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Incel Redditor: Women who like their hair pulled during sex “should be treated like livestock”

By David Futrelle

So, you ask, or maybe you don’t, what are the incels on Reddit getting mad about today? Well, at least seventy of them — to judge by their upvotes — are getting pig-biting mad at a cartoon by a woman who enjoys having her hair pulled during sex.

Specifically, this cartoon:

Posting the cartoon in the Braincels subreddit under the thoughtful title “All girls grow up into degenerate whores who crave to be dominated by Chad,” the incel Redditor who calls himself ASS_F declared:

This is why I fucking despise females with all my heart. Because they all want THIS.

They should all be treated like property. Like livestock. Because this is what they become unchecked. It’s tragic.

Ironic, though, as they love being treated like property by attractive men. It’s only oppression when said man overpowering her is short or ugly.
Uh, seriously?

All this because of … hair pulling? Hair pulling.

Jesus, dude, hair pulling is one of the most garden-variety fetishes out there, so common it barely even rates as a fetish. In terms of “degeneracy” it’s probably up there with “earlobe nibbling” or “nipple pinching.”

But, apparently trying to prove to the world that they can get mad about literally anything, some of the commenters in the thread were less angry about a cartoon character who enjoys getting her hair pulled than they were about the hypothetical cartoon character they imagined was doing the pulling — assuming that the (possibly) Asian woman in the cartoon was dating a Chadly white dude rather than an Asian guy of similar attractiveness.

ldar_ricecel 16 points 6 hours ago 
Girl in the pic looks like a typical noodlewhore too, being fucked by Chad instead of her looksmatch Asian.


[–]UggoBoss 14 points 6 hours ago 
her looksmatch is probably hanging on a tree.

Yes, this self-described “Ricecel” is an Asian guy calling Asian women “noodlewhores.”

Lol it’s crazy. I walk around uni and I can count one hand the amount of AMAF couples. Noodles by and large fucking Chads multiple points above them while their looksmatch rot alone. Really a clown world.

AMAF, by the way, means “Asian Male/Asian Female.”

As fucked as all that is, it’s not quite as fucked at the comment by this guy, who decided to use this thread as an opportunity to expound upon his vision of the ideal heterosexual relationship.

megaluigi -1 points 3 hours ago 
She'd be my personal slave. Romance is a sham that tries to idealize women. After being blackpilled, what's the point? You know that at the end of the day, she's just another mindless creature, same as the rest of her gender.

True companionship and friendship can only be achieved between males. I can never see women as my equals, and it makes me laugh when I see those cuck marriages where the man calls his wife his "best friend".

Their value is their pussy. This is why I'd rather raise a son than a daughter. At least then, you can properly pass on your values and guide him through the trials of manlihood.

Huh. I thought the Reddit admins had banned all the hate subreddits. I guess none of this counts as hate?

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3 years ago

Isn’t the hair pulling thing a BIG part of mainstream porn, along with being slapped about a bit? I mean, this is presumably where they have got their ideas about it.

(I wasn’t aware of it being a really common practice – maybe lesbians do it, but I have not known any. Maybe our hair tends to be too short!)

As far as I can see it mostly caters to a male fantasy the way he is going on about it, as nearly all porn does. That these men take that fantasy into a degrading realm is hardly surprising.

3 years ago

As if incels didn’t already think all women should be treated like livestock.

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