had a serious hate-on for the Southern Poverty Law Center ever since the hate-group-monitoring watchdog wrote about the…

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Links: Michael Kimmel and Amanda Marcotte on masculinity, misogyny and Anders Breivik

A couple excellent pieces on Anders Breivik and misogyny. First: The other day I posted a link to a piece by Michael Kimmel on Breivik and the sexual politics of far-right thought. It turned out that the article was a draft that got published prematurely. Now the final version of the post is officially up…

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MRA Peter Nolan on Anders Breivik: “In different times … he would be called a hero.”

Some in the manosphere have been quick to label mass murderer Anders Breivik a “madman,” trying their best to pretend that his noxious misogynist ideology bears no resemblance to their own. Others, while endorsing at least some of his ideas, have distanced themselves from his actions. As for MRA loose cannon Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c), well, I’ll…

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Do feminists hate mass murderer Anders Breivik … because he’s a white guy?

So here’s the strangest response I’ve seen so far to the massacre in Norway. On Sofiastry, an antifeminist blog that seems to be broadly sympathetic to the “alt” (that is, the “intellectually” racist) right, blogger Sofia complains that feminist bloggers – she cites me and Hugo Schwyzer – are talking about the blatant anti-feminism and…

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Manosphere blogs: Hey, that Breivik guy has some good ideas!

Earlier today I wrote about some Men’s Rights Redditors who endorsed the views of Norwegian shooter Anders Breivik – without knowing that the views they were endorsing were his. But others in the manosphere have stepped up to defend Breivik’s manifesto (if not his actions) plainly and explicitly, in full knowledge of just whose ideas…

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Excerpts of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik’s manifesto go over well on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit

So somebody, and I honestly don’t know who, tried a little experiment last night on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit: claiming to be a “long time lurker and closet-convert to the MRM [with] some thoughts to share that I’ve been working on for a long time,” the (ostensibly male) prankster cut-and-pasted the excerpts of Norwegian mass…

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