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Don’t get cucked by a rented sex doll, Reddit MGTOW warns his fellow creeps

Watch out, fellas! She may be cheating on you.

By David Futrelle

Over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, the regulars are lamenting the recent shutdown of a Chinese sex doll sharing service only four days after it opened. (Apparently people thought it was creepy and perverse, or something.)

But not all of Reddit’s MGTOW squad are on board with the whole shared sex doll thing — and not just because of concerns about, er, hygiene. One commenter warns his fellow MGTOWs that those who have sex with a shared doll are basically getting cucked by all the other men who’ve had (or will have) sex with the same doll.

That’s right: the rented sex doll you spent that passionate night with is cheating on you with other guys!

davebrain 2 points 2 hours ago Just buy your own doll. Sharing another dudes sloppy s3cond doll is gross. That's the whole point of dolls is to not have to share with other men like you do with meatbag whores. These simps have been so trained to wait sloppy seconds and thirds that they're even doing it with dolls.....give me a break. They're simping to the extreme.

Responding to another commenter who thinks the Japanese will step up where the Chinese have fallen down, davebrain expands upon his accusations of “simpery.”

gods_bones 5 points 4 hours ago The Japanese don't give a shit. They will MAKE SURE sexbots hit the shelves. No one can prevent this tidal wave from crashing down on society's heads. permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]davebrain 2 points 2 hours ago Hitting the shelf is one thing. Renting is different. Anyone who wants a sloppy seconds doll is a simp. If you'll settle for sloppy 100s, marry a meatbag woman. Dolls are to avoid simping not to simp over.

Apparently the masculinity of some men is so fragile it is threatened by inanimate objects they put their dicks into.

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@Galt Works in Mysterious Ways,

Yeah, yeah, you’re so funny, winding up the SJWs like that. An absolute riot.

I can tell you’re being hyperbolic. Either that or you’re deeply stupid, because only someone stupid or hyperbolic would say “you don’t know women like I do” to an audience like this one. So I’ll be generous and make the wild assumption that you aren’t a blithering idiot.

Ends up being the same in the end, though. Turns out that believing shitty things ironically is exactly the same as believing them sincerely. The brain doesn’t care about truth value – it’s repetition that matters. Repeat a lie enough and you start to believe it. Hyperbolic misogyny and irrevocable idiocy are inseparable.

You’re just another carbon-copy self-absorbed jerk, trying to make yourself feel better by making other people feel worse, and making yourself dumber in the process. Congratulations.

Ugh. Humans are the worst animals.

only someone stupid or hyperbolic would say “you don’t know women like I do” to an audience like this one

Well, I mean, I don’t know women like he does. I’d have to erase a lot of information stored in my brain to do that.

Raccoons bite wind to brain bleach the kept parts horrors. Shudder.

It’s like refrigerator poetry.

They’re simping to the extreme

Anyone else reminded of those movies with the extreme sports chimpanzee? They made 3 of those fuckers…

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