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6 mindbending MGTOW memes to brighten your Presidents Day

It’s all a little confusing

By David Futrelle

Stretch your mind a little with these lovely memes, courtesy of some of Twitter’s most creative Men Going Their Own Way. While almost all of these images raise more questions than they answer, some are so thoroughly incomprehensible that they sort of broke my brain. If you can explain them, please do.

You might want to start with this one, which could keep you busy for some time. Maybe you could diagram it for me?

Speaking of diagrams, my brain shut down as soon as I even glanced at this one:

This one, thankfully, has many fewer words.

Then there’s this:

The big question I have about this one is what planet the author lives on. Here on earth, misogynists throw fits every time a woman declares herself independent. And I have yet to meet anyone other than MGTOWs who find the prospect of these guys “going their own way” even a little bit troublesome. Go your own way further!

This one made me a little queasy:

Why are the Berenstain Bears the first thing this guy thinks of when he thinks of sex? Leave the poor bears alone; they didn’t do anything to you!

In case you’re wondering if alt-right Nazithink has made any inroads into the MGTOW movement, this last graphic may provide a helpful clue:

Enjoy the rest of your Presidents Day, if you can.

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I also like how the MGTOW in the third graphic has a red splotch on his head. I know it’s supposed to represent the red pill but it looks like a really terrible head wound.

“Hello my brain is a drug pill why don’t you appreciate my superior understanding of the world”

One figure representing the Blue Pill Man is shown… wielding a bunch of twigs? As a Finn, I can only think of these:

#2 is clearly wrong. The “Pussy Pass” is supposed to cross “Relativistic Hedonism” at a 45 degree angle. The “Morality of Constraints” line should be the vertical asymptote of the “Narcissistic Supply” curve f(x) = 1/x.

-E. Incomprehensibility, Professor of Evil Feminist Geometry


I get it now!

When they say they’re going their own way, they don’t mean “leave me alone, women, I’m gonna focus on being myself” at all. Like, not even in a misogynistic alpha-bro aristotle-and-pushups sort of way. “going their own way” means exactly what PUA’s talk about when they talk about alphas and game and all that garbage. Hypermasculine chauvinism, that’s all it means. There’s no “leaving women behind” at all.

It finally makes sense! I always figured they were just grumpy, reclusive misogynist assholes, but they aren’t! They’re PUAs, right down the ticket!

I figured long ago that the MGTOW are basically in the business of telling each other that they deserve more from women, for less input. It’s like, don’t sell yourself for too cheap, fuck women if you can but don’t play desperate, don’t accept the conventional terms, for the sake of yourself and other men.

Having sex or even long term relationships with women is not inherently against this idea – although apparently some individual MGTOW do strive abandon women. Or rather, perhaps, they strive to not miss the sex they couldn’t get anyway.

There couldn’t be a movement around just being single – but this movement is about encouraging other men to collectively raise their standards. Maybe there’s also hope that women would notice and accept this growing male rebellion, rather than just sitting home wondering “where all the good men have gone”.

Of course, in practice it mostly comes off as sour grapes, practice negging and general hatefulness. Not quite like the feminist discourse encouraging women to skip bad relationships.

@ Sinkable John

Incidentally, this whole thing happened because the defendants had originally made the same mistake, hadn’t they.

A similar mistake, yes. S&S discovered their client was a talentless fool. 😛

I’m still laughing over the editors notes on the manuscript.

In #2, does “relativistic hedonism” mean having fun as v—>c? Thanks to time dilation it should last longer. Although relativistic length contraction might be a problem.

Also, aren’t those Berenstain Bears brother and sister? Eww.


I’m disappointed, too. I wanted to watch him make even more of a fool of himself.

I know, but let’s be patient. It’s not like he’s going to stop being a showy idiot. I don’t think his fifteen minutes are over yet, so I’m convinced he’ll find a way to self-own within months.


I like how the MGTOW has a woman’s silhouette next to him, implying that he’s having sex with women, and also that MGTOWs don’t understand what going their own way means.

That’s a sexbot, of course.

The icons on the left:

cop, court house, Oreos, monkey. I think Ms “WHAT’S IN FOR ME” (sic) is in legal trouble for mistreating her exotic pet (Oreos for a monkey? What was she thinking?)

The middle:

hair drier, intestinal distress, baby in a cage, negative equity, constipation. This guy is fucked up.

The right:

not much to say there. Mr WTF seems to have an expensive lifestyle, but he’s down to his last two dollars, and his sexbot will be repossessed. Mortar board and black power symbol: does he teach at an HBCU? That’s not lucrative.

@ epitome

I laughed at your comment so hard I got terrible whiplash and my vision went cloudy for a few seconds. For a quarter of a second there I feared I might literally die laughing.


That diagram is a good example of the cargo cult mentality so common among the right wing. There is a superficial resemblance to the Duluth Wheel or the cycle of abuse diagrams I’ve seen, but deeper than that it’s just gibberish in a circle. The author has seen the cycle concept used, but lacks the understanding to actually replicate it, instead tossing ideas they dislike onto paper just to fit the pattern they’re mimicking.

This comment really cleared something up for me. I could never put my finger on what mindset such not-even-wrong diagrams came from, but I think you’ve nailed it. So, thanks!

I think you’re all overcomplicating it.

1) Everything is the wimmins fault because something.
2) Everything is the wimmins fault because something.
3) Everything is the wimmins fault because something.
4) Everything is the wimmins fault because something.
5) Everything is the wimmins fault because something.
6) Everything is the wimmins and jews’ fault because something.

#2 Looks like someone just discovered MS Powerpoint.Didn’t even bother to change the default colors.
P.S. Glad to see you’re back David.

Dalillama-It might be a relatively small number of women, but the high proportion of women who participated is still impressive to me.

“MGTOW dalam satu gambar” means “MGTOW in one picture” in either Malay or Indonesian. Mildly surprising; is the account targeting either of these countries, or is it more of a repost-bot that scraped this from some Malay/Indonesian MGTOW’s site?

MGTOWs are losers blaming women/feminism for everything that went wrong in their lives. It’s laughable when they pretend that they’re successful. If they’re so successful, why are they so miserable?

True Ruby

As an ugly undateable guy, I would rather shoot myself than identify with a bunch of women hating losers,. I would say most of the MGTOWS are incels in disguise, they pretend that they dont want women because deep down they know they arent attractive enough

My tip to them:

Get over your rejections
Dont think about dating ever again
Concentrate on you and stop bitching about feminism

go away ruby. we seen what you written before. you are full with hate and have no place here.

Wow, so much to unpack here.

First, looks are only one of many qualities people can be attracted to. Also, the types of looks people are attracted to vary to a great extent. So ‘ugly’ is incredibly subjective and also doesn’t make someone ‘undateable.’

Second, MGTOWs don’t think they’re too unattractive for women to date. They just hate women, or at least the caricature of women they’ve designed to be their target of hate.

Let’s not talk about attractiveness as if it’s the cause of all dating problems, okay?

@Englishboy, welcome! You sound like, uh, well, a number of incel and incel-parallel trolls we’ve had in the past.

Kupo said it best! Being conventionally unattractive has nothing to do with it. Lots of “ugly” people have sex, form relationships, get married, have kids, etc.

The major hurdle, in my perception at least, is that the incels and incel-parallel peeps only value the appearance of their prospective partners. They assume it’s all women care about, because it’s what they care about; everything else is secondary. If they valued humour, sense of fun, gentleness, intelligence, etc, they could find loads of women. But they don’t, so they don’t succeed.

If you’d like to argue against the above, feel free, but to do so you’re going to have to confront the fact that plenty of “ugly” people get great relationships. Sort of implies that other things are going on.

Oh, and finally. You have soaked in the idea of “women only care about appearances” quite a bit, apparently. I assume you don’t have to be told why that’s a horrible sexist thing to suggest? Please upend that misogyny into the bin if you would like to carry on the discussion!

(I sure am getting tired of having to explain to the i’m-not-an-incel-but guys how horribly misogynistic their shit is. “I can’t get a date ’cause I’m ugly” is such an annoyingly passive aggressive backhand.)


what you said about attractiveness is also quite abelist. attraction is about more than what someone looks like. I imagine you don’t have for example, brithmarks on your face? or scars? or anything which society generally thinks is “ugly”. and instead you just not like men in magazines. it is not fair that media makes people feel like this – but you must remember that “ugly” – there is no such thing!

here is interesting article which will help you:

“”Asexuality is frequently conflated with being attracted to no one. Yet, what does it actually mean to be attracted to someone? What are the, often ignored, complexities of attraction? And how does asexuality open these conversations up for exploration? While expressing my own identity as an asexual person in social spaces, I have often encountered many non-ace people who have responded to me with statements akin to “So you’re asexual, that means you’re attracted to no one, right?” or “Doesn’t that mean you don’t want to be with anyone?” Both of these questions are misinformed and can be invalidating for asexual and ace people, yet endure as prominent conceptualizations of asexuality in the contemporary moment. This propels the flawed perception that asexuality is a desire to be solitary or is simply an absence of attraction entirely, which does not reflect the experiences of most ace people.”””

@tim gueguen – That first one seemed a contradiction to me: nobody’s a feminist because 99% of women are? I guess the guy who made it (“author” seems too strong a word) intended to say that feminism isn’t special because it’s women’s default setting… and that this is terrible.

Or, to quote @Sheila Crosby here:

1) Everything is the wimmins fault because something.


@dust bunny – Aww, thanks! 🙂 But don’t die, we need you!

That first one seemed a contradiction to me: nobody’s a feminist because 99% of women are?

So glad to see your mocking posts again, David!

How can there be no feminists if 99% of women are feminists, even the “conservative” ones? (EDIT: Yow, Ninja’d!)

How does the “silence means consent” part even relate to the rest of the post? If it’s a follow-up to the previous sentence, does that mean you’re telling the reader not to be silent when it comes to rejecting major feminist claims? Is it saying that being silent is consent to sex, contrary to a major feminist claim that you never “saw” a woman reject?

After that, my brain was in no shape to even attempt reading the freudian powerpoint diagram.

So … when are we getting a Last Jedi spoiler thread? Or a Black Panther one, for that matter?

too early for black panther (and for me still too early for last jedi but I think that is only for me)

Valentin, you’re not the only one who hasn’t seen Last Jedi yet. I want to see it, but work is keeping me busy.

I think I figured out what the guy holding a branch in #3 is supposed to be: I think it’s supposed to be a suicide.

Which would make it both really grim and poorly illustrated.

I think I’ll stick with Arctic Ape’s banny venik interpretation; it’s so much nicer and more artistic….

How does the “silence means consent” part even relate to the rest of the post?

I think the word “agreement” would actually make more sense than “consent” in the context of their argument here – far as I can tell, they’re saying even most conservative women don’t actively contradict the feminists enough, and should therefore be suspected of agreeing with them, or at least of being fellow-travellers, as HUAC used to say. Which is where they’re getting their “99% of women are secretly feminists” bit.

Just to add to what was said to Englishboy, there are plenty of this strain of misogynist that are conventionally attractive. A glance at the Proud Boys reveals that many could be considered handsome by the popular standards of the day. The issue isn’t looks, it’s the toxic brew of entitlement and dominance. If you look at the way that the MGTOWs view themselves in their imagery, it’s always that of aloof superiority, whereas the “blue pill simp” is typically on their knees (or chained with a collar or some other imagery of submission). You’ll also find that a lot of them tend to fetishize Asian women because of their “submissive” stereotype.

My contact with MGTOWs is limited to this blog, but I get the distinct impression that these are guys that tried to preserve that dominance and failed (because with a lot of women maintaining their own income stream, those of a certain class at least can afford to walk out). So rather than admit to being “cucked” (to use their ridiculous parlance, which is just a synonym for any blow to the male ego), they form little communities to reassure themselves that they _chose_ to sever these ties voluntarily, but their underlying resentment continues to bubble up from beneath the surface.

I mean, thinking about it, I’m the ideal MGTOW. I’m in my early 30s, educated, employed and not interested in relationships. But because my ego doesn’t revolve around dominance displays and I value empathy for those of all genders, I’m the one that gets called a “cuck” on Twitter by these guys. Funny that.

Maybe Englishboy’s statement is just lacking a comma and the “undateable” is a separate issue from “ugly” and he’s admitting to other reasons he thinks he can’t get a date.

Or maybe he’s a sock of Ruby. The fact that Englishboy posted in agreement immediately after Ruby, with a comment that could have been one of Ruby’s is making me side-eye that pair. Especially since I believe David banned Ruby back in the Mueller’s indictment thread.

Of course, I could definitely be dead wrong about this but it did catch my attention that way for some reason.

ETA: If I am wrong, apologies Englishboy.

kupo – True, but we’ve heard nothing from either since the Ruby ban. My hackles might be a tad oversensitive, though.

Even aside from the misogyny and anti-semitism, it’s scary how the same lacklustre memeing is present across all stratas of reactionary online propaganda. The same nonsensical use of diagrams, the same lack of adherence to reality. I’m currently up to my neck in screenshotted far-right memes, and it’s so rare that they actually work with the format. How they still manage to have an effect is beyond me, but then again, the bar is set very low for the people they attempt to appeal to.

And glad to see Dave bringing the blog back to usual postage, hadn’t spotted it until today.

“Thats all you have to offer.”

It’s that’s with an apostrophe-s, and I don’t recall offering.

Nor would I ever offer anything other than contempt to a migtoe, for the same reason I don’t bathe in toxic sludge.

I just noticed, in the third image, the baby on the far left. Presumably an example of the hellish life blue pill simp-cucks let themselves in for by not belonging to the He-Man Woman Hater’s tree fort clubhouse. The idea that these pillocks regard marriage and parenthood as detestable is unsurprising; that it limits the number of children who grow up with them as fathers is reassuring.

They really do not accept that many people are happily coupled and living what they would regard as ‘normie’ lives, do they? It occurs to me that the surest sign of being a normie is being unaware that there are bitter, angry men who would describe you as one.

Just looked more closely at one of the pictographs beside the “Blue Simp” and apparently women cause men to suffer either a) intestinal cramps, b) auto-immune gut disorders, c) lightning bolts hitting their abdomen, or d) really astounding and loud bouts of flatulence.

(I must admit, as someone who suffers IBS-like attacks from time to time, analogies with lightning bolts hitting one in the guts are not completely inapt. I doubt the migtoers had any such sophistication in mind however, so they get zero points. For anything.)


First meme is illustrating how the language we use, the words we speak, the labels, concepts, definitions, and terminology we use to describe the world and communicate with each other has been corrupted by the gynocentric system. Feminism is an evil ideology. It’s also a political/social/cultural movement. It’s also a distraction to keep men ignorant about female nature and gynocentrism. It’s about equality. It’s about female supremacy. It’s about being sex positive. It’s about being sex negative. It’s everything and nothing. Or as Morpheus said, “It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

Second meme is self-explanatory.

Berenstain Bears meme is glorious. It really captures the spirit of the awakened male.

MGTOW has nothing to do with Nazism. But what is commonly referred to as ‘second wave feminism’ by estrogen based parasites and their manservants was definitely used as a tool by adherents to cultural marxism. Hence the memorable line: feminism is marxism in a skirt.

Come on guys, when pasting together black and white memes, at least make sure the background stays the same color of white. That’s like, graphic design 0.1.

feminism is marxism in a skirt.


Communism in USSR is terrible but Marx has some good ideas. now we must adapt them for the 21st century.

I like your centurion avatar.

But what you said is silly garbage))

now we will see if you will return to check what is effect of this poop you dropped.

Ooooh. A cogent reply. Thank you for responding, Melvin.

I’ve got a break at work coming up. I’ll gladly carve your position apart at the joints then!

(That’s a common science saying, by the way. ‘Carving reality at the joints’ is what science does in the first stage of analysis. So don’t spin off in a tizzy about how violent I’m being, that’s the lingo.)

Hey Melvin,

regarding meme number 3 and because I’ve always wanted to know how an “awakened male” would answer this: In your weird parallel reality where everything is apparently just some kind of “economical exchange”, what exactly do you think YOU have to offer?
Just out of interest, you know.

MGTOW has nothing to do with Nazism. But what is commonly referred to as ‘second wave feminism’ by estrogen based parasites and their manservants was definitely used as a tool by adherents to cultural marxism.

Your second sentence contradicts your first. “Cultural Marxism” is a Nazi term. Using it unironically to sell us on MGTOW not being Nazi-like was not the greatest idea.

I do like “estrogen based parasite” though. I’m contemplating putting it in my nym. The only thing is, I really like “chief manatee” and am a bit reluctant to part with it. I guess whether or not I choose to honor your words in my nym will depend on you, Melvin. Will you say something else interesting? I’m pretty sure you weren’t that entertaining on your previous visits here. So I guess we’ll see.

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