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Is desk-sitting, binder-reading, jacket-wearing “disco skank” Jill Biden our real secret president?

Extremely elderly readers of this blog may remember when former first lady Edith Wilson secretly played the role of president while her husband Woodrow lay abed, recovering from a stroke.

Now Tucker Carlson and many others in the right-wing media bubble are convinced — or at least pretending to be convinced — that Jill Biden is playing Edith Wilson to Joe’s Woodrow.

Their proof? A picture released by the White House showing Jill sitting at the president’s desk on Air Force One, surrounded by assorted documents. She was, the caption said, “Preparing for the G-7.”

Conservatives, already convinced that Joe is a doddering old fool unfit for his job, jumped on the picture as proof that it’s really Jill, not Joe, who’s running the show.

Carlson has this to say about the picture:

The White House publicity team released this action shot today of Dr. Jill, who we should tell you, by the way, is not actually a doctor, hitting the books, as she readies herself to represent America in the global family of nations. … She’s got her reading glasses on and a pen in hand. You can see her husband’s monogrammed jacket on the chair behind her. She’s sitting at Joe Biden’s own desk on Air Force One. So the point couldn’t be clearer: Dr. Jill’s in charge now.  

Other right-wingers — on social media, and in the right-wing press itself — found themselves thinking similar thoughts about the picture.

“Photo of Jill Biden ‘Prepping for the G7’ Sparks Questions Over Who’s in Charge” blared a headline on Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

J.D. Rucker of The Liberty Daily sniffed,

That doesn’t look like a binder full of Japanese customs or light reading about Italian food. It appears to be a much more important series of documents that Dr. Jill needs in order to prepare. What exactly is she preparing for in her very limited role as the spouse of a world leader?

Or is she the world leader herself? …

The First Lady of the United States has absolutely zero power. Jill Biden has not been given any other official roles. It is not only inappropriate for her to be part of our nation’s representation at the summit. It has to make us wonder who’s really running the country.

Sophie O’Hara of concurred:

It seems like at this point the Biden team is barely trying to hide the fact that Joe seems incapable of doing his job.

We all know that there’s someone pulling the strings for Joe and this new photo of Jill Biden might be a big giveaway of who it is.

Take a look – it’s “Doctor” Jill sitting behind the “president’s” desk doing G7 “work.” …

Seriously where is Joe in this photo?

Is he off in the corner eating an ice cream cone with his blankie?

Bonchie of has a slightly less dramatic interpretation of the photo.

I’m not sure how it hasn’t dawned on me before, but I think I have the reason figured out behind this campaign to make Jill Biden seem so presidential – I think she’s going to run for president.

Really, just hear me out. We know that Jill Biden is nakedly ambitious at a level we haven’t seen since Hillary Clinton, whose presidential run we are all familiar with. She drug her husband through a deeply uncomfortable 2020 presidential campaign that he was clearly not physically and mentally up for. As president, things have only gotten worse for Joe Biden, yet Jill Biden’s ambition has hardly slowed down. Rather, she’s seemingly put herself ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris when it comes to assignments and publicity.

The right-wingers not only hate the idea of Jill Biden as president (officially or unofficially); they also hate her clothes, in particular the jacket she sported at the summit, with the word “LOVE” across the back in a not-very-subtle rebuke to Melania Trump’s infamous “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket.

David Kamiomer of LifeZette offered this fashion critique:

Joe Biden was clueless, wandering around on a stage like a dazed Methuselah. First Lady Jill Biden, doing her best Edith Wilson imitation, had to admonish him to focus and remember where he was. And this guy has his finger on the button.

But the worst faux pas, the worst injury to our national reputation, had to do with Jill Biden’s apparel. Like some 1970s teenager, she sported a jacket with the word “love” embroidered in sequins on the back. Her disco skank wardrobe likely did not go over well with discerning Brits of any stripe. 

I don’t know about that; the Brits seem fairly accommodating when it comes to odd attire. I mean, this is the guy they sent to the G7 summit, who dresses like this

… when he’s not dressing like this:

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39 replies on “Is desk-sitting, binder-reading, jacket-wearing “disco skank” Jill Biden our real secret president?”

They also said that about Obama and Clinton and probably Carter, although I wasn’t around then and haven’t got direct memories of it like the other two.

Funny how I’ve only ever heard “ambitious” being considered a negative trait when it’s a woman.

“It is not only inappropriate for her to be part of our nation’s representation at the summit.”
But wait, I thought the Republicans enthusiastically approved of much more egregious nepotism…

It’s completely inappropriate for the president’s wife to be at the summit, but Javanka going to summits was A-OK?
And it really chaps Tucker’s ass that Jill Biden wipes the floor with him academically.

None of these right wing publications, of course, mention just how much of the day-to-day running of the Executive Branch in the late 80s was done by Nancy Reagan …

She drug her husband through a deeply uncomfortable 2020 presidential campaign that he was clearly not physically and mentally up for.

Well, that’s because she was drugging him.

How they are able to say that without their brain either rebooting or seeing the hypocrisy is fascinating.

That doesn’t look like a binder full of Japanese customs or light reading about Italian food. 

Or even a binder full of women.

The previous guy liked to pose with a Sharpie hovering over a blank sheet of paper. His daily briefings had to have small words, simple graphs and illustrations, with his own name sprinkled throughout to keep his attention. Trump’s “hard at work” sessions were all heavily staged to cover up his breathtaking incompetence, so they assume Democrats are also trying to hide something with their photo ops.

Tucker just can’t stand to see an intelligent woman taking charge of anything, or working as a team with her husband.

Everyone knows that it is fine to have your unelected kids and useless slumlord son-in-law run your administration so long as you never listen to your wife.

Does anyone remember the pic of Socks, the Clinton’s tomcat, sitting at the President’s desk in the Oval Office? Unwisely, perhaps, President Clinton said that Socks was always welcome🙂

I’d prefer President Socks Clinton over a few recent office holders.

OT but my husband is doing something that I think is dangerous about his weight and I’m heavily concerned. I was hoping to ask you lot for advice

He has decided to do water fasting for 2 weeks. I think that is far to long to do water fasting. I’m against water fasting in almost ever way. he’s trying to go from 185 to 170 and I think 15 pounds is way to much to lose in two weeks.

@Elaine, no proper expertise from me but fwiw I completely agree with you. That would be what, about 7kg … that’s a lot of mass in a very short time, and bodies naturally ‘try’ not to do that!

From everything I’ve ever read, going for rapid change tends to be short-lived (and therefore pretty much self-defeating, since you end up back where you started) and overall tends to be bad for your health (and of course thinner/lighter =!= healthier anyway). I bet he’s just fine as he is.

If he’s really set on having a go at making changes, might he at least consider trying something more gradual? If he’s the kind of person who likes a challenge, there’s always the point that sticking to a modest adjustment over a long period of time is a harder challenge really!

all the best to you both


he’s trying to go from 185 to 170 and I think 15 pounds is way to much to lose in two weeks.

His annual in two weeks?

Water fasting is dumb as hell, even if he makes sure to use Dioralyte and a triple dose of multivits all the time. Sure, he’ll make weight, but his condition will be fucked for a couple months.
Me, I used to either lose a couple kilos and swallow the penalty (half day’s pay per pound, I think it were) or hit the gym and muscle up – way easier to dodge the penalty if you’re over muscled than just overweight.

I find it amusing that they are insulting her doctorate by saying she’s “not a real doctor”. It makes it sound as though they don’t know what a doctorate is (lol, probably true). A doctorate is a real degree, you dumbasses; just because you are not practicing medicine doesn’t mean you are not “real”….*eyeroll*

@Alan Robertshaw: I love Larry. His wanting-in-the-door behavior is so very typical for a cat.

@Elaine the Witch: Is your husband planning on exercising while he’s on this fast?

This reminds me of a diet program I read about recently. It’s called All In by Teddi. The first phase is 2 weeks long, during which you do 1 hour of cardio a day, and eat about 500 calories a day. You’re assigned a diet/exercise coach – you have to provide them with proof of your weigh-ins and exercise sessions.

The price is $599.00. This made me so angry when I read about it. Basically, $599.00 for an eating disorder. And, they don’t give refunds, if you want out.

His wanting-in-the-door behavior is so very typical for a cat.

“Do you want to go out; or do you want to stay in? Just make your bloody mind up!”

And that folks, is why you should never let cats dictate your relationship with the EU.


That’s even more horrible because All In is a genuinely amazing specifically not-diet eating plan for people who are in the fitness world and have trouble with image and eating problems already. Stephanie Buttermore’s All In stuff explains it way better than I could, but it’s about taking care of yourself and <em>not</em> starving yourself as a specific change from, in her case, when she basically was starving herself all the time.

To have someone come along and corrupt that to an anorexic diet plan is revolting.

@Elaine the Witch

Because you have specifically asked for advice: Tell your husband the weight he’s going to lose on a fast like that, or any stringent diet in the first two weeks, will be mostly gut and water weight in any case, as his colon empties and he doesn’t replace the raw matter. That’s why diets so often plateau or dramatically taper off after the first couple of weeks, unless they’re super unhealthy: because all the easy “weight” is gone. It won’t stay off, it’ll come back as soon as he starts eating anything, and it’s in no way healthy for someone of that weight to lose that much at a time. It’s not even healthy for someone of my vastly greater weight to lose that fast, and I would never do it (now, I have in the past and it was a stupidshit idea that fucked my metabolism like you wouldn’t believe).

The Big in Big Titty Demon is real, real big, and I’ve tried lots and lots of fad shit over my life. It ain’t gonna work. What has worked is steady weightlifting and a healthy whole-food-focused diet (diet here meaning “what I eat” not “calorie restrictions in any way”). I’ve lost 50 pounds over 1 year in this fashion, and would not even try to lose it faster.

I know I shouldn’t attempt to apply any kind of rational thinking to right wing conspiracy theories, but if FLOTUS is secretly running the country, why would she have a picture taken of herself at POTUS’ desk and put on social media? That’s not very good secrecy.

I guess that’s the problem with a lot of conspiracy theories though. Why do these shadowy cabals deliberately leave obvious clues everywhere?

Rebecca Watson had a video back in January about safe weight loss (“Why 1,200 Calories IS Enough for Some People”). No great mystery, just counting calories and aiming for 1-2 lb per week of loss.


I find it amusing that they are insulting her doctorate by saying she’s “not a real doctor”. It makes it sound as though they don’t know what a doctorate is (lol, probably true). A doctorate is a real degree, you dumbasses; just because you are not practicing medicine doesn’t mean you are not “real”….*eyeroll*

Strangely, I don’t recall the right doing this about Dr Sebastian Gorka. Despite his Ph.D being very dubious.

All kidding aside, Jill Biden probably could do a good job in the chief executive’s position if given the opportunity.

Why doesn’t Number 10 have a cat flap?

Front door’s a wee bit more solid than it appears, and cutting a hole in it isn’t a very good idea. Besides, letting Larry in and out gives the cops either side something to do.

Hm, I’ve also sat at my boyfriend’s table to do work…but I wasn’t secretly doing his thesis for him. He’s not going to become a real doctor anyway, so why bother? 😛

Anyway, if Jill Biden didn’t come with Joe, there’d probably be Republicans making theories about how they were splitting up.

@Elaine the Witch – You could also ask him to talk with a doctor or other medical expert if he’s not listening to you about this. They’d hopefully be able to point him to a healthier plan.

@Threp – People in the military get fined if they gain a certain amount of weight?? That seems unnecessarily picky 🙁


Yep – here it were like that until about 1988 – changed during the recession we had after the Bank of England got a wee bit broken. Most things you’d only get extra duty or extra PT for, or loss of liberty to varying degrees, but going over your permitted weight according to the chart (which the noncoms treated as the third tablet of Moses) were a fining offence – plus extra PT to burn the fat off you.

I actually wouldn’t have a problem with this, if it was true. Ditto for Michelle running things instead of Barack.

RW are so anti-women that when a woman is cheered on and supported in her endeavors by her husband, they think it’s exactly the same as her being in charge of everything. They can’t see the difference. Wives are supposed to fix dinner, be quiet, raise the kids, and never ever go into the man-cave.

They are afraid of smart women, because smart women see through their bullshit.

As do cats. I like Larry just staring at the bobby, who’s all upright and strapped with gear including bullet proof vest, none of which is enough to faze a cat. “Get this door open, shaved monkey, chop chop.”

@Elaine: That is going to make him much less efficient as a soldier! He needs food! People have died from water poisoning, not enough electrolytes. And 15 lb. in 2 weeks is unreasonable even with no food. Plus it will all come right back, and then some. So he might end up even heavier.

As others have noted, there are precisely zero positive elements to your husband’s weight loss plan, and a significant possibility of permanent organ damage. Furthermore, the person or persons responsible for the US Marine Corps weight/bodyfat standards should face court-martial for malfeasance and gross dereliction of duty. As with a number of your husband’s other unfortunate behaviors, I’m afraid the only long-term solution is him not being a Marine anymore.


Yes it is, but I can’t help to wonder if I had something to do with this as well. I lost a lot of weight dutrng covid and my muscle mass. my husband gained a lot more weight during covid and because he’s been given basically a desk job. So for over the last month or so I’ve been exercising like crazy and making sure I eat properly again. I’ve been improving physically well and I’ve been getting my abs back. My husband has been the gentle encouragement and motivator for me while I’ve been doing this so I’ve been documenting it while I do so for him. I send him lots of pictures of my body. I have a very high metabolism. I burn of basically whatever I eat very quickly. Even if it’s just junk. My husband has a low metabolism. He could work out twice as hard as I do and barely lose a pound. I’m worried I’ve made him a bit subconscious about his weight even though I tell him all the time I think he looks great.


He told me he was going to work out hard, twice a day. Yet another reason why i am concern about what he’s doing to himself.

@epitome of incomrepehensibility

They do, and he has been under threat of the fine for being “overweight” for a while now. And I’m talking like 5 pounds over the weight he “should” be. He’s gained more then that now. he’s also been over threat that it would actually extend his active duty time in the marines if he doesn’t lose the weight. That is really what has him determine to do this and not listening to my concerns.


I agree and I think it’s that drive that he has to be out of the marines which is actually going to cause him more harm then good in an ironic twist.

@ all

When I had my eating disorder it started out with small things similar to this. The water fasting makes me especially nervous cause when I was a teenager I use to drink water by the gallon to have the water weight before I had to weigh in with my doctor so It would look like I was eating when I wasn’t. He has been reassuring me that after this two weeks He will be trying to lose weight in healthier ways. he wants to get down to 150, But I don’t know if I by that or not. I’m worried about him developing an eating disorder as well.

OK – extending his time is a definite no.

He’s going to be in a generally very bad mood, with mood swings and some paranoia while doing this, so both of you be aware of that when you’re talking. Storms will blow up fast out of nowhere, but they’ll also blow over fast.

Tell him to make damned sure all the water he drinks has electrolytes in it – the powders for diarrhea are best. Multivitamins – at least 200% RDA of everything – will reduce the amount of damage he’ll be doing to his body by doing this. No fucking purging – ever. That shit gets spotted by even the most brain dead NCO and responded to badly.

And, most importantly – eat a small but normal meal at least 4 hours before the actual check-up or the piss test will tell them he’s crash dieted, and they will NOT look on that kindly. Comes under the heading “willful damage of government equipment.”

As far as him developing an eating disorder goes, he’ll probably always be very aware of and slightly worried about his weight, unless he goes to the opposite extreme when he comes out. Goes with the job, just one more unpleasant side effect of it that no one bothers to mention.

No worries.

I strongly disapprove of it, mind, but yeah I can see the need to know in his case. Seem to recall you saying a while back that he were being encouraged to re-up, and we don’t really want to give any further leverage, right?

If he needs to talk shit over, David can hook you up with my email.

Hmm, did my other comment here get eaten because I asked about a diet thing?

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