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Reddit has some absolutely awful takes on Bill Cosby’s release from prison

Reddit is one of the world’s biggest repositories of terrible wrong crap. So I thought I’d take a little look to see what people in Reddit’s wrongest subreddits had to say about Bill Cosby’s release from prison on a technicality.

The good folks in r/MGTOW offered a winning combination of complete ignorance and unjustified self-assurance as they celebrated the good news.

Meanwhile, in r/conservative:

In r/drama, on3 commenter blamed it all on white women, apparently forgetting about the accusers who weren’t white.

The r/conspiracy crowd had lots of theories– all of which I suspect are completely wrong.

If you find any real doozies that I’ve missed please post links in the comments so we can all enjoy them.

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11 replies on “Reddit has some absolutely awful takes on Bill Cosby’s release from prison”

So, according to gtowerthrowaway, rape is a traditional value. Got it.

@Katherine the Adequate:

Yes and no. There are some situations where if a man wants sex with a woman, sex is just going to happen, and if it’s unwanted by the woman, well, her fault. It’s only rape if she made no “choices” and it’s frameable as property damage against her husband or father. Meanwhile a lot of them are all “they say anything is permissible if this vague and mythical concept of ‘consent’ is invoked! this is how people justify sex with dogs and children, or worse, gays!” …Which is not at all how consent works, but actual consent is incomprehensible to their worldview. So some forms of rape are part of “traditional values”, but by the modern cultural and legal definition of it, not by theirs.

Though I suspect that’s not what this person is actually talking about. More likely they’re implying that liberals hate the concept of male-lead nuclear families (which isn’t as “traditional” as they think), so therefore liberals are trying to frame people who are symbols of that concept of crimes. Discredit Cosby, discredit whoever they think we’re going after next, and we create the illusion of male-lead nuclear families having been discredited, so people will turn away from “traditional family values”. Not how anything works either, but whatever.

@Crip Dyke

I was wondering at that too. What does he mean by it? That Cosby is guilty AF but got off because of people in the law and order system screwing up, not because he was in any way innocent or regretful of his crimes? Cos yeah, that’s kinda true…

Shitty people say shitty things. In other news, water is wet and the sun is hot, and also, fuck these guys.

I agree that the ability of a prosecutor to do such a pact is stupid and absolutely should be removed from them.

Once they have the ability to do that pact, law need to be followed. Remember that improper prosecution being cancelled might have liberated one asshole here, but it also saved plenty people from prison or worse.

In other word, the fault is mostly entirely on the prosecutor that did that pact.

It might be because I’m highly suspicious of the fact that Jimmy Saville was (rather conveniently) crowned as Britain’s sole King Sex Abuser of All Evil, after his death and after he got the funeral he wanted, despite the fact he absolutely must have been aided and abetted by extremely powerful people – but I’m ashamed to admit my mind jumped exactly where sapienBob’s did when I heard this news. I guess everyone is partial to at least one conspiracy theory!

…This generation’s OJ? That’s certainly a place to go but nowhere I wanted to be dragged.

…And if you’re going to be an Epstein conspirationist, wouldn’t it have been simpler for Cosby to quietly die in jail? He’s an old man.

…And the REAL reason he was found guilty is racism.

I was not prepared to get out of bed this morning.

Why are they pretending to care about black men? Is it only when black men are ”wronged” by women or Jews? They don’t seem to post about black men getting killed by police.


The REAL reason?
You actually expect me to believe all those women are liars?

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