Scottish pickup artist “Addy A-Game” jailed for two years for harassing and threatening women

By David Futrelle

A Scottish PUA who calls himself Addy A-Game — real name Adnan Ahmed — has been sentenced to two years behind bars for threatening and harassing behavior towards women while he tried to pick them up on the streets of Glasgow.

“Addy,” 38, is best known for filming his unfortunate targets as he approached them and putting the videos up on YouTube. He was arrested earlier this year after he and his, er, seduction techniques were featured on the BBC.

Some of his more sophisticated techniques included “following girls less than half his age down isolated lanes” and “grabbing women and trying to kiss them,” according to testimony at his trial. He also posted videos about how to overcome so-called “last minute resistance” to sex.

More details here.

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2 years ago

If you wan’t to carry on living like a human being you must move somewhere like Russia, Japan or anywhere else that has morals coupled with conservatism.

I’ve heard the beaches on Snake Island are nice.

2 years ago

Men who believe in ‘alpha males’ often believe in other things that just aren’t so.

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