misogyny PUA red pill simps

Fellas, is it gay to tell a woman she’s hot while you’re boning her?

Kissing seems hella gay too, idk

I love the Ask The Red Pill subreddit so much. Because where else can you find questions like this?

Yes, dude, you’re allowed to tell a woman she’s hot while your penis is literally inside her. Jesus Christ.

These guys must be such a treat in bed.

(Oh and by the way, a “plate,” in Pickup-artist-speak, is someone you’re seeing casually, or a friend with benefits kind of thing.)

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Bookworm in hijab
Bookworm in hijab
1 year ago

GSS ex-noob, ? There are so many reasons covid needs to end. Let’s add “going to amazing garlic festival”!

1 year ago

I guess I know my next road trip destination, someday. 🙂

I might still have some relatives in the area, so I can try to pretend it’s a trip to say “Hello, my beloved relatives that I haven’t seen in a decade!”

Full Metal Ox
1 year ago

@GSS ex-noob; @Bookworm in hijab:

Gilroy: sanctuary from vampires!

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