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Chasing those sweet, sexy sheep with The Psychopathic Edge, Twitter PUA

No, The Psychopathic Edge is not an unflattering nickname for the guitarist in U2. The guy who goes by this moniker is a pickup guru with several self-published books to his name and more than three times the number of Twitter followers than I have.

He likes to share his insights about men and women on Twitter. This is his pinned tweet:

He also tries his hand at memes, though he doesn’t seem to have realized that they’re supposed to be funny.

But mostly, he tweets. But going through his tweets I realized fairly quickly that he’s not necessarily as creative as he is prolific; a lot of his tweets simply repeat points he’s made in earlier tweets.

Also, he’s sort of obsessed with animals. Like lions:

And wolves:

And (more so than either lions or wolves) sheep. He’s really obsessed with sheep, especially when they are being eaten by lions or wolves.

How obsessed is he? Let’s roll the tweets. Lions first.

At this point it’s safe to say we understand the basics of his teachings. But it’s not clear he understands the basics of lions. Because lions don’t eat sheep. I mean, sure, they’re lions; when they get the opportunity, they’re happy to eat sheep or just kill them all in a frenzy. But they rarely get that opportunity, because they don’t live near large supplies of sheep. Mostly they eat tasty things like wildebeests and antelopes and other not-quite-fast-enough animals living in their territories.

But that’s not the only thing he gets wrong about lions.

Lions don’t actually live in jungles. They live on savannahs and grasslands. I mean, you’ve seen those Planet Earth shows right?

So what animals do eat sheep on the regular? In the US, coyotes and dogs eat more sheep than all other animals combined, but wolves are occasional sheep-eaters as well. So Psycho’s obsession with the eating habits of wolves makes a little bit more sense than his lamb-lion deal.

Dude, I hate to break it to you but that’s not a wolf. Or a sheep. It’s a tiger.

Dude, dude, that is also not a wolf. It’s a lion. Do you even know what wolves look like?

Ok, that looks like a wolf.

Sometimes Psycho can’t decide if he wants to be a lion or a wolf — so he goes for both.

Hey, it’s tough being the the NUMBER ONE APEX ALPHA PREDATOR in the room all the time; sometimes it’s hard to remember just what kind of APEX ALPHA PREDATOR you are. Not that it matters. Anything with lots of scary teeth and claws and eyes on the front of the head will probably do just fine. Let’s get out there and hunt those sheep!

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occasional reader
occasional reader
8 months ago

No Mortal Kombat pun have been made in answer to this.

Full Metal Ox
8 months ago


No Mortal Kombat pun have been made in answer to this.


I’m old enough to remember when Kitana was first introduced in MKII in 1993; savvy players soon realized that she could pull off ridiculously easy victories by using her Fan Lift to buoy her opponent into an upper corner and hack away from beneath; this move was known in some circles as the “Bobbit Special.”

…”Psychopathic Edge”, huh?

Last edited 8 months ago by Full Metal Ox
8 months ago

That Tiger also looks a lot like a siberian tiger as well.
Not many jungles in siberia, despite what “Metal Gear Solid 3” said.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
8 months ago

Someone tell grass, scrub, and moss that sheep are at the bottom of the food-chain.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
8 months ago

Amusingly (or, if you insist, ‘ironically as the kids now use it’) I do believe that if I were a woman with whom he were out on a date I would not be concerned with the possibility that he might eat me.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
8 months ago

I believe I once saw <Someone>’s Law, something like ‘The readiness of someone to take metaphors from the Natural World is inversely proportional to how well they know and understand it.’.

Ninja Socialist
Ninja Socialist
8 months ago

So this POS can share his hateful crap on twitter along with dozens like him who say horrific things about women but I (along with several friends) are permanently banned for ‘targeted harassment’ for going after nazi terf. The nazi terf is still there spreading hate. It’s a hell site.

Full Metal Ox
8 months ago


So what animals do eat sheep on the regular? In the US, coyotes and dogs eat more sheep than all other animals combined, but wolves are occasional sheep-eaters as well.

I’m moderately surprised that Alan Robertshaw hasn’t yet been the one to point this out, but you’re forgetting the species who slaughtered and ate about 2 million sheep per year in the U.S. alone.

Alan Robertshaw
8 months ago

@ full metal ox

Heh, I’m trying to be good, and not do too much blatant propagandising. I thought I’d try being subtle; hence the Lamb Chop picture. But all that did was make GSS hungry!

But you do make an excellent point. Although the US doesn’t consume a lot of sheep products compared to some places in the world.

comment image?fit=3000%2C2250&ssl=1

(Next open thread I will be inviting some help/comments on a related project)

8 months ago

“Big Titty Demon
 29 days ago
” I fought off two rapists by pure brute force ”

Nobody here believes your childish power fantasies, big titty demon.
did you know, that only around 0,03% of times when women are given a gun, they will use it at a perpetrator?
making giving guns statistically completely useless to women in preventing domestic violence, sexual violence, or any kind of violence. men just take her gun from her hands and use it on her, instead. women refuse to shoot, no matter how much she is trained.
real life is not Hollywood and it will never be.

you can google researched articles on google on the subject of how women don’t shoot others no matter the circumstances, like ” Gun-Rights Advocates Claim Owning a Gun Makes a Woman Safer. The Research Says They’re Wrong.” “A Deadly Myth: Women, Handguns, and Self-Defense””Having a Gun in the House Doesn’t Make a Woman Safer”
from Harvard site ” Gun Threats and Self-Defense Gun Use ”
” women never use guns to protect themselves against sexual assault (in more than 300 cases). ” and they were trained, gun-carrying women, in that 300 study.

“Women who were victims of attempted or completed crimes used guns to defend themselves just 0.4 percent of the time, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey. ”

So, even when a trained woman is aiming her gun at you, there is a 99,6% chance, that you can just take the gun away from her. that is what being a more assertive man means. women do not want to shoot. they would rather hurt themselves and let their loved ones be hurt, even when trained. women certainly are not the real-life female lions, that are capable of shooting men.
the real-life statistical fact is the complete opposite of Hollywood.
Statistically, even modern, trained women are cowards over 99% of the time. of course, you call it just empathy, to protect your ego.
But I call women cowards.
And you cannot trust cowards for the safety of yourself, or your family, or the nation, for that matter.

Last edited 8 months ago by redmanticore
Alan Robertshaw
8 months ago

@ redmanticore

Nobody here believes you

Well, I’m here, and I believe BTD.

So that would appear to negate your thesis.

And I’m not sure your comments on firearms, whilst interesting, are relevant. BTD never mentioned guns.

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