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Let’s use eugenics to create a utopian world without women, creepy incel Redditor proposes

JB didn’t mean it literally, though

By David Futrelle

It’s getting outright genocidal over there in the Braincels subreddit.

Yesterday, one incel Redditor by the name of numbnow suggested, without a trace of irony, that the world would be a much better place if women were to be literally eliminated.

“Can You Imagine A World of Men Working Together With Eugenics?” he asked in a creepily cheerful post on the subject.

Imagine if the human species became a race of men; divorced of the female gender.

The world as one giant incel circlejerk. What an utter joy to contemplate.

I think that the blackpill will be looked on as equivalent to the enlightenment era in later centuries tbh. One day we will have a civilization that fully acknowledges and accounts for this knowledge, women won’t vote, they might not even exist anymore aside from AI.

This guy takes the “sexbots will replace women” line literally.

Just imagine the accomplishments which we could attain without the female. We could be exploring other worlds already; seeding our species throughout the cosmos. No drama, no bullshit.

Dude, I don’t know if you’ve heard of a thing called “history,” but men have basically been in charge of human civilization for several thousand years, and, uh, there has been rather a lot of drama and bullshit.

Just imagine a race of genetically specialized Ubermensch completing the dreams of man.

The only “dream” the typical incel has is to complain about women rejecting them 24 hours a day. After getting rid of sleep, these “genetically specialized Ubermenschen” of Incel Planet would probably have to genetically recreate women so that that they’ll have someone to complain about.

No inequality, just a civilization of brotherhood and betterment throughout the universe. What a beautiful cope..

Numbnow’s grand plan got a mixed reaction from his fellow incel Redditors. But most seemed to like the idea of using eugenics to defeat the evil “foids” — aka “femoids,” aka “women.”

One suggested that the aspiring Ubermenschen could achieve many of the same results by simply engineering women to have lower standards when it comes to men.

“I would support using eugenics to eradicate hypergamy in foids,” proposed JucheforWhitePeople.

We could create a breed of loyal, compassionate foids. After foids have dictated sexual selection for aeons and caused countless men to suffer, I think such actions are more than justified.

After stopping foids from breeding with dark triad sociopaths, we could also solve so many problems, such as all the war and crime in the world. They only exist because foids like these thugmaxed men.

Yes, the guys proposing to either eliminate women or to somehow reprogram them to put up with any amount of bullshit from their male partners still somehow think of themselves as the good guys. Because that’s the incel way.

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Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
3 years ago

I don’t see what their problem is with ‘Dark Triad’ men, I thought they were trying to promote this? I’m sure many a PUA blog suggests trying to adopt a sociopathic personality type, and it’s seen to be superior and hyper evolved?

Cat Mara
Cat Mara
3 years ago

Wow. Just wow.

Dunno if this guy is a manospherian but I imagine his self-pity and entitlement will lead him down that swampy path soon enough…

3 years ago

I swear, these guys are just becoming the Tleilaxu from Dune a little more every day, only without the successes that made the Tleilaxu influential, because stupid.

3 years ago

February 4, 2019 at 9:49 am
I swear, these guys are just becoming the Tleilaxu from Dune a little more every day, only without the successes that made the Tleilaxu influence, because stupid.

My sentiments exactly.

(Of course, the Tleilaxu were pretty “Dark Triad” in their conduct, which these guys don’t like for some reason?)

3 years ago

Countdown to when braincels will be banned as they continue to promote genocide and violence

3 years ago

“Braincels” are making my brain cells hurt.

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