Women are trying to normalize homosexuality in order to destroy the white race, verbose weirdo claims

Men beware! First the ladies will try to convince you that lesbianism is sexy, and then ….

By David Futrelle

Fellas! Do you ever wonder why homosexuality “has … become so normalized?” Why it’s no longer cool to call gay men the f-word? Why the majority of Americans now think that gay marriages are just fine?

One especially prolific former commenter on this blog — banned for assorted violations of the comments policy and his general verbosity — recently left a long and strange comment here explaining that the new(ish) tolerance of homosexuality stems from the machinations of evil women in general (and sexy lesbians in particular).

I thought I’d share this lovely argument with you all. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve omitted the especially verbose and confusing bits.

“WOMEN are behind homosexuality,” he explains.

– Female homosexuality is the crack, through which homosexuality making its way into the society.

Oh is it?

– The forbidden fruit in the bible is – the female’s tendency to derive pleasure from that which is considered ‘wrong’, ‘taboo’.

Here he goes on the first of many digressions, but don’t worry,, we’ll get back to the lesbian crack shortly.

– This is why women are attracted toward criminals. The thrill of engaging with a ‘bad’ person, doing something ‘wrong’ is what arouses them. Not the man himself. …

– White women today are trying to use sexuality to change what kind of men spread their seed.

– Hence white male is being distanced, while women are going after either thrilling ‘taboo’ type of relationships with the ‘other’, or are simply ‘going their own way’ with other women.

I guess I forgot to mention that this dude is racist as hell, as will become even more obvious in a few moments.

– Women actually do not need men.

– If only it were possible to reproduce without men…the female utopia would be complete.

– so it starts with women cuckolding men, with other women. this creates sexual titilation, as well as deprivation for the male. …

Damn thost lesbians for being so diabolically sexy!

Sex is not a mere part of a man’s life. It is what defines his life.

So if it is taken away from him, the man becomes desperate enough to sexualize any female behavior.

So if the female says – homosexuality good.

the male says – Understood.

And this is what has been going on.

Not only that, but these evil ladies have stopped pumping out babies like they used to do.

western women have, since 1970 immidiately after the sexual revolution, stopped reproducing like they were doing earlier.

and thus today we have whites becoming minorities in their own nations. …

Oh boo hoo.

– hence the male sexualizes lesbianism – 2 women having sex.

– this is why lesbian porn is the most popular category for women, and this is why men become erect seing women having sex with each other. they have, over course of our human evolution, first sexualized it, then internalized it, thereby making it seem like it is part of human nature.

– It is not. Homosexuality is not normal.

Apparently sex only counts as normal when babies are being made.

This is because homosexuality does not lead toward the multiplication of the human DNA, but instead leads toward liquidation of the DNA

By this logic any straight couple using birth control is also “liquidating” their DNA.

And this is anti-survival in the eyes of evolution.

And any group that displays anti-survival characteristics, starts getting disfavored by evolution.

Warning: he’s about to get extreeeeeeemely racist.

Hence we see white men going down, while the real africans, who were not even able to pronounce actual words from their mouths yesterday, today, after being mixed with white DNA, are able to form proper sentences, and even are capable of ‘rapping’ which is a form of rapid, rhyming pronounciation of words.

Jesus Christ dude.

This is tremendous progress, and whites should be lauded for improving the black DNA.

However, here comes the tricky part –

Since it is black males mating with white females, and not white males mating with black females….

The black maleness is the one that is getting spread, and the white maleness on the other hand, is going down.

Wait what? I’m pretty sure that’s not how any of this works.

The whiteness that american blacks today have, is increasingly becoming that of the mixture of black maleness with white femininity. …

Since the white DNA is far superior to the black DNA, if the maleness of the inferior DNA trumps the maleness of the superior DNA, then inferiority has raised its stature, by piggybacking on superiority.

Which means, the elevation of blacks is coming at the degradation of whites. More specifically, white males.

But this evil behavior on the part of white women will come back to haunt them.

White women are, for the time being, only enjoying, but what they do not realize is this –

– if white males go down, then so do white females.

And …. scene.

Is it just me or is this all a giant pile of pretentious hateful gobbledygook? I don’t think it’s just me.

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1 year ago

In retrospect, I would imagine he made up the claim as part of his “woe is me, I have seen the error of my ways” tale with which he introduced himself. It’s possible it’s true, but I wouldn’t read that much into it.

1 year ago

Naglfar wrote on
August 23, 2020 at 7:33 pm:


In retrospect, I would imagine he made up the claim as part of his “woe is me, I have seen the error of my ways” tale with which he introduced himself. It’s possible it’s true, but I wouldn’t read that much into it.

Fair enough. He did make that comment on an article specifically about AVFM, after all.

1 year ago

You know, maybe if whites had stayed put in their own nations (and had nations they wanted to stay in) in Northern Europe, people wouldn’t be immigrating from other areas.

Whites left their shitty, oppressive nations in Europe and went to other continents and instead of learning other less horrible ways to live, they just imported their own horrible way of living to those other places, then ruined those places because of our bullshit dominionist theology.

Whites went to other places, ruined those places, destroyed those cultures in an effort to force people to be like us, and then left people’s and places so traumatized and damaged that they are unable to recover, not to mention we keep inflicting new damage. It wasn’t africans or native Americans or the tribal peoples of the steppe or the Jews who ruined their countries, it was white Europeans.

We’re sorry, and I’m sorry. ?

1 year ago

OT: Sick of parents.

I don’t get how it’s been a year I got a better job and attending four college courses with no a single day off, and they still refuse to let me have wifi as normal access nor just let me be.

An Impish Pepper
An Impish Pepper
1 year ago

Sorry to hear about that. I wish I could tell you it gets better.

1 year ago

And now it’s “it’s a long time ago let go” oh yes I suddenly no longer feel complete anger towards my aunts who constantly threatened me.

Some Chick in Texas
Some Chick in Texas
1 year ago

Imagine cataloging all the ways in which you are a total garbage person like this and then sending that list to anyone at all. Just…wow I guess.

North Sea Sparkly Dragon
North Sea Sparkly Dragon
1 year ago


It occurred to me later that you were joking. Like 6 hours later, my brain suddenly went ‘it was a sarcastic joke!’. I really struggle with jokes at times. Not your fault, it’s on me to try to get jokes.


I want that t-shirt!

Dana C.
Dana C.
1 year ago

Oddly enough, I know many gay people, male and female, who have children. The desire for a family is not solely heterosexual. Too, so many gay people have tried desperately to Not be gay, and had heterosexual marriages that have produced children.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
1 year ago

@Michael Mock:

I have, like, forty-seven jokes just off the top of my head about people going down because of this

I know someone who had a T-shirt that read ‘signal 15’.

Because one of the last things you saw on-screen when powering down a Sun workstation was ‘going down on signal 15’.


claiming that men are defined by sex is sexist as hell.

It’s been said before many times, but there’s no misandrist like a misogynist.

@North Sea Sparkly Dragon:

People cannot truly be this ignorant, can they?

Sadly, the entire point of Poe’s Law is that past a certain point, it is absolutely impossible to tell the difference between an attempt at satire of an extremist position and someone seriously putting the extremist position forward. In either direction. Once someone has cut the mooring lines connecting them to reality, they can quite often get to the point where the arguments they put forward as ‘obvious’ are things that boggle anybody who actually looks around them and pays attention to reality.

Regarding the Owl House:
Hadn’t seen it myself, though it looks interesting, and I did like Gravity Falls. (Though if it’s Disney+ only I’m out.) Of course, the interesting thing about shows like this… we already know Disney only does things for money. They obviously think they’ll make more money now tapping into these previously ignored markets than they’ll lose from the raving bigots. (The raving bigots are pretty much already lost anyway.)

Witness also, after the backlash from Pocahontas (as only the latest of many such backlashes), when they did Moana Disney actually had people of South Pacific ancestry as cultural advisors on the script. Whether the result worked out is a matter for debate, but they’ve at least shown that they’re more willing to listen, if only because the backlash from not listening was damaging their bottom line.

1 year ago

@Jenora Feuer
I recall hearing some criticism of Moana in that it reinforced some problematic stereotypes about Polynesians and offensively depicting traditional Polynesian mythological figures. I’m not Polynesian and don’t know enough about that culture to weigh in, but I was able to find multiple Polynesian critics disliking it.

As well, other critics pointed out that the writing team was mostly men writing about a female hero, which is also an issue.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
1 year ago

Oh, yeah, that’s why I had the line about how well it worked being up for debate. Amongst other things, saying ‘Polynesian culture’ is sort of like saying ‘Pre-European North American culture’… they’re not a monolith.

Just the fact that Disney made a deal about creating a cultural awareness committee and having people from the depicted backgrounds actually involved was a step up from most of their previous work that involved other cultures. (Which isn’t saying much.)

It doesn’t mean they actually listened to their committee all the time, of course, and most of the people they had were educated in more modern institutions, on top of the ‘men writing about women’ issue.

Baby steps. We can acknowledge an improvement while still believing it’s not enough of one, and understanding that even that much was only due to their own pecuniary concerns.

Part of what we should be glad of is that, for the last several years now, the advertising dollar has actually been helping push several major corporations towards being more inclusive. (We’ve seen more than enough MRA whining about that here.) It would obviously be better if they did the right thing because it’s the right thing, but just the fact that advertising is seen to be leading a lot of this push shows that it’s a deep cultural shift. Advertisers are mostly trend-followers that like to pretend they’re trend-setters, but many of them do have people paying attention to where the money’s likely to be coming from in the next generation.

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