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MGTOW Meme Friday: Frogs in hot tubs and sex-having women

Yes, that’s EXACTLY how I picture feminists.

By David Futrelle

Friday used to be meme-day here on We Hunted the Mammoth, so today I thought I’d revive the tradition with a few (relatively) fresh MGTOW memes I found on Facebook.

As you’ll notice, two of these memes are basically self-defeating, so poorly designed that they basically make the opposite of the point they’re intended to make. And the other two seem to come from a planet other than our own, in that they do not reflect anything close to reality on this planet.

The first self-defeating meme is the one above, featuring two non-MGTOW frogs enjoying a nice soak in a special frog hot tub. Given how cheerful they both look, it seems pretty clear the water is a long way from its boiling point, giving them plenty of time to jump to safety if the water  gets too hot for their tastes. No boiled frogs here, just a couple of frog buddies letting their tension melt away.

This next meme offers a visual representation of the so-called “cock carousel” that all (Western) women supposedly ride in their twenties.

Ok, just a few questions: If the gal on the left is supposed to be the typical young women, and the guy on the right is supposed to be the typical guy, who exactly are all these guys the gal is, er, “riding?” Unless all the women in the world are fucking the exact same couple of dozen dudes, shouldn’t the sides balance out, with typical men having a roughly similar number of partners as typical women?

In real life, of course, they do. And the number, not surprisingly, is way way way lower than the number the MGTOWs have cooked up in their fevered dreams. According to the CDC, the median number of (opposite sex) partners that Americans between 25 and 44 had over their lifetimes (as of 2011-2015) was 6.1 for men and 4.2 for women. Other studies have found slightly higher numbers, though it’s hard to tell how reliable any of these numbers are. Why do men have higher numbers than women? Possibly because men tend to exaggerate their numbers and women to underestimate theirs.

Here’s another meme from yet another planet:

The notion that the government does the bidding of women because they’re a slight majority of the electorate comes staright from good old Warren Farrell, the intellectual godfather of the Men’s Rights Movement, someone who clearly has no idea how politics actually works — despite his PhD in political science. Our current president bragged about sexually assaulting women, joked about sexually assaulting Elizabeth Warren at his rally yesterday, and appoints white men to fill the vast majority of key jobs in his administration. Once he puts another white dude on the Supreme Court — the apparent front-runner for the pick is a white dude — the court is likely to overturn Roe Vs Wade or take other steps to effectively outlaw abortion in huge portions of the US. 65% of women oppose overturning Roe, according to a recent  Quinnipiac poll,

But MGTOWs (and many MRAs) honestly think they live in some sort of “gynocracy.”

Let’s end with this cute little meme:

Obviously. the point of the meme is to suggest that marriage is a trap for men. But, er, it’s generally the man who offers the ring to the women, so doesn’t this meme imply that that it’s really the woman being trapped?

MGTOWs can’t do anything right, can they?

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Monsters and Rainbows: The “horror woman” appears to be Bloody Mary from the Batwoman comics (not to be confused with several other characters named Bloody Mary that have shown up in comics, DC alone has at least three). You know the story, look in the mirror, say “Bloody Mary” three times and she slaughters your entire slumber party! I’ve never understood how these stories would be plausible. If you said it, you’d die, so who would spread the rumor?

The ruffle is probably just supposed to be old fashioned clothing.

Some of my male friends play Magic together and they all have wives and kids/kids on the way. They achieved it by not having terrible personalities.

Calmdown, isn’t it remarkable how many of life’s problems can be avoided or at least ameliorated by not having a terrible personality?

Moggie: that reminds me of the (in) famous photo of “boneless pork rectums (inverted)” so easily found online. My first thought was “well, of *course* they’re boneless”.

One of those meme pictures in that first one takes a subtle shot at Art/Humanities majors, and now I’m extra angry.

…As if the Arts are a frivolous and easy pursuit! Whoever made that meme could’ve used a design class or two!

July 6, 2018 at 7:36 pm

I do love the assumption by MGTOWs that girls are never bullied. Oh no wait, I mean I’d like to beat the shit out of every dude who thinks women never get bullied by anyone.

Agreed. I guess I just imagined the lockers I was slammed into several times in 7th grade by a boy in my class and the name calling and the time a guy from my class in grade 8 heard his friend calling me names and came over to talk to me, loudly saying “Just ignore (bully’s name), he’s an asshole sometimes.” Weirdly, that bully never said another rude word to me. But I’m sure I just made it all up in my lady brain and they were actually throwing money at me.

Those guys from Judge Dredd who dress and behave in the most ridiculous way possible to escape the ennui and nihilism of Mega City 1?


Some of my male friends play Magic together and they all have wives and kids/kids on the way. They achieved it by not having terrible personalities.

Forcing men not to have terrible personalities is misandry.

Those guys from Judge Dredd who dress and behave in the most ridiculous way possible to escape the ennui and nihilism of Mega City 1?


Passagère clandestine wrote:

AFAIK this is true for crabs. A chief explained me that if you throw them in boiling water they suffer and tear at themselves and sometimes lose legs. On the other hand, if you place them in salty cold water, then slowly bring the water to a boil, they fall asleep, don’t suffer and taste better.

I worked as a crab-cracker on Fisherman’s Wharf in SF as my first job out of high school, and cooking the crabs was a big part of that job. While I can’t speak to the suffering or the improved flavor (or really about any species of crab other than Dungeness), I can say unequivocally that they don’t tear at themselves; they essentially seize up in about 2 or 3 seconds and don’t move at all after that.

Seconding what several commenters said about girls getting bullied. My mother wanted to know why I had footprints on the lining of my winter coat. You guessed it – bullies put them there.

Off topic but

The fred phelps phuckheads were in austin today. They were less than ten POS spewing the same old shit. I counted around TWENTY FIVE COPS protecting their nasty asses. Those seven assholes got a lane of traffic blocked off by the cops, 25 bike cops, and a cop escort to their vans. It was actually a pretty pathetic display because its Sunday and there’s not a lot of foot or vehicular traffic to notice them at this hour downtown.

This was my first time actually seeing them IRL. They are so. fucking. thiiiirsty. I yelled “fred phelps is dead,” and “are you protesting on the sabbath!?” Weak sauce on my end but I just woke up from a Benadryl stupor. (Fuuuuuck mold right now. )


Those seven assholes got a lane of traffic blocked off by the cops, 25 bike cops, and a cop escort to their vans.

All that protection for free, of course. They’re a church and tax exempt so everyone else has to pay to keep their sorry asses safe.

Pie wrote:

All that protection for free, of course. They’re a church and tax exempt so everyone else has to pay to keep their sorry asses safe.

Funny how conservatives never lump priests and pastors in with the those they consider “takers”….

Monsters and Rainbows: The “horror woman” appears to be Bloody Mary from the Batwoman comics (not to be confused with several other characters named Bloody Mary that have shown up in comics, DC alone has at least three).

Ah, that’s her! Thanks!

And uggggh, now I’ve accidentally fallen down an internet hole of reading about how Batwoman’s queer wedding storyline was cancelled in favour of a story about her getting mindcontrolled and sexually abused by a hot vampire, because DC Comics has an official editorial position that we Can’t Have Nice Things.

If anyone has any lingering doubts that the Trump administration is anything other than just pure fucking evil:

U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials

The Americans were blunt: If Ecuador refused to drop the resolution, Washington would unleash punishing trade measures and withdraw crucial military aid. The Ecuadorean government quickly acquiesced.

The showdown over the issue was recounted by more than a dozen participants from several countries, many of whom requested anonymity because they feared retaliation from the United States.

Health advocates scrambled to find another sponsor for the resolution, but at least a dozen countries, most of them poor nations in Africa and Latin America, backed off, citing fears of retaliation, according to officials from Uruguay, Mexico and the United States.

@ lindsayirene

I hope comparing children’s health to football isn’t trivialising the issue; but it’s another example of Trump just bullying the world into towing the line. In fact, maybe it’s a good example of how dangerously petty he is. He’s threatening countries over a bleeding football tournament.

Annoyingly it seemed to work; but FIFA is an organisation that can challenge the Trump hegemony in terms of corruption.

Alan: Just a nitpick to make clear how stupid the footballsituation really is. It is unclear, if Trump threatening had that much efect.
The Mexiko/Canada/US-bind was the better one, wouldn’t need that much money to build, because the infrastructure allready existed.
So without Trump doing anything we would have had the same result, very likly.
But treads seem to be Trumps diplomacy and I hope the big bully lands sometime very hard.

WTH has to be wrong with a person to make them okay with *boiling frogs*. That’s not the way anyone should be treating animals – not even frogs. I don’t even care if it’s only a theoretical action used to illustrate some ridiculous non point, can’t they come up with a less cruel to living and breathing creatures?!

It’s funny, these guys and TRP think that women are all used up whores after 30, but incels think that women have lifelong sexual prospects regardless of age or weight. Will they ever reach a consensus?

Also, the average marriage age is approximately 30 or above in many countries in Europe and Asia, and many older people get married for companionship long after their Child-bearing years.

Are these people anomalies to this group, or maybe proof their black and white worldview is skewed?

Unless all the women in the world are fucking the exact same couple of dozen dudes

I mean you’re basically describing the idea of “Chad” here, so I can’t say I’m completely shocked. Disappointed, yes, but not shocked.

I made a comment that is in moderation on that 10 steps to genocide article. I’ll just paste it in here. It’s a good post, but not complete, so I added some things.

The steps don’t have to occur in order and I’d argue that step 10 is already occurring. The Trump regime has already denied they have a family separation policy, said they aren’t doing anything any different than what previous administration did, said they’d stop separating families when they haven’t. There’s also the demonization of the press. Trump could turn the detention centers into death camps, call it fake news when it’s reported on and his supporters will most likely believe him. Fox News will participate in the denials.

Also, to add to the step 5, I’d include the recently formed denaturalization task force. Their whole job is to look into the paperwork of naturalized citizens and find whatever errors they can so they can strip them of citizenship. That is horrifying to me and something that isn’t getting enough press yet.

To add to step 7, note how Trump’s executive order changes the agency in charge of the detainment camps from the department of Health and Human Services to the department of Homeland Security. Making this a military option will make it a lot easier to justify murdering immigrants (example “they’re threatening our troops” or “they’re enemy combatants”) and will make step 9 much easier logistically to carry out.

I think also Trump’s tweet about not needing judges and courts to deport people and his praise of Kim Jong Un’s authoritarianism could go in step 7. He’s normalizing fascism. This could maybe go in step 6 though. Idk.

“Do you want to know more?”

Gawds…where do I even start?
The first one:
I’m so glad that Chef Mario is a feminist. But while I admit I’ve never cooked frogs, I don’t think you’re supposed to just drop them in the pot.

The second one:
I can assure you that my high school and college years were nothing like the MGTOW making this meme depicted for girls. In high school, I was a goth/headbanger with some punk tendencies and everyone spread rumors that I was a devil worshiper. It was stupid.
I ended up dropping out of college after the first semester and didn’t go back until I was much older. I was sexually assaulted and had a mental breakdown. Good times.
Even though I self-medicated a lot, I hated clubbing. So, I never did that. By the time I was 25, I had a child. I never had a big circle of gal pals. My son did play junior league soccer for a while, though.

The third one:
I think this succubus is perhaps a little too overzealous in promoting her candidate of choice and might need to tone down the blood spurting from her eyes and mouth a bit so as not to scare off potential voters. Other than that, I admire her conviction.

The last one:
You should give your potential marriage partner the ring, most definitely. Either of those traps would hurt.

@ The Real Cie:

But while I admit I’ve never cooked frogs, I don’t think you’re supposed to just drop them in the pot.

You’re right. Also I’ve just noticed there are flames shooting up around the edge of the burner. Feminist or not, he needs to be more serious about kitchen fire safety.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these guys really need to stop forming their worldviews based on sex comedies and porn.

Actually, wait, I’m going to amend that: Stop using sex comedies and porn to rationalize your failure to achieve the status symbols that those very media have conditioned you to be the markers of “”””success”””” as a man.

That’s what’s so laughable about the self-styled “MGTOWs”… if they actually evaluated themselves and found other objectives in life for fulfillment, they might actually be able to pursue happiness. But that’s clearly not what it is that they’re in it for: they want to stew in resentment and build a community based entirely on that resentment.

I spent Saturday on Toronto Island photographing the cityscape and the wildlife. As a single guy of modest means, it was something I could just wake up and decide to do on a sunny weekend. But that’s not the vision these guys are offering: it’s just “here’s some biotrufs and some raw hate to chew on.”

Hey guys, remember the time Glenn Beck tried to demonstrate the frog-will-jump-out-of-boiling-water thing without testing it first, and ended up just killing a couple frogs on air?

Unless all the women in the world are fucking the exact same couple of dozen dudes, shouldn’t the sides balance out, with typical men having a roughly similar number of partners as typical women?

Some MGTOW genius commenting on a YouTube video once tried to convince me that 80% of women are sleeping with just the top tier of “elite” men. This supposedly creates an imbalance that must be corrected by some kind of Jordan Peterson/Ross Douthat-approved “redistribution” of sex.


“The Americans were blunt: If Ecuador refused to drop the resolution, Washington would unleash punishing trade measures and withdraw crucial military aid. The Ecuadorian government quickly acquiesced.”


FFS the US government has been in the pockets of the food industry in some way for just about forever, so why the sudden chaos over other countries promoting breastfeeding in their own damn countries? FFS it’s just breastfeeding .

*clicks link*

“Although lobbyists from the baby food industry attended the meetings in Geneva, health advocates said they saw no direct evidence that they played a role in Washington’s strong-arm tactics.

“Abbott Laboratories, the Chicago-based company that is one of the biggest players in the $70 billion baby food market, declined to comment.

Nestlé, the Switzerland-based food giant with significant operations in the United States, sought to distance itself from the threats against Ecuador and said the company would continue to support the international code on the marketing of breast milk substitutes, which calls on governments to regulate the inappropriate promotion of such products and to encourage breast-feeding.

Is it just me or do even some of the manufacturers of baby formula seem a bit WTF?

“The Department of Health and Human Services, the lead agency in the effort to modify the resolution, explained the decision to contest the resolution’s wording but said H.H.S. was not involved in threatening Ecuador.

“The resolution as originally drafted placed unnecessary hurdles for mothers seeking to provide nutrition to their children,” an H.H.S. spokesman said in an email. “We recognize not all women are able to breast-feed for a variety of reasons. These women should have the choice and access to alternatives for the health of their babies, and not be stigmatize for the ways in which they are able to do so.” The spokesman asked to remain anonymous in order to speak more freely.”

Ok, I can’t say he’s wrong. I predominantly breastfed my 3 children until they self-weaned as toddlers, and even I endured one lady giving me dirty looks one of the few times I bottlefed them. I’m a big promoter of breastfeeding, but not all women can breastfeed. Full stop.

If the baby formula companies and the HHS are not supportive of the Trump administration’s rampage of blackmailing 3rd world countries from introducing measures to promote breastfeeding, then what gives?

“In the end, the Americans’ efforts were mostly unsuccessful. It was the Russians who ultimately stepped in to introduce the measure — and the Americans did not threaten them.”


“A Russian delegate said the decision to introduce the breast-feeding resolution was a matter of principle.

“We’re not trying to be a hero here, but we feel that it is wrong when a big country tries to push around some very small countries, especially on an issue that is really important for the rest of the world,” said the delegate, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.”


Cui bono? Who benefits? Also known as “follow the money”.

In this instance, the only observable consequence is that Russia gained some international standing at the expense of the US. So, one more instance of Trump doing precisely the job that he was hired to do.

Rusia and China are often moving in the holes that the USA left.
China is trying to control a lot of comerce in a lot of contries from Asia to America.
We have a local Harleyseller, who is quite happy about the fact that Harley Davidson will produce its Harley anywhere else than in the USA.
At the moment the G-7 is trying to find a way to work without their biggest ally and friend for a long time.
We had newspaperarticel that said we have to see America (or at last Trump) as an enemy in the future.
On the other hand we don’t want to destroy every line to our “American friends”. (Says someone who consumes a lot of American media)

People, if this is what a so called “feminist” government looks like than we should all be ashamed of ourselves. Of course the idea is ludicrous. I submit that any person here could do better in an afternoon off the top of their head.

And those memes were pretty much impenetrable even with the expository text. No offense to you David, you were more than heroic.

@Samantha Kaswell wrote:

I lived in Chicago as a teen and I remember seeing the lurid photos of women dead from botched, back alley abortions. I cannot help but think that this is something these men WANT to see happen, perhaps as a way to make us so fearful that we will obediently go through as many pregnancies as our “masters” want, producing soldiers and consumers…our lives fading away because of it.

You must have grown up in the same Chicago and era that my dad did. I remember being surprised that Dad was pro-choice because he is usually the most hateful sexist that ever hated. When I questioned him about it, he told me in horrified whispers of seeing the newspaper articles ‘every week’ about women who had died from botched abortions and how he never wanted that era to come back.

I will add to your last paragraph of good sense that women need to really start believing that we can take care of each other and keep each other safe and actually start to figure out what it might be like to have our own fate and safety in our own hands.

What’s with your hatred of Trump? Do you not realise what side you have inadvertently chosen, in the grand scheme, here?

You’re right, Mgtow’s are sexist losers.
Incels are angry, violent, terroristic, woman-hating losers.
That’s easy to see.
But you, while correct in your assessment of the Incels and Mgtow’s, seem to be not much better: you breathlessly preach how Trump is Literally Hitler and at the same time, taking the side of the globalists and technocrats and Chi-comms who are seeking to implement an anti-human, anti-freedom, AI- policed, automated, “green-communist” totalitarian dictatorship.

What you might not realise about Trump supporters, is that it is not rooted in racism or misogyny. Your spiel at the end of your well founded attack on mgtow/incel is bs. There are plenty of VALID reasons to support the President!

My support for Trump (limited as it is- I can’t defend most of the dumb things he’s said on Twitter, for instance) stems from the fact that he can see what I described above, in other words, he knows that American sovereignty is under attack by global institutions like the UN who would rather America’s decisions about Trade, Climate, Immigration, et. c., be made by themselves than by the elected leadership of the USA. It’s all a sovereignty and freedom thing for most of us.

We are concerned with big tech monopolies attempting to police political speech while moving to China, helping them with their human rights abuses and anti-freedom agenda, and pushing anti-American propaganda in America, for the biggest mass murderers in history, the Communist Chinese…

We are concerned about the huge convoys of armed men coming over the southern border… as these are not families or hard in their luck immigrants looking for jobs Americans don’t want. Armed infiltrators aren’t good for anyone, left or right!

We are also concerned about the political system of Islam (not about “brown people”) and how it clashes with American values. This doesn’t mean we hate or even dislike Muslims. Islam=political system, muslims= people like any other.

My point is, once you look past the media deception (pushing pro-globalist, anti-sovereignty talking points 24/7) you will see a clear battle line forming in America and beyond… not between white racists and minorities, or misogynists and women, but between those who wish for a global system where everyone is equal and there are no borders and nations, and those who wish to maintain their national identity, however troubled it’s past may be,… because they truly think it’s unique, and worth protecting.

What kind of a future do you want for your grand-kids? It’s America or the New World Order. Nationalism, free markets, prosperity, and liberty… or globalist technocracy, Eco-Communism, poverty, and a totally controlled society.

You may be bang-on when it comes to mgtow and incel freaks, but you are on the wrong side of history with your hysteria over Trump.

Michael Columcille, are you high? Or, rather just how high are you?

I’m hoping the answer is “really, really high” because all that shit you’re talking about is not actually reality.

@Michael Columcille

What is your opinion on Trump’s Kiddie Concentration Camps?

American sovereignty is under attack by


Nationalism, free markets, prosperity, and liberty…

Well, you’ve got the Nationalism part down pat.

How does your definition of “liberty” square with Trump’s attacks on the press and freedom of speech? How does it square with immigrant kids in cages, with black people being slaughtered in their own houses by off-duty cops, with kids being mowed down in their own schools by classmates with easy access to assault rifles? With the increase in hate crimes and street harassment and BBQ Beckys and Nazi rallies since Trump got elected? We are against all of these things. Are you, or is “liberty” just some meaningless buzzword to you?

How are tariffs and trade wars bringing prosperity to the nation’s soybean farmers and steel manufacturers? How has the massive income gap created by Republican tax breaks and deregulation contributed to prosperity for the average person?

Please explain the difference between sharia law and what right-wing Christian dominionist Trump voters have been trying for decades to establish in America. While you’re at it, please also explain how laws curtailing women’s reproductive freedoms increase liberty in America..

Prosperity and liberty are just empty words you’re slinging around, son. There is no “big picture” with Trump. All he cares about is lining his pockets and having people cheer for him at his bigly rallies and (increasingly) staying out of jail. He can barely put a coherent sentence together and his daily briefings have to be spoon-fed to him in coloring book form. I doubt he could find Syria on a map. What makes you think he has any grasp of foreign policy?

Syria, hell. I doubt he could find Syracuse on a map.


If Trump is so anti-establishment and so opposed to “free trade” then why he is he gutting regulations that protect us from corporate dominance and control? How come he’s working with longtime establishment Republican senators like Grassley, Graham, and McConnell to ram through a SCOTUS nominee who is extremely ethically challenged to say the least, but is beloved by conservatives because he’s a rich boy who will act as a rubber stamp for the agenda of the super wealthy. And how does the anti gay and anti abortion rights positions of the extreme right judges Trump is packing the courts with square with your claim that Trumpism is all about freedom and liberty?

Also, what are American values as you define them? What period in American history best exemplifies these values?

(Sigh) the whole thing is just sour grapes. Men who really aren’t interested in women – gays, say, or those who are loners by nature and live in an isolated area alone – don’t go on and on about how evil women and marriage are. Those who do are just bad-mouthing what they desperately want but obviously cannot get.


Hey buddy love your response to the page but you need to stop posting in old threads. It annoys everyone who get notification and such. Just try to stay up to date.

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