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Incels: We’d enslave women tomorrow if it weren’t for those meddling cucks!

If women were enslaved, I’m sure the incels would start complaining about having to pay for them.

By David Futrelle

On the forums, a bunch of the regulars recently had a little debate over slavery. Not whether or not the enslavement of women (or blacks, or whoever) is morally wrong; they didn’t care. No, the main question on the table was why men haven’t already enslaved women, given what a great idea it is.

Someone called lesbianwalrus — but who presumably was neither — started off the “debate” with this lovely post:

lesbianwalrus twistedcel - Jun 4, 2018#1 We have a choice between spending endless amounts of time and energy courting them and just straight up enslaving them. Enslaving them would free up men's time to focus on more constructive goals like curing diseases, developing technology, ect. It would be effortless too. Women are too weak and incompetent to put up a fight. And given that we live in a godless world we don't have to worry about moral justification or any other baseless normie assumptions about the universe. Might is right. Men only have to will it and then it is done. As Schopenhauer said, women are a constant stimulus to men's ignoble ambitions. Let's just do away with them and be done with it.

I’m not sure if that bit at the end was a reference to abolishing women’s basic human rights, or an outright call for genocide — it’s so hard to tell with these guys! — but the other incels who replied stuck with the issue of slavery. All but one thought that enslaving women would be great for guys like them, though there were a few different explanations as to why men haven’t just gone ahead and done it yet.

According to longtime member Newbite the problem is that “soyboys are too powerful.” Mentalcel lamented that “western civilization chose cuckery and political correctness.” Imbored21 declared that “men are pathetic betas” and that “[w]omen have us by the balls.”

But not everyone blamed men — or even soyboys —  as a whole. ElliotRodgerHere, reminding us once again that bigotries flock together, pointed his finger of blame at a familiar target: The Jews,  — or, as he put it, that “small parasitic tribe” that runs the world and “decides these things for us.”

Damn those evil Jews for preventing us from enslaving women! Is there no end to their depravity?

A few commenters conjectured that re-enslaving black men would help incels like them by cockblocking the “Tyrones” — the black equivalents to the evil white Chads who allegedly steal all the women who would otherwise be forced to date incels.

But the creepiest post of the bunch came from someone ominously named The End, who suggested that incels might not have to wait for all women to be enslaved to have a sex slave of their own.

The End Captain - Jun 4, 2018#8 I've wondered this myself. I think maybe we have gotten too cultured. We see everyone as autonomous individuals, and trapping them in such small paradigms seems morally wrong. I agree, it is morally wrong to force women to be sex-slaves - but they were like that for hundreds of thousands of years for a reason. I don't think we can go back to dominating women, but it would probably help humanity as a whole (if implemented right; don't forget to look at ass-crack middle east). I've thought many, many times of capturing a girl to use as my plaything. Maybe that is a natural and ordinary desire.

Well doesn’t that just make your skin crawl? And The End isn’t just some drive-by troll. He’s made nearly 2000 posts to since joining in April. Evidently he’s found a welcoming home on, which is nearly as sickening a thought as his comments about capturing himself a “plaything.”

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3 years ago

If the answer to the statement “Are there any exceptions to all mass shooters being either fascists or misogynists” is “Well, everyone, mass shooter or not, is a misogynist to some degree”, then the statement ceases to have explanatory effect, doesn’t it?

I dunno. I’d say that it says something about the culture we find ourselves in, that the mindset that contributes to so much violence and death is so widespread. I’d argue that viewing the murderous misogyny of these assholes as some kind of unique aberration from the norm works to dehumanize the murderers, painting them as monsters that are separate from “normal” people, rather than a product of a toxic culture.

Not that I’m saying the commentariat of this site does this, just that this is the general reaction I tend to come across in the rare, rare instances that a murderer’s misogyny is brought to light instead of ignored entirely.

3 years ago

Re counter Earth: It’s not that well-known, but Immanuel Kant was also an astronomer and wrote a book on astronomy. In it he writes that it’s highly likely that there’s a planet beyond Saturn, going by how the planets move. And this was in the eighteenth frigging century! So yeah, in modern times, if there were a counter Earth, people would have easily figured it out based on the movements on the known planets, way before we got space probes that took pics of the solar system from afar.

Steven I Dutch
Steven I Dutch
3 years ago

In the illustration, I keep thinking that, for a bunch of guys looking at a (probably) naked woman, they don’t seem very happy.

Podkayne Lives
Podkayne Lives
3 years ago

I don’t know if John Brown was doing his “level best”. Granted, I think some of his guerrilla work might be censored and/or lost to time, but his biggest plan was a massive strategic blunder. They wanted to raid an armory to get weapons to pass out to slaves and jump-start the revolution. But just in case someone snitched on them, they didn’t tell anyone who wasn’t going into the armory. So no one knew to come get their weapons. Just a few trustworthy info-spreaders who could activate at the same time might have made a difference, but no, that part of the plan didn’t occur to him until he was in a shoot-out with the feds.

I was thinking of Pottawatamie, but even there they only killed like five people. There were some skirmishes later that summer as well. But yeah, Harper’s Ferry was a bit of a screw-up all around.

2 years ago

They can’t even fantasize about a partner who wants them?

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