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Clueless Gender Critical transphobe loses it over an entirely imaginary trans male baby boom

People throwing fits over nothing? Never gets old.

Today I took a little peek into the Gender Critical forum on the Reddit clone called Saidit, one of several forums that Reddit’s TERFs flocked to after their subreddit was taken down. I found one very irate commenter wondering why there are so very many trans men having babies.

Of course she didn’t word it like that. The headline for her post was “What’s up with there being so many pregnant TIFs?” TIF, you see, is the transphobes’ way of saying trans man; it stands for “Trans-Identified-Female.” Which is pretty much the dumbest acronym in TERFdom except perhaps for TIM, or “Trans-Identified-Male,” their term for trans woman.

Ironically, it turns out that the angry commenter has a little bit of trouble with acronyms herself.

“I am currently pregnant for the first time,” she writes,

and I don’t go to many pregnancy subs, but when I do (r/babybumps for example) there are a ton of posts by pregnant FTMs! Sometimes they even mention it when it’s completely irrelevant.

That’s because you’re on a pregnancy subreddit, where FTM doesn’t stand for “Female to Male,” an archaic way of saying trans man.

It stands for “First Time Mother.”

But our angry commenter doesn’t know that, and continues her rant:

It’s completely insane to me. Here you are, a woman, literally pregnant. You are doing something only a woman can do, with the assistance of something that only a man can do. There’s literally no other way to make a baby. Even test tube babies are made with a female part and male and carried by only a female. And yet you want to scream to the world you’re a man? I mean that’s just nuts. I don’t have any other words for that.

Well, you don’t really need to have any words for it because it’s a figment of your delusional mind.

But my question is, how did this happen? Why are there so many? What is even going on? I guess these are the assholes pushing the “chest feeding” trend but how did we get here. Does anyone have any insight on these insane people? Also let’s not forget how fucked up they will raise the poor child. We are going to have a chunk of a generation raised by TIMs and TIFs.

Sure, a chunk, but a fairly small chunk, I would guess, with a much larger number raised by FTMs of the “First Time Mom” variety.

This is what happens when you (and by “you” I mean TERFs) refuse to use the same language that everyone else is using in favor of acronyms like TIM and TIF because you just really, really want to misgender some people.

Well, off I go to feed the CATS (Carbon-based Animal TerroristS).

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Alan Robertshaw
11 months ago

@ ohlmann

That makes sense.

If you were Graham Hancock you could probably get a book deal and a TV series out of that idea.

I think they should mechanise the statue so it randomly knocks things off the plinth.

Make shopping underneath more exciting.

comment image

Victorious Parasol
Victorious Parasol
11 months ago

I’m normally a cat person, but even I can agree that Digby is a very good boy.

Alan Robertshaw
11 months ago

@ Vicky P

No, you’re crying.

That is a good boy though.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
11 months ago

@Alan: I think giant kitty is just waiting for the middle of the night to swoop down on that KFC.

Digby is the best boy today. Good doggo. 15/10.

11 months ago

Surely there must be a giant fish statue for the kitties, right? (I have never seen anything like those before, how cool.)

I’m a cat person too, but Digby is a very good doggo.

Xennial Dot Warner
Xennial Dot Warner
11 months ago

I haven’t heard “chest feeding,” but I see no reason why “breastfeeding” has to be gendered anyway. The word “breast” can be used for any gender, imo.

There was one article by a trans dad wording it as “chest feeding.” Looks like that was enough to freak out the TWERFs.

Anyway: “breast” is kind of gendered. “Nursing,” however, seems less so.

11 months ago

LOL, I also have 2 Carbon Based Animal TerroristS!

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