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MGTOW Meme Friday: Frogs in hot tubs and sex-having women

Yes, that’s EXACTLY how I picture feminists.

By David Futrelle

Friday used to be meme-day here on We Hunted the Mammoth, so today I thought I’d revive the tradition with a few (relatively) fresh MGTOW memes I found on Facebook.

As you’ll notice, two of these memes are basically self-defeating, so poorly designed that they basically make the opposite of the point they’re intended to make. And the other two seem to come from a planet other than our own, in that they do not reflect anything close to reality on this planet.

The first self-defeating meme is the one above, featuring two non-MGTOW frogs enjoying a nice soak in a special frog hot tub. Given how cheerful they both look, it seems pretty clear the water is a long way from its boiling point, giving them plenty of time to jump to safety if the water  gets too hot for their tastes. No boiled frogs here, just a couple of frog buddies letting their tension melt away.

This next meme offers a visual representation of the so-called “cock carousel” that all (Western) women supposedly ride in their twenties.

Ok, just a few questions: If the gal on the left is supposed to be the typical young women, and the guy on the right is supposed to be the typical guy, who exactly are all these guys the gal is, er, “riding?” Unless all the women in the world are fucking the exact same couple of dozen dudes, shouldn’t the sides balance out, with typical men having a roughly similar number of partners as typical women?

In real life, of course, they do. And the number, not surprisingly, is way way way lower than the number the MGTOWs have cooked up in their fevered dreams. According to the CDC, the median number of (opposite sex) partners that Americans between 25 and 44 had over their lifetimes (as of 2011-2015) was 6.1 for men and 4.2 for women. Other studies have found slightly higher numbers, though it’s hard to tell how reliable any of these numbers are. Why do men have higher numbers than women? Possibly because men tend to exaggerate their numbers and women to underestimate theirs.

Here’s another meme from yet another planet:

The notion that the government does the bidding of women because they’re a slight majority of the electorate comes staright from good old Warren Farrell, the intellectual godfather of the Men’s Rights Movement, someone who clearly has no idea how politics actually works — despite his PhD in political science. Our current president bragged about sexually assaulting women, joked about sexually assaulting Elizabeth Warren at his rally yesterday, and appoints white men to fill the vast majority of key jobs in his administration. Once he puts another white dude on the Supreme Court — the apparent front-runner for the pick is a white dude — the court is likely to overturn Roe Vs Wade or take other steps to effectively outlaw abortion in huge portions of the US. 65% of women oppose overturning Roe, according to a recent  Quinnipiac poll,

But MGTOWs (and many MRAs) honestly think they live in some sort of “gynocracy.”

Let’s end with this cute little meme:

Obviously. the point of the meme is to suggest that marriage is a trap for men. But, er, it’s generally the man who offers the ring to the women, so doesn’t this meme imply that that it’s really the woman being trapped?

MGTOWs can’t do anything right, can they?

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The first meme represents the well known “fact” that if you put frogs in boiling water, they’ll feel pain and hop out, but if you put them in cold water and slowly bring it to a boil, they’ll never become aware that they’re boiling and stay in the pot and die. It’s not an unbelievable claim, but I have no idea if it’s true or not.

In any event, that’s why the frogs in the pot are still in the pot.

Nothing else in the meme makes the slightest bit of sense. Why is a male feminist doing the boiling? Why is the MGTOW frog about to crash his head into the wall that is certainly behind the stove? Why are feminists human and MGTOW amphibians? Where did the frogs get tiny ice cream, and how does it stay unmelted? Why is the frog enjoying dairy products when frogs are unable to digest lactose? MADNESS!

Because women are basically the Borh and vote exactly the same?
Warren Farrell, what an asshole. Is his middle initial T?

Haha these memes required so much explanatory text, these guys might as well have just written blog posts. An incoherent rant about how scary the female dominated government is next to a scary woman is not a meme.

That last one is from “conservative memes.” I thought that conservatives wanted people to get (straight) married? I thought women were all slutty single moms? Now marriage is bad? I guess if their God Trump is bad at marriage, marriage must be bad now.

That last one is from “conservative memes.” I thought that conservatives wanted people to get (straight) married? I thought women were all slutty single moms? Now marriage is bad? I guess if their God Trump is bad at marriage, marriage must be bad now.

The fact that the one frog is holding an unmelted two-scoop ice cream cone really pulls that whole thing together. Or something.

I do love the assumption by MGTOWs that girls are never bullied. Oh no wait, I mean I’d like to beat the shit out of every dude who thinks women never get bullied by anyone.


As it happens, yes. Farrell’s middle name is Thomas. 😁

The “Marriage is a trap!” idea seems like it goes back several decades, calling your wife a “ball and chain” is something I’ve seen in old comedy. Of course it is technically true that your wife could prevent you from doing what you want to do, but that is largely just a quality of being accountable to someone else. It is the oldest news in feminism that marriage is supposed to be a victory for the woman, but in reality it is not. Ironically I think the “Ball and chain” talk lessened a generation after 2nd wave feminism.

For the first meme, obviously their whole narrative summed up. They really do believe that some minority of men are sexing up the majority of women. That’s the whole alpha male stereotype, which seems to pervade the whole manosphere to various levels.

That top image is NOT how I remember my youth, adolescence, and/or young adulthood.

Also: I am white, 50% of my grandparents are first or second generation immigrants from Europe, and I still rarely have that many white people around me even within my own family.

Also also: I feel stupid even saying this after my first two complaints, but that top image has really, really shitty graphic design. Like, seriously, I’d expect something better on the cover of a 5th grade book report. Even one that was half-assed the night before it was due.

Okay but can we talk about the fact that these utter giblets seem to think that girls (literally talking tweens here) are fucking dudes on the reg? Because it is Absolutely Not The Norm to think that your average 12-to-16-year-old girl is getting it on. With more than one guy, apparently.

I’m not sure how much of this is delusion and how much of it is wishful thinking on their part (because let’s be real, the manosphere is… largely pedophile-adjacent, where it’s not just outright full of dudes shrieking that It’s Ephebophilia, Actually), but either way I’m pretty dang skeeved out.

Also note that all the women/ girls in that ‘meme’ riding the carousel are Attractive-By-Societal-Standards women. Meaning white, thin, and often blonde. No women of size, no women of color, so on.

If you needed any proof that anybody not in that incredibly narrow set is literally invisible to manospherians…

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that chief somewhere before, probably in another terrible meme. Didn’t know he was moonlighting as Feminism.

Indeed. That part of the meme was especially disgusting, but sadly not surprising.

Aside from the pedophiliac implications of that long meme, what’s even the point of it? That (thin, conventionally attractive, white) women bang a bunch of dudes and eventually settle down with a ‘simp’, while MGTOWs live lonely, miserable lives that end in suicide? Is that supposed to be a selling point for the MGTOW lifestyle? That can’t possibly be it.

…it’s intended to be ragefuel to get the MGTOWs to want to make other people miserable/dead before the MGTOWs end up miserable/dead, isn’t it? Seems more like an incel meme, but I suppose any manospherian philosophy overlaps with 95+% of the ideals of any other manospherian. (That being that women are evil and should be treated as subhuman, etc…)

Also, where is the alpha cock carousel and when is it my turn to ride?

(I’m not actually a woman but I’m sure I’m a “female” to these guys, so where are all these hot guys I’m allegedly always finding who are so attracted to me?)

“Unless all the women in the world are fucking the exact same couple of dozen dudes…” Isn’t that basically the Incel conceit, concisely stated? They think there are a small number of men who are having lots and lots of sex with lots of women, and that’s the reason they’re not getting any.

You know, with Roe v. Wade likely to go under, we women are going to have to find other ways to both prevent and end unwanted pregnancies. Back in the soon-to-be-relived bad old days, I knew women, married and not, who went to great lengths to hide pregnancies from the fathers until they could end them.

I lived in Chicago as a teen and I remember seeing the lurid photos of women dead from botched, back alley abortions. I cannot help but think that this is something these men WANT to see happen, perhaps as a way to make us so fearful that we will obediently go through as many pregnancies as our “masters” want, producing soldiers and consumers…our lives fading away because of it.

How long are we going to allow men to have ANY say over our lives, our choices? How many women have to die for the pleasure of those who fancy themselves our owners? How long are we going to allow them to define us by our biology, telling us that the only justification for our very existence lies in our wombs? Why are they not defined solely by their testicles???

Look at those nerdy men in that cock carousel meme doing nerdy things! Nerds!

When I was playing Magic The Gathering tonight, I made sure to let all the guys around me know they were nerds and would never find love. The other women also playing there joined me and we formed a coven where we chanted “NERDS! NERDS! NERDS!” in between games.

In Her life / Your life:

12-16: (approx. 5% of conventionally attractive) girls are having fun, while the nascent miggy is bullied by bigger dudes. Now that’s bad. No decent person condones bullying. I just would like to point out that 1) nascent miggy is bullied by males, and 2) totally absent is the fact that girls are bullied too, for being too big too skinny too colored not having the right clothes not being conventionally attractive being too good at school failing at school or even no “reason” at all.

16-20: 5% of girls are having fun while the miggy starts surrounding himself with screens. Also, still bullied. And again, bullied by males. And no word on what is happening to 95% of girls. Maybe they are the ones busy barricading miggies behind computers?

20-25: 5% of women still having fun, 95% of women still unaccounted for. Not sure what’s going on the him side. Not looking at people speaking? Playing video games way too close from the screen? Bromance on a worksite? Stu-studying???? that one is good! you’re getting your life on the right tracks!

25-30: 5% of women still having fun, 95% of women still unaccounted for. Miggy threatening suicide by cigarettes, pills and gun.

30+: 5% of women simultaneously happily married with Chad, cuckolding their personal simp with a brown person and wondering where have all the good men gone. Now THAT’S multitasking! Meanwhile miggy, who for some reason has grown a lippy frog head, is sad at his computer, sad at people kissing, and again threatens suicide.

95% of women still unaccounted for.

I fail to see how 100% or 95% or even 5% of women are responsible for miggy’s fate. As far as this meme demonstrates, he locked himself in a hell of his own making.

The first meme represents the well known “fact” that if you put frogs in boiling water, they’ll feel pain and hop out, but if you put them in cold water and slowly bring it to a boil, they’ll never become aware that they’re boiling and stay in the pot and die. It’s not an unbelievable claim, but I have no idea if it’s true or not.

AFAIK this is true for crabs. A chief explained me that if you throw them in boiling water they suffer and tear at themselves and sometimes lose legs. On the other hand, if you place them in salty cold water, then slowly bring the water to a boil, they fall asleep, don’t suffer and taste better.

Not that I know very much about cooking frogs, I’m only French after all, but you DO NOT WANT to cook them alive, you DO NOT WANT to cook them with the body still attached to the legs (guess what’s in a frog stomach!) and you DO NOT WANT to cook them unpeeled. Just saying.

@Michael Suttkus II: I’ve also heard the frog thing, but then I’ve heard too that it’s just a factoid and not true at all.

Anyway, I agree with David that the meme fails even if you know about the frog thing. Since one of them is even holding an unmelted ice cream cone, you really do get the impression that they’re just having a nice time in a bubble bath, rather than being boiled alive…

Also their old idea that women just have money thrown at them, so they don’t have to study or work or anything. It’s so weird… I mean it’s really weird, too, to think that a small minority of men are banging all the women all the time, but it’s even weirder to think that women don’t have to study or work for a living! I mean at least sex is something people have in private, but women studying and working is everywhere to be seen!

I was so incredibly miserable through a lot of teen years. I was not much bullied, but felt isolated and rejected. Mainly because I was a lesbian trying to resist that and fit into the straight world.

MGTOW, like incel, like PUA always assume that ALL girls/ women want to fuck men, and that ALL girls/ women are coddled and protected by ‘simps’/’cucks/’.’betas’ etc.

These guys are so far up their own arses that cannot and will not see any other perspective or recognise the huge amount of young women who are not even close to the fantasy they project.

The frog thing is a philosophical thought experiment, and like most such has no basis in empiricism. Frogs jump out of the water at around 25C (or whenever they feel like it; frogs ate really shitty about cooperating with experimental procedures)

Does anyone know where the “Afraid Of Women?” meme stole that drawing of the horror woman from? Reclaiming monstrous women in fiction is a thing, and it’s not actually a bad drawing. Also I’m curious as to whether there’s any context for the ruffled clown-collar.

Also, wait, let me get this straight- the premise of the “Afraid of Women?” meme is that “it’s not men vs women, it’s men vs government”. Women are too weak and stupid to pose any direct threat, so instead they elect dangerous men into the government to do women’s bidding indirectly. Okay.

So then why is the scary figure with the speech bubble saying “I’m the government” a woman?? Didn’t we just get through explaining that “no one is afraid of women”, and the idea that women are scary is a straw man, because women are inherently too weak and childlike to scare anyone? But the lady with the blood coming out of her whatever and the exciting nail extensions certainly LOOKS scary. And she’s the government. But the government is male, because women are too incompetent to run things. Except for all the women who do work in government and do run things and get elected by people. I hear sometimes women even run for election and get votes from men!! So confused.

@surplus- if only it was that easy to get rid of MGTOWs!

I think the meme chef has been poorly photoshopped out of a stock photo/ clip art? if you look at his hair and moustache you can see what look like those anti-theft faint grey diagonal lines.

I have no explanation for the big black dot on his collar though. Maybe he had ink thrown on him by the same person who took Blue Pill Frog’s eye?

Of the two people I’ve seen talked about most for the SCOTUS vacancy one is a white, uber-conservative christian man (who says the president shouldn’t even be investigated while in office) but the other is a white, uber-conservative christian woman. Progress!

Saw one on twitter yesterday that would’ve been perfect (probably), I didn’t actually read it when I realized it made the Her Life/Your Life one look pithy and concise. When I opened it, it ran all the way down the screen while being “1.5 wide with small walls of text in some of the frames.

Not pictured: the Frying Pan of Bitter Resentment that the MGTOW frog is jumping into, just offscreen.

The unintended message of the right hand side of that first meme is “get the fuck off the internet sometimes and go actually do things and meet people”.

Totally off topic, btw, but does anybody here watch Steven universe? Makes me so damn happy my kids can watch something that has the first gay marriage in a show for children.

“The frog thing is a philosophical thought experiment”

Nope. “In 1869, while doing experiments searching for the location of the soul, German physiologist Friedrich Goltz demonstrated that a frog that has had its brain removed will remain in slowly heated water, but an intact frog attempted to escape the water when it reached 25 °C.”

Not really that philosophical.

Do you ever wonder if their movement would be more effective / dangerous if they were capable of competent graphic design? Or of writing articles that were more than ‘Look at me!’, self indulgent BS where they wave their (self proclaimed) phallic intellect around?

Also, as someone with a wide variety of intimacy issues I can honestly admit; I am a straight white male who is (mostly) able bodied and I am terrified of women. So those guys are full of shit, as ever.

@ neonwraith

Do you ever wonder if their movement would be more effective / dangerous if they were capable of competent graphic design

Heh, it’s really bugging me now because I posted a quote, either here or somewhere else, that touched on this and now I can’t remember it.

But the gist of it was that fascists (which you can extrapolate to MRAs etc) know their public arguments are silly and make no sense; but that’s a feature not a bug.

They’re not interested in debate; just the appearence of debate. They know their arguments are invalid, but by being nonsensical there’s no logical counter argument. There’s just nothing substantive to challenge.

So it gives the perception that you haven’t been able to refute them.

ETA: Hmm, that quote put it better.

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