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Incel creeper: It’s fun to follow 14-year-old girls down the street and scare them to death

Strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime

By David Futrelle

It’s not like any of you need any more reminders that incels are some of the worst people on planet earth, but here’s one anyway, in the form of a comment on from a dude who thinks that following 14-year-olds down the street in order to freak them the hell out is kinda fun and every incel should try it.

Here’s the full text:

I once approached a teenage girl (around 14 years old) by asking her for directions at first. Then I proceeded to ask for her name. She became afraid and started walking away. I followed her, and then she went from walking briskly to running. Her gait was peculiar, because she ran like a newborn fawn, turning around every so often, trying to see if I am still following.

(Now, I want to make clear that I absolutely abhor rape and did not have any intention in that direction, not molestation not any of that.)

She had no reason to be frightened. I wasn’t gonna do anything. 
But the feeling when you follow a girl and she notices you, and she tries to loose you or picks up the pace. That is kind of a good feeling. You become important to her. You are no longer some random insignificant face in the crowd. 

I know it is kind of low-level behaviour. But I do enjoy doing that. I go to another city, look for a girl that is walking by herself and start following her. After a while they notice you. After dark, after sunset it may suffice to just walk in the same general direction as a girl that is walking in front of you. They become paranoid.
I recommend you lonely incels try it some time. Just to make her afraid. If you know your limits and don’t actually harass -let alone rape- that girl, it should be harmless psychological fun.

Yes, that girl had no reason to be scared of the exceedingly creepy dude following her down the street because he wasn’t really planning to rape her though the thought had definitely occurred to him.

H/T — @iAmTheWarax

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Alexis Filth
4 years ago

Nah, no harm no foul, we’re cool. Just wanted to explain where I was coming from.

Blargh Fenderson
Blargh Fenderson
4 years ago

More black people with guns would just mean more “justified” police shootings: “He had a gun on him!”

RE: The original topic.

Maybe someone needs to start stalking *him* to maybe instill some empathy into his tiny little neckbearded brain.

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