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Hey MGTOWs: We don’t hate that you “go your own way.” We hate that you’re a bunch of screeching misogynist baby men who won’t shut up about women

MGTOWs: Why does everyone hate us?

By David Futrelle

Over on Reddit, the MGTOWs are wondering why no one likes them. In a post on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, one confused MGTOW Redditor called Ramayri asks “Why are people so negative or outright hostile to MGTOW ideology?”

I am truly amazed how much people would bash on MGTOW or bachelors in general. So you’ve decided to work your ass of to be happy without a spouse ? Incel , woman hater , virgin and so on..

But when a woman stands up an says: “I am 30+ need no man doing fine all by myself”, you hear crowds clapping people standing up in respect and so on.

He wonders why, when “both men and women [are] doing the same thing” one group is seen negatively and the other is seen as “liberated.”

He then goes on to answer his own question, but in an inadvertent sort of way.

“Liberated from what exactly?” he asks of women.

As a man who resides in the Balkans , so much of this western bs about liberating women is being pumped daily that as things are progressing most women just straight up become whores. Now I am fine with whores let them be what they want to be , but don’t sugarcoat being pumped more than a russian gas pipe, while bashing men for having experience or not wanting to commit.

Huh. Maybe people hating MGTOWs aren’t objecting to the whole “being single” thing so much as they are to the fact that you just called all women “whores.”

He continues:

What is the end goal here?

No man should live alone or enjoy his company any more? You … have to lift up a broke , used and morally corrupt creature or you become some sort of villain ? …

If you know the game is rigged and you keep on playing it , well you are a retard , but if you leave it somehow you become a villain. What the actual fuck ?

Dudes, we don’t care that you don’t “play the game.” We don’t care if you devote your life to meditating at the top of a mountain. We just have a problem with you spending the bulk of your free time on the internet yelling at women — and calling them “broke, used and morally corrupt creature[s].”

If you’re genuinely “happy without a spouse,” go ahead and be happy. But you don’t seem happy. You seem angry and bitter and absolutely fixated on blaming women and “simps” for all your problems in life.

In the comments to Ramayri’s posts, other MGTOWs offer their own answers to his query; all suffer a similar lack of self-awareness.

In a comment with more than a hundred upvotes, HonestGamingTroll declares that the

Cucks are mad because misery loves company and they find out the hard way that MGTOW is right; Women just want your money/resources, not you.

Women are mad because they need men to pay for everything as they don’t want to work; MGTOW doesn’t support their gameplan.

None of this is true, of course; it’s pure misogynistic projection. But the answers to Ramayri’s question play endless variations on this same theme. According to TimJohsonIII,

Men avoidant of ‘committed relationships’ aren’t contributing to women’s passive income stream, so women’s pimp, the state, alerts the fake news propaganda outlets to print more ‘man bad’/’man up’/’women strong independent angels’ stories, TV shows, movies, songs and commercials. It really is that simple. Men’s value to women are men’s discretionary income, male disposability and male utility. Men opting out of relationships is a huge income stream loss for women and their state pimp daddy. …

MGTOW is very powerful, very important and changes the game in men’s favor. It therefore must be destroyed.

TigPlaze is a little more succinct:

They hate us because we’re a threat. The more men opt out of marriage, the harder it will be for women to find a man to exploit for his money. The feminists might suffer the humiliation of having to earn their own money and pay for their own shit.

CeleritySteam throws some antisemitism into the mix:

Jews want slaves and resources.

Their good goyim TradCucks want slaves and resources.

Wahmans want slaves and resources.

Society wants slaves and resources.

You are triggering all of them by rejecting their entitled demands so of course they all hate you.

Dudes, we don’t hate you because you’re not living with women. We don’t hate you because you bought yourself a motorcycle. We don’t hate you because you can make your own fried eggs without the assistance of a woman. We hate you because you’re hateful.

If you’re going your own way, just fucking go already.

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1 year ago

He obviously didnt speak any hate here
He just stated facts

The idea of MGTOW is to also deprogram Gynocentrism, Chivalry,Love or care for women and misogyny from men’s brand

It’s to get more men….

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
1 year ago

Go your own way, MGTOW. What are you doing on a feminist board, obsessing about how your “brand” is being portrayed to people you don’t care about?

Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ Leo


What’s your problem with caring for horses?

1 year ago

@Alan Robertshaw
He probably only dislikes the mares. And those gelding soyboys.

1 year ago

What’s your problem with caring for horses?

Must be the cavalier attitude.

1 year ago

It’s to get more men….

You mean like this?

comment image

1 year ago

I talked to a MGTOW who said it wasn’t about hating women … only to admit later that he hated women.

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