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He said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said … : Today in Tweets

Not a big fan of Harvey Weinstein

By David Futrelle

Today seems to be a bit of a slow news day, at least for the Trump Era, though that could change in an instant if that dude in the White House decides to do or say something monstrous.

But, hey, there are still many appalling things (and a few good ones) going on in the world. Let’s get to them!

Anthony Scaramucci has started his own lil media outlet. Things are not going well there.

A non-apology Holocaust denial apology!

Some depressing polls:

Exciting new videos of Trump lying and acting like a complete creeper!

Can you say “hostile work environment?”

But, hey, there’s some good news:

I’m going to make up for the relative lack of news tweets today with MOAR KITTIES!

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Brony, Social Justice Cenobite

I get to do the Tourette’s version of CBT, CBIT. Cognitive hacking and physical urge hacking. The list of things to hack is getting rather long, but it makes sense and there is a path to work on these things.

I chose to be a janitor on a drug rehab unit because my old childhood anxiety about hospitals was going to be a problem on the rehabilitation hospital unit. And I chose it because I will have a lor of time to time to think about what I’m trying to change. The plus side is that my coworkers and superiors love the job I’m doing, but I’m having a hard time feeling the praise. At least it’s fascinating to think structure of what I’m doing. There’s research showing that the line between tics and compulsions blurs in Tourette’s Syndrome, mental tics.

Brony, Social Justice Cenobite

Sorry that it took me a while to respond about set theory. I’ve been getting used to a new normal.

Set theory is an interesting way to look at objects, hierarchy and relationships. I think I see the 4 relationships. Sort of is, is not, joined, seperate? I think I see what you mean by related to addition. Things are more conceptually broad in the relationship categories.

I can see that inference is not a relationship. Is it just linking two things in a more conceptually broad sense?

Scildfreja Unnyðnes
Scildfreja Unnyðnes
4 years ago

Mm. I’ll write you a part two. You’re not wrong in anything you’ve said, really – though inference *is* a relationship. Specifically it is the *causal* relationship.

You’re right to see set theory as a way to look at objects, hierarchies and relationships, because that’s basically what it is.

∧ is to + as “and” is to “we”, perhaps?

⭢ is causation. Nazis ∧ Punchin’ ⭢ Nazi-Punchin’.

(Sort, of. I’m being pretty fast and loose here. Should have curly braces on there.)

Will write more later!

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