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Happy Thanksgiving and/or Thursday! Open Thread

Happy Thanksgiving, to everyone who celebrates it! And a very merry Thursday to everyone who doesn’t.

Because I haven’t provided a health update in a while (outside of the comments) I just wanted to reassure everyone that I am still here, and still trying to sort through a bunch of medical issues with the help of assorted doctors, some very competent and others not so much.

The issues I’m facing aren’t lifethreatening, but they are still debilitating enough to keep me from regular posting here. Sorry to be so vague; I’ll offer more details once some of these issues are sorted out a bit more. I’ll return to posting as soon as I am able but I cannot predict when that will be.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support. Thanks!

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@tim gueguen

Bratbart crowd are blaming Steve Bannon for the loss. Weird.

Yes, yes eat each other.

Omigosh what’s Trump going to say??????????????

I am waiting for the impending Tweetstorm.

Also, the predictive text on my phone suggested “impeachment” instead of “impending” in that sentence.


“What is “homosexualist gay terrorism”, anyway? Usually, terrorism involves bombs or guns, but I suspect the gay version involves cakes.

Knowing homophobes, most likely they’re afraid that they’ll be forced to get a haircut and look FAB-U-LOUS.


@Weird Eddie

“… what…. “I’m sorry you’re homophobic”…???”

Ha! I wish. I also wish Hallmark would put that shit on a XMAS card, because I have a list, and Moore having his ass handed to him in a deep red state just renewed my faith in Santa.

Its a relief.

There’s a downside, of course.

Now Senator Jones has won, want to bet the women wronged by Moore suddenly get way less help and support? Political parties make fickle allies. That’s been shown time and time again.

A second downside, assuming Trump is canny enough to pour piss out of a boot without instructions (this is far fetched, but assuming your enemy isn’t stupid is habit) – he can make his base supporters even more unquestioning. After all, Trump didn’t want Moore during the primary. If he’s even vaguely competent, he’ll play that card in his tweets.

I went to the Breitbart comments for some good mocking fun.

Here’s my favorite comment so far from OldPatriot

This blows – Drudge did this. Every day attacking Bannon and Moore, because Moore is anti-Gay and Drudge is Gay. Drudge is the real problem here with 2 or 3 million visitors a day and pounding on moore every day. Not cool We have enemies – the RINO’s McShame, Ryan, Mitch and Drudge. They are all the enemies of our nation.
Stick it to Fox too and their 10 point lead fake poll. Only the talk shows are good now on Fox, the rest is now left wing which means we need Breaitbart 24/7 NOW. Bannon, do you hear us we need it now or Trump is in trouble come 2020.
As for Drudge, screw him, his CONSERVATIVE competitor thatl oves Breitbart is Whatfinger News. This –
No more damned traitors in my life. Conservatives unite.
Dump Fox – One America News is the way until Bannon does Breitbart News. Fight, we can still lose it all unless we all stick together.

That’s right. Now Fox News and Drudge are left wing fake news. I just cannot even.

Trump’s response, since y’all are breathlessly waiting 😛

Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!

I’m assuming some intern grabbed Trump’s phone and ran off with it, since it’s both vaguely literate and is missing bombast.

I remember when Doug Jones announced his candidacy for Alabama Senate and all I could think was “Good on you sir, but don’t expect much to come of it.”

In one of the happiest apologies I’ve ever had to give, I am deeply sorry for doubting you, SENATOR Jones.

I missed this before, but…

Now we got a chef getting in on the sexual harrassment act:

From my personal experience in the food industry plus what I’ve heard from others, it’s rotten to the core with sexual harassment and misogyny. I’d be surprised if there’s a chef out there who wasn’t accused of sexual harassment at the very least.


Thank you for that. Not worked a kitchen since the 70’s – when it was an incredibly sexist environment (even by 70s standards), but I can easily believe it’s gotten no better.

Tom Colicchio and Anthony Bourdain both spoke out against sexism in the industry last month and after the Batali story broke, both said they weren’t surprised at all. Glad they both acknowledged this shit before a super prominent member of the food industry went down, but wish they’d named names sooner since they apparently already knew about Batali.

Tuscaloosa voter here. I am so glad Jones is representing me. We were on pins and needles most of the night.

Oh man, it’s the first night of Hanukkah and Jones won! To quote Ice Cube: “today was a good day”


I’m not aware of any important special elections in the coming few months. The big election for us will be next November’s midterm election. All of the US house, a third of the US senate and a bunch of gubernatorial and other state races will happen. The results will depend a lot on Democratic turnout and resistance to efforts to suppress said turnout. I’m cautiously optimistic after seeing tonight’s results, but it’s definitely going to take work.

I think if there’s one takeaway to US politics I’ve noticed over the past year, it’s that time and again, black people, and black women in particular, have had to save white people from their own worst instincts.

It’s certainly not a burden they asked for. They have enough to deal with as it is without having to handle white people’s temper tantrums.


Sorry I didn’t respond earlier – I haven’t been back to this thread since David’s latest post popped up. Cheers for the heads up on ‘Infiltration’, I’ve been having a look at the site and it’s awesome. I do like the drains. Never been one for towers or old buildings, but anything underground is fun.( I was watching ‘IT’ and getting very excited by the sewers, probably more so than I should have been. ) I’m going to see if I can get a copy of his ‘Access All Areas’ book.

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