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Well, here’s the worst incel meme I’ve seen in a long time

Caution: You may throw up in your mouth a little bit.

With a title like “The true reason why women HATE RAPE” you know it’s going to be just awful, but somehow the rest of the meme manages to be worse than my lowest expectations.

Also, the meme maker said he was going to give us the “reason” but in fact he gives us two “reasons.” (I’ve pasted in the text below the meme in case the meme itself is unreadable to you.)

Here’s the text:

Do you want to know why many women hate rape? It’s for two reasons.

Rape doesn’t allow a woman to monetize her pussy. Objectively rape is merely inserting an object into her body. Something that she has done already a hundred or a thousand times. The difference is that this time around she gets nothing in return. Rape is heist!

Rape ignores a woman’s princess status. Usually a woman relies on male admiration and male willingness to fulfill her wish. just because she’s a female.. this time her wish (that the man stops) is ignored. Rape is lese-maieste!


Now you know what “Rape Culture. means. It means we live in a society where pussy is cheap (or even free), pictures of female flesh are easily available and men don’t treat women as princesses anymore like they did in all previous centuries.

“Rape is horrible’

It’s important to understand that women don’t hate being raped ‘because rape is so horrible’. Men hate it far less being raped by a woman. Why? Because men don’t arrogantly consider themselves aristocrats, and men know that their value consists of more than just holes and body part

“Boo-hoo, rape is so anti-privilege!”

If you need me, I’ll be here, slowly and repeatedly banging my head against the table.

H/T — found on r/IncelTear

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79 replies on “Well, here’s the worst incel meme I’ve seen in a long time”

Is this one making the rounds again? I’ve seen it before, but probably 5+ years ago.

This seems more like MRA/MGHOW rhetoric to me. An incel would likely pontificate on how women are naturally averse to any contact with an unattractive man, who is therefore the potential rapist type, whereas attractive “Chad” is the type women automatically give consent to, or even don’t mind if he fucks them without asking for consent.

Here, we see the claim that (1) Women consent to sex mainly based on whether they can trade sex for money/attention (2) Rape is still not a big deal, but modern women try to make it so because they feel so very entitled to not being exploited. This all sounds very much MRA/MGHOW line of bullshitting.

I get that there’s probably a good deal of overlap in the membership of different misogynist subcultures, and the ideologies can bleed into each other.

Oh…good…god. Why did I click on the link when it showed up on FB? It’s not like I wasn’t already traumatized by the 4000(reported) hate crimes against Asian Americans or the shooting spree in Atlanta. The he-man woman haters club can go straight to hell.

I agree with Lumipuna: this seems more miggie. But the pathologies do overlap.

Let’s see how calmly this bozo takes male-on-male rape, shall we? On second thought, let’s not and say we didn’t.

Incels are liars, starting with their name. There’s nothing “involuntary” about it; they could change their hateful thinking and behavior and stop appalling women with it and maybe occasionally have sex. But that’s (whine) too much woooork.

Uh, Dave, you may want to wield the ban hammer here (as a Toronto resident I’ve already taken a screenshot for evidence)

WHTM Canadian contingent: y’all know the local procedure for reporting something like this? [name removed] is a real person (you can look up her therapy practice), this is a pretty blunt and direct death threat against her that speaks to some degree of planning. I don’t think we should just ignore this.

Edit: likewise [name removed] This is some bad shit. I’m gonna see if there’s anything I can do. 😐

Oh wow I didn’t know that it was a real person. Think he’s leaving his threat here cause if he put it somewhere like twitter he be put on a list?

Been discussing this with some friends in Toronto — might be worth reporting the death threats to the police in case it really is him and not some random troll. According to one person he used to drive for Foodora back in 2019 and might well know the addresses of the people he’s threatening, so this probably ought to be taken seriously.

Yeah I called Toronto PD, they told me to call the victims first, so reached out to the therapists in question and left voice messages. This has me worried sick TBH.

I know that the guy was just hear to leave threats but can I say how ironic it was for an incel to call anyone a pedo when incels talk about wanting virgin 12 years old and that anyone over 18 is to old for them.

I’m impressed by the extent to which when you look up “What do to if someone threatens you in Canada,” most of the pages that come up are lawyers offering to defend you if you’re charged with uttering a threat.

Hey @David can you remove my post with the names, or delete the names from it? Seems like a good idea, but I can’t edit the post anymore.

Oh, James, I have dealt with enough shit from people like you today. 6 people are dead in my neighborhood today because of an asshole like you. Fuck off!!!


It really is so messed up. They call someone a pedo for providing counseling for children, but think raping little girls is natural… It really is some Isaiah 5:20 material, like they believe evil is good and good is evil.


Oof, I’m so sorry. Please stay safe out there. 🙁

I’ve banned james and took down his posts; not sure how any of those got through moderation. Cyborgette, thanks for reaching out to the women he threatened. Thanks to those who got in contact with me. Let me know if he somehow pops up again.


Do you have the posts saved somewhere, in case they’re ever needed as evidence?

I took a break in fucking my husband for you boring troll? Can you at least try to be entertaining? if I throw peanuts at you will you dance monkey?


Yeah. I’ve seen them call porn actress pedo because minors look at their nudes. not the sex worker sending the minors nudes specifically but just the fact that they are naked and the minor could see it with a simple google search, that makes them a pedo. But no one ever said incels were smart or clever. That would be like me suddenly being a pedo because I forgot to clothes the blinds in the living room while taking a shower and a kid happened to look up into my window and see walk across naked in my living room.

Sent David a new message about the troll pretending to be him. Note the missing author tag, any guests and lurkers.

Troll, this is really pathetic. Whose name are you going to try next?

David has to sleep sometime, so I’m not sure how fast he’ll get the message. I hope the banhammer strikes both fast and true.


I’m really bored, do you think it would be in bad taste if I try to poke our incel troll some more?

Also, David? If the troll is the type of fool that thinks we’d legit be fooled into thinking you’d be the sort to say EXACTLY the same things they said…

You might be able to turn over a nice bundle of IP addresses to those threatened (and any investigators) that could help narrow down where this person is and if they are a real threat. Their language is pretty darn personal and focused, so I’m inclined to think they easily could be.

These losers are generally mildly tech savvy, but I can always hope for incompetence?

Personally, I don’t feel like this troll is worth anything. Just ranting “Me kill” and not engaging with anyone is, like I said, boring.


I dunno. This type of troll seems less fun and more eugh to me, so poking isn’t really my game.

And it isn’t a “maybe this kid can be better” type either. So… not my wheelhouse.

You do you. I’ll just hope the arse is as witheringly incompetent as a troll can be, so that the folks threatened stay safe.

Sure she will troll. you have nothing and you are nothing. History forget you and you will always be insignificant

Keep wanking that hate boner troll, it’s the closes thing you will ever feel to filling the emptiness inside you. No one will remember your name. You will be forgotten. all you are is sad and pathetic

Lol year of the whinny little piss babies who are to afraid to even talk back to someone their own size. lol yeah I’m so sure you are going to do something. No your going to hate wank and then cry yourself to sleep about the fact no one loves you because your hateful and bitter.

Meanwhile, I and all the other cunts are going to live our lives. Have sex, get married, and not even know you ever drew breath or given you a second though.

Also no one will believe that this is david posting this. He is a good man, with a good heart, and you are just…this sad little thing.

You realize most of us have no clue who it is you are threatening to kill? That’s how insignificant your little vendetta is.

Now, why don’t you go try doing something constructive with your life, like learning some social skills or a hobby that distracts you from being a total ass.

Looks like our Jeffrey Dahmer wannabe is tech savvy enough to have found a way to circumvent the auto-moderation of new users’ posts. :/ Let’s hope he was not tech savvy enough to post these through TOR, and that he gets a rap on his door from the cops in another hour or two. Cops with a warrant.


He’s way more of ted bundy then Jeffrey Dahmer. Also, I wouldn’t worry to much about that. The people he is threatening have been contacted and the cops alerted.

Oh, hey, the troll broke frame! Calling David names while spoofing David ruins the whole trying to impersonate David thing.

@Surplus, that is my hope as well. Because graphic death threats and incitement to terrorism is illegal in both our countries, if not investigated in either as thoroughly as it ought.


I don’t know, for some reason he thinks his incels budies are here. Not a bunch of feminist that just think he’s pathetic.

I had my husband read this and he just shrugged and told me
“this is the type of guy that shoots his own dick off accidently before he can actually shoot someone”

Weirdly, I prefer this troll to the whinny little shit that is Acid, which says a lot. lol

I’ve deleted the comments he posted under my name. I don’t know how any of this shit is getting through moderation.


I LOLed at your husband’s comment. This guy starting one of his posts with “buy gun” did not suggest to me he has any clue what he is doing.

David, I think you missed three on the previous page. Or my WordPress is slow to update.

I wish I had a good answer on the dodging moderation bit, but if this is what your inbox looks on the daily, you have my respect.

Edit: WHOOHOO! The last troll comment successfully purged.

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