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MRAs pretend to care about workplace deaths. They’re silent on Sen. hopeful Don Blankenship, responsible for the deaths of 29 miners

Don Blankenship: Coal miner killer

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By David Futrelle

Anyone who has ever tried to discuss almost anything with a Men’s Rights Activist knows how much they pretend to care about those killed in workplace accidents — more than 90% of whom are men.

So you might expect MRAs to be up in arms about Don Blankenship, the reactionary, racist Republican who’s the frontrunner in the West Virginia Senate primary, to be held tomorrow. Up until he entered this race, after all, Blankenship was best known as the coal industry exec whose grotesque disdain for worker safety got him convicted of conspiring to willfully violate mine safety and health standards after an explosion in a mine he ran killed 29 miners in 2010.

But MRAs aren’t saying a word. Pretty much literally. I searched the two most prominent MRA websites — the Men’s Rights subreddit, an active forum with more than 177,000 subscribers, and A Voice for Men, recent winner of a coveted “you’re a hate group”award from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The results? Blankenship — a man who has been in the news so much in recent days that he is literally being discussed on MSNBC right this instant as I type these words —  has been mentioned all of three times in the history of the Men’s Rights subreddit, the most recent mention coming two years ago.

He has never been mentioned on AVFM at all.

You can recreate these searches yourself if you don’t believe me. Click here to search the Men’s Rights subreddit; click here for AVFM.

And it’s not because either site ignores the issue of workplace deaths; both the Men’s Rights subreddit and AVFM talk about it all the time.

But I suppose that is the point. While MRAs like to talk about the issue all the time, it’s usually as part of a laundry list of complaints intended to prove that men are the “disposable sex” — or that they deserve to earn more than women.

Meanwhile, they do absolutely nothing about it — launching precisely zero campaigns to actually make workplaces safer for anyone. Indeed, MRAs who voted for Donald Trump — and there are a lot of them — have actually made the problem worse by helping to elect a man who is doing his best to gut workplace safety protections, as I pointed out in a recent post. Trump’s assault on worker safety is likely to result in a lot more than 29 deaths.

While the chance of any individual man dying in a workplace accident are vanishingly small — in 2016, the most recent year for which we have complete data, American working men had only a 0.006 percent chance of getting killed on the job — workplace safety is a real issue that needs addressing.

One obvious way to take a stand against it would be to actively campaign against a Senatorial hopeful whose deliberate violations of mine safety standards contributed to an accident that killed 29 of the coal miners that MRAs claim to care about. 

But MRAs have done and will do nothing, because they don’t really care about making the world a better place for men; they’re much more interested in ginning up excuses to yell about — and at — women.

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4 years ago


Haha, you caught me.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
4 years ago

@tim gueguen:
Thanks. Now that you mention it, I do remember that. And that fits the song a lot better, since it was one of the strikers who actively went in and set off the charges that killed the ‘scabs’, even though they were his fellow workers.

The sad thing about mining disasters is that there are so many of them to choose from.

4 years ago

@Paradoxical. Yes! That comic illustrates it well!

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
4 years ago


But campaigning for workers’ rights is hard work! I was a union rep, many years ago, and had to give it up, because of the workload (also, I have to admit that I kinda sucked at it). Ranting online is a lot easier.

And they might find there were women interested in improving workers’ rights too, and then they might get working-women cooties.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

The Fight For 15* campaign has a lot of women involved in it. Not to mention a ton of POC. It’s not a shock that I’ve yet to see an MRA say anything supportive of that either.

Not a worker safety thing but, a pro-worker thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen MRAs do anything pro-worker at all. Ever.

* For those not in the US, it’s a nationwide campaign to raise minimum wage to $15/hr. I think it was started by fast food workers. If not, fast food workers do make up the bulk of the activists.

4 years ago

Oh look, an MRA…

Mr. MRA James,

I take issue with the extreme, as well as the non extreme, on the right. And you “men’s rights” folk in particular.

You do not seem to be looking for any type of “rights” beyond complaining that things are not like “the good old days”.

You do not appear to want any “rights”, you appear to want privileges.
Just today I saw red piller griping about, and then theorizing about, how all men could get a wife. And you know what these guys point to: Everything from “going back to the good old days” to “White Sharia”.

You also appear to want to be able to simply walk away from any responsibility. Divorce Rape! Which is funny because you traditionalists don’t want women to work (where she may get uppity ideas), you also want to walk away without paying child support.

And again, this is not a “right”, it’s a wish to put your shit off on somebody else. And the most disturbing angle of this is that you don’t give one rat’s ass about your kids.

Rights? GMAFB The only “right” you care about is the ability to act with complete impunity and to hell with anyone you shit on in the process.

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