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“I WILL NEVER RAISE ANOTHER MAN’S CHILD,” declares MGTOW in epic(ally stupid) rant

Men! you are not obliged to raise a son whose father is clearly Andy Richter

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and sometimes that thing he’s gotta do is to write a 1300-word rant about evil single moms who want to find new fathers for their kids.

It takes him a little while to get to the point, but life isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey. Although, to be fair, his rant is less a ride down the highway of life as it is a ten-car pileup.

So I’m sitting here, I guess you can say a bit free. Free of the spell, of having a warm BODY to lay with.. Warmth is nice. Having a warmno body to lay next to, feel, is a nice thing.


A nice, shapely woman to put your hands on, is always good. it’s not very fun to put your hands around something very large. Say you’re going to lay down, and you have to place your arms around a whale of a being.

He hasn’t even gotten in the vicinity of the point yet, but he’s already digressing.

( I’m not knocking fat chicks, not my thing.) (( but I’ve been there.)) – Well, I had me a whale of a woman at one time, roughly, 13 years ago, when I was a young punk shit, and couldn’t get…..

…. let’s say I just evolve Beyond what that lady was for me. Some guys like whales.

Oh yes, single mothers. Sorry. I met the jackpot of single mothers. Blond. Petite. Green eyes. Like to to go on motorcycle rides…

But there was just one goddamn motherfuking problem. I’m looking into the eyes of some fucking child. Some fucking bastard child. A child, that is longing for a father. A child, that would come up to me with his iPhone, trying to show me YouTube videos.


Whose responsibility is it, to supplicate the love that is necessary for this thing?

Uh, “supplicate” means “ask or beg for something earnestly or humbly.” Not sure that’s the word you mean here, chief.

I’ll tell you whose responsibility it is not. It is not mine. Here is a clue I’m going to drop on you guys.

When I met this Psychopathic bitch we will call, the single mother. Don’t get me wrong. Loved her too fucking death. She is fucking beautiful. And amazing in every way, and a motherfuking artist, literally she sells paintings, is educated, speaks two languages, did my laundry, clean my fucking room, showed me some good food…..

So she’s “amazing in every way” except also, somehow, a “psychopathic bitch.”

….. but there was this fucking kid. This fucking child in the way.

Gosh how could you possibly have foreseen that coming while dating a single mother. What might have clued you in to the fact that SINGLE MOTHERS tend to have CHILDREN.

I’ll get back to that in a second. Before you call me some heartless, senseless, shitbag. An analogy. When I was a security guard, 10 years ago, I stumbled upon a litter of kittens. They were cute, adorable, full of life.

Aw, fuck, now he’s got tiny adorable kittens all mixed up in his bullshit.

These kittens, we’re about five of them, in a bush. I picked up one of these kittens, and because they were feral, the motherfuker bit me on my goddamn fucking finger. Blood squirted the fuck all over the place and I feared I got rabies.

I guess even tiny baby kittens can tell that you’re an asshole.

Life Goes On. And as beautiful, put together, strong, independent, cunning, intelligent, artistic, athletic this single mother of a woman I met, she is still a mammal. And what do mammals do in the wild? They make fucking litter of kittens.

Once again, our hero here seems somehow surprised that a single MOTHER would have at least one CHILD.

The absolute universal law, that governs every molecular manifestation that we as human beings live for today, involves, that same invisible, unexplainable driving force. Is procreation. That being said, the most motherfuking, goddamn, fucking draining thing ever, you can do in this life, is to attempt, to utilize your life resource, in bringing up the life of another.

So maybe you could try NOT DATING SINGLE MOTHERS.

Imagine, if I were to take on, adopting one of those stupid fucking kittens that I picked up in the wild? How many hours would it take, to raise this kitten, from placing it in a box, winning it on regular milk, heading it so that it would adapt..

Heading it?

I don’t even care what he meant to say there because I”m just glad he didn’t teke those poor innocent kittens in and then yell at them for being kittens.

Do I sound like the kind of guy, who has the patience for this fucking shit? Now imagine, investing the time and life effort into bringing up something, that has nothing to do with your own personal genealogy, Legacy, or spiritual imprint you’re going to leave on this Earth, rather that of another man?

Wait, are we still talking about kittens? Because if we are I’m getting very confused. Your cats aren’t going to help you pass your precious genes on to the next generation. And hopefully no human woman will either.

Brace yourself now. We’ve got a sharp fucking curve coming up.

And while you are doing that job, do us all a favor, ask a black man with a 10-foot dick, to come in the room bang your girlfriend, while you watch and suck your thumb, then pay him while he does it.

That is the equivalent of if you are going to become involved in another man’s child’s life.

No, it really, really isn’t.

[Edit: For Racially sensitive woke bots. This previous comment was not “Singling out the black man.” In fact, I am complimenting the black man for having superior dong sizes. If only I could have a penis the size of my forearm. My apologies. I digress.]

Yeah, nothing racist going on here.

There’s not enough words for me to describe the Slime that is a man, who allows a public court system to have his child taken away. Such was the situation when I met the aforementioned I’m speaking of.

What was the situation? Whose kid is this now? What are you talking about.

but a year was enough. One day I was driving in my car, having another Dramatical, emotionally charged, rollercoaster of a conversation with the single mother I was dating, and all of a sudden these words slipped out of my mouth.

” I will never raise another man’s child.”

Say it with me Brethren, and say it loud.



Now that particular combination of words, must have been potent enough to elicit a grading of emotional response from the receiver, because we have not talked nore seen each other in two weeks. I think she got the message.

Maybe you should have given her this particular message before you started dating her. And certainly before stringing her along for a year.

I was not trying to be flagrantly abusive, rather I was driving down the road when she was sending me some texts about, “not being man enough”, “accountable enough”, nor having the “emotional capacity” to love a family etc etc. …

Thee words just pooped out.

They pooped, that’s for sure.


It’s been a few weeks. I’m not going to lie. I do miss having a nice warm body to lay down next to, and give slight kisses on the cheek, exchanging “sweet nothings.” – but this one, I forgot, comes at a heavy price.

A heavy price you could have avoided altoether by just not dating single moms as I believe I might have mentioned one or two times before

That is the price of being cucked. CUCKED into an expectation of a role that I have no motherfuking interest to fulfill. Hell, why don’t you just make me go become a substitute teacher.


While we’re at it, let me buy 10 pairs of khaki pants, participate at the local elementary school as a softball coach, and donate my weekends to knitting classes at the local Senior Center.

What are you even talking about?

( those are all Noble Deeds, don’t feel bad if you do any of those actual things.)

Yes, I’m sitting in the parking lot right now eating my pita chips and hummus. With my Trader Joe’s salad pack.

What relevant details.

One thing I would like to say, is that, I will not blame a woman for her actions in the reproductive game. When we are caught up in the midst of chemical neurosis and the smell of pussy, we’re not seeing the big picture.

Dude, you’re not even seeing the little picture.

little Timmy needs a daddy, and Mommy’s income just got cut in half. If you say you did not see the signs, you are a stupid fucking idiot. And don’t take that personally, because I willingly chose to be a stupid fucking idiot.

The first thing you’ve said that I agree with.

Now I have no regrets because, I was able to exchange bodily fluids with a European princess, who, unfortunately, has a young prince that needs guidance. But I’m no knight, I’m the guy who was shoveling manure outside of the castle courtyards so the crops will grow better for the kingdom Harvest.

This isn’t a metaphor; it’s just free association.

the dating strategy for single mothers will always be complex and evolve. Maybe the new single mothers don’t realize the implications of having a small human life and how it may become Kryptonite for a man, so they don’t really try to hide it at first.

I’m sure whatever strategy they come up with will work best if it enables them to avoid guys like you.

After enough guys have bounced, they stop putting it on their Tinder profile. ( or do they? I’m not sure.)

If a single mother is looking for a hookup, she might leave it off. But any single mom who’s looking for a long-term relationship is going to leave it on, because otherwise they might get stuck with a guy like you.

– every single mother has a right, to tell every man, “My child will always come first.”

And Every Man Has a right to say’ ” SEE YA!”

And everyone together has the right to say “you’re really kind of an asshole!”

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Bookworm in hijab
Bookworm in hijab
1 year ago

I’m here! Off and on. I love reading everyone’s comments but then I skip a few weeks, the threads move on, and I get hopelessly behind. Hope everyone is doing well though. <3

tim gueguen
1 year ago

@Full Metal Ox Hong Kong and Taiwanese filmmakers in the ’70s and ’80s lifted music from all over the place. Some of it was from other films, some from bands like Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream, and some of it was covers, like an instrumental version of Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song.” The title theme to the 1967 Lee Van Cleef spaghetti western Day of Anger seemed to be a real favourite, as I’ve heard it in probably a dozen films at this point.

1 year ago

I’m a single mom by choice through a sperm bank. Never even met the guy whose DNA is shared in my daughter. But with the amount of hate these dudes have for single mothers, they don’t care if it’s from divorce, death, sperm banks, or bad choices (except it’s all bad choices according to them). She’s broken/ruined goods the moment she pushes a baby out that isn’t his. I’ve gotten to the point that I just tell these dudes now that “I chose a sperm bank because I got tired of men like you being the best their gender offered.” But it’s definitely easier to just give up sex and dating than deal with men when these attitudes seem so common.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
1 year ago


My mom was a single mother when my older brother turned 2. Her first husband was abusive, first emotionally, then sexually and then physically. That night she got up, packed a bag, put my brother in the car seat and drove off to my grandparents. My grandpa came out and told her that if it was just some fight she was going to turn around and go back to him. my mom had to tell him there at the door that her husband hit her, and raped her. My grandpa being the old navy drill sergeant went and got his gun, all ready to kill him. screaming about how he was gong to kill that son of a bitch. my 5 foot nothing 100 pound grandmother got in front of him, told him he was going to kill him. That my mother didn’t need him being a macho mess right now, she needed him to be a father. Put him in his place real fast.

My mother gave up on marriage when she divorced him. She was never going to get married again. Then one night my brother was with a sitter, my grandparents made her go to a dance hall with them. A man walks up in a pink shirt, asked her if she would like to dance. She said no, my grandfather again, the old drill sergeant got on her for being rude, made the man who was walking away come back, and made my mother go dancing with him. after that dance, that pink shirt man came over to the table and asked me grandfarther if he could sit with my mother and grandparents. my grandpa pulls a seat right next to my mother and goes “sure!”. after more time and more dancing, my mom went out for drinks with that man. He tried to get her to go home with him, she turned him down with a hard no, so he asked for her number. She gave it to him thinking “this dog is never going to call” and well he called.

That pink shirted man, ended up being my father. who fell in love with the strong woman my mother was but also her son. The son that he taught how to fish, taught how to drive, how to shave, how to swim. Was there ever time that boy needed him. he married my mother and gave my brother the choice of if he should adopt him. Asked my brother what he wanted, did he want to take his name, all of that. My brother kept his birth father’s name because he loved his grandpa. But my dad adopted him. A few years after that marriage and one little accident, I showed up.

My father is my brother’s father. Who gave him all the love and guidance he gave me. He never treated us different because I was the biological child and my brother was not.

Once when my brother still had to go do visitation with his bio dad, his bio dad tried to hit my brother in front of my father. Now my brother bio dad was a good 7 to 8 inches taller then my father. My father pulled my brother behind him, stood in the middle and told bio dad “i’m taking my family, my son, and leaving. I will see you in court” my brother never had to go back to the man who abused him again.

Good men don’t just raise children that aren’t theirs. they loved them, protect them, and treat them no differently then their biological children if they have any. my dad always said, a man has to earn the love of their children, it’s not granted onto them. He said you have to earn the title dad. Growing up, I’ve seen a lot men who don’t earn that title, with biological children or step children.

But ever father’s dad, my dad gets cards and gifts and calls from two children that love him forever. And one sad lonely sperm donner sits in a house alone, with 4 failed marriages and 5 children that carry his DNA that want nothing to do with him. my parents for 28 years and while they get on each other nerves, they would do anything for each other.

This man who wrote this screed is just going to be one of those sad lonely men with failed relationships. This attitude might see common but there are good men out there and the bad ones tend to show themselves to single mother’s pretty quickly.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 year ago

@Elaine: your dad sounds like a really great guy. What a good role model. And your grandpa is a hoot.

Meanwhile, I want to put this hummus-eating idiot in a room with Mr. “cuckoldry is natural!” and watch them flail at each other. Omega male slap fight!

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