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Reminder: This guy thinks the solution to male violence is to make sure violent males can get dates

By David Futrelle

If you have any lingering doubt that incels — or at least a significant percentage of them — are straight-up terrorists, here’s a lovely conversation taking place tonight on, one of the, er, leading forums for so-called “involuntary celibates” online.

Here’s the full text, with some thoughts:

A woman should be deathly afraid of rejecting a guy. When a guy asks her out she should be made aware of what a horrible fate will be left on the guy if she rejects him, and the only way to accomplish this is through instilling fear on the females.

Hate to break it to you, Crustaciouse, but women already know that men often react to rejection with anger, insults, and in too many cases, actual violence.

Whenever a guy gets rejected he should scare the female, go on a shocking rant right in front of her and make it seem as if he lost his sanity and is ready to kill the female.

Men already do this, too many of them, all the fucking time. One of the reasons incels can’t get dates is that many of them give off a clear vibe that they are these kinds of guys. So women do what they can to make sure these guys can’t get close enough to them to even ask for a date.

If enough guys do this then rejections will completely be destroyed.

Sorry, fellas, but it’s not going to happen. Partly because women realize that saying “yes” to these sorts of guys is as dangerous as saying “no,” if not more so.

Second step is the actual date, if the female thinks she can just ghost the guy and not go on the date then she must be proven wrong, these females should be doxed and stalked.

Threatening phone calls should be made to her house and the guy should leave threatening objects at her door such as a knife covered in animal blood.

Fucking hell. This is why women give out fake phone numbers.

And this is why it’s so fucking creepy when people like Jordan Peterson essentially argue that society should figure out a way to make sure that at least some very unlucky women will be desperate enough, or pressured enough, to date and even marry these violent pieces of shit.

Guys who react to rejection with violence and threats of violence are pretty fucking likely to use violence in relationships to get what they want. Peterson’s vision of “enforced monogamy” — despite his attempts to deny the implications of his language — would basically amount to “enforced domestic violence.”

He is basically demanding that society give in to the sort of incel threats we see in this thread.

So you may wonder: is there anyone on willing to challenge this sort of thinking?

Well. in this particular case, nope! In fact, they’ve somehow managed to convince themselves that women are actually really into being threatened by violent losers.

 Warmest Black Misfortune Teller - Joined:Nov 9, 2017 Messages:536 56 minutes ago#2 I hear they are aroused by violent dark triad behavior. UnfortunatelyINCEL98 UnfortunatelyINCEL98 RememberTheDeadShooters - Joined:Feb 27, 2018 Messages:4,718 55 minutes ago#3 they are if they are alone with no onlookers..

And then there’s this guy, who really seems taken by the “murder” idea.

I think this would be great. A man should be able to kill a woman if she rejects him. Some men do this in India.

In case you are thinking that these guys are outliers on, if not actual trolls trying to make incels look bad, nope! The OP has posted more than 4900 comments on the site in the seven months he’s been on it; the murder dude has posted 600. No trolls are that dedicated.

NOTE: I learned of this horrific post from @Justincelthings on Twitter, who documents a great deal of truly awful incel crap. Definitely worth a follow, if you can stomach it.

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
3 years ago

because lobsters

When I read here some of the experiences women have to put up with, I’m grateful you don’t just drop us into boiling water and set about us with hammers.

3 years ago

No, no, you see, hierarchy and gender roles are good because they’re NATURAL. And by that logic, women naturally gravitating towards the best specimens and shunning the assholes lesser males is bad because it’s NATURAL, but in a way that has the potential to personally inconvenience Peterson’s ilk. Perfectly internally consistent, there.

3 years ago

After one date with a man who came across as angry and controlling, I wished him the best, and indicated that I was no longer interested. Three months later, I got a menacing call from him, with some guilt tripping, expressing how upset he was that I wouldn’t go out with him.
After listening to his tirade, I had only one question for him: “What did you intend to accomplish by making this call?”
He hung up in a huff.

Daniel Gilbert
Daniel Gilbert
3 years ago

If anyone has any ideas on how we can stop nutters talking to each other on the internet without turning the thing into a drachonian hell-hole then please let the rest of us know (not kidding, a solution would be great). Until then, maybe consider that a more accurate and robust way of looking at this is not so much the toxic and terrible attitudes of men towards women that need to be addressed as a gender issue, but rather the result of both crazy people online and the tribal/echo chamber tendency of the internet combining to create something quite ugly but also rather small. I know outrage is a great hit (the modern drug of choice, it seems) but it’s bad for you. If you’re someone that goes online looking for things to outraged at, victimised by, or indignant of, you have a problem. Quit now.

3 years ago

@Lumipuna your comment made me think of the Goodies Kungfu Capers about training school to teach ecky thump…. the art of beating the crap out of someone with a black pudding. Unfortunately I can’t find the entire episode, just a bit of it.

3 years ago

@Daniel Gilbert
Nope, no cigar. The toxicity can and should be addressed, and luckily we have a great community of men, women, and nonbinary folk here plenty willing to address it. Toxic masculinity as seen emphasized throughout the manosphere is prevalent, dangerous, and ripe for ridicule and/or shredding of “arguments.”

Also, comments policy, comments policy, comments policy!

Finally, “rather small”? Incels canonize murderers, and have committed some themselves. Recently, even.

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