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The Daily Caller posted a video encouraging people to ram protesters with cars and trucks

Screenshot of Daily Caller video

By David Futrelle

In January, the folks at the Daily Caller found the idea of running protesters down with cars and trucks so hilarious that they made and posted a video compilation of people doing just that — set to an acoustic version of Ludacris’ “Move, Bitch.” (“Move bitch, get out the way/ Get out the way bitch, get out the way.”)

“Study the technique,” Daily Caller video editor Mike Raust wrote in a brief introduction to the video, “it may prove useful in the next four years.”

He added: “None of these clips are new, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still fresh.”

Here’s a screenshot of the page:

Click for full-sized version

If The Daily Caller removes the article, you can find it archived here.

In related news: Yesterday, MediaMatters reported that Jason Kessler, the white supremacist organizer of the #UniteTheRight march, had written several articles for The Daily Caller only a few months ago.

The Daily Caller, founded by (current) Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, is generally considered a mainstream conservative site. Which tells you something about the state of conservatism today.

H/T — Greg Greene (@ggreeneva) on Twitter

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But, like, no pressure on the pronouns! Don’t mean to put you on the spot or anything. I have friends still coming to decisions on pronouns and names years after the fact, so don’t think you hafta know now if you don’t already. Whenever you’re ready <3

@Victorious Parasol
That’s a morbid anniversary. Best wishes to stay healthy in these trying times.

@PeeVee the (Perpetually Ignored, Invisible but Noice) Sarcastic
Thank you <3

@Aulma Frendzar Dèdd
Thanks, google seems to know exactly what I want sometimes.

@Dalillama: Irate Social Engineer
I miss Fran too, hope she's okay. You're right, I should be careful. The Nazis aren't choosy on who they want harmed.

@Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
I'm fine with she. Yeah at least we're all in this together.

To Oogly, and everyone else who needs it: Strength!

I’m an old(ish) dude at this point, and this has been the most stressful year I’ve ever lived through, politically. Every day a new horror. It’s taking a toll on me physically; I know it contributes a lot to my constant headaches and shitty, shitty sleep. (That’s why I was out of commission yesterday.)

It may get worse from here. Probably will. But it will ultimately get better. Most Americans are on our side. Trump’s popularity is slipping ever lower. Republicans are even beginning to speak out against him — and he’s bound to alienate many more of them. People on our side are angry, and brave, and RIGHT. We’re going to win this in the end.


And if nothing else, I will write the words that we persevere to.


Thank you. I had/have plans to turn it into a celebration of my survival and recovery (I’m a preacher’s kid; we’re good at ritual observations), and stuff is still on the agenda, but I wish that was the only thing I had to focus on right now.

<3 Vicky P! And Oogly, and David, and Sandra, and all you clever ducks. I've been stressed by the past number of days (I have a huge exam tomorrow, too, so that hasn't helped) and it really is draining. They've made a terrible mistake in taking off their hoods and speaking clearly, though. They're Nazis. You can say that now and people won't give you a blank stare or write you off as a SJW. There are pictures all over the normal-person TV of swastikas and Confederate flags. They've identified themselves, and drawn a clear line in the sand by doing so.

That gives me hope. There's still going to be a lot of both-sides'ism and there's going to be a pile of drama, but no one can legitimately stand up as being pro-Nazi.

The social pressure's working. Keep phoning your representatives and demanding they oppose the Trump Administration and the Republicans that have accepted it. If your rep is Republican, call, and give'm a piece of your mind about the standards they're willing to walk past.

Take time to rest, but don't give up. This could easily be a turning point towards making real progress. The struggle will get harder, but that's just because the momentum has stopped and inertia will be setting in. Once it gets rolling in a good direction, it'll get easier.

Don't give up!


I’m fine with she

Heard, noted, filed, and sorted 🙂


I had/have plans to turn it into a celebration of my survival and recovery (I’m a preacher’s kid; we’re good at ritual observations)
When the whole church turn up 😁
I, for one, am elated that you’re better now. Toasting to your continued good health for many years to come (I don’t actually drink, but I have a cookie! Same diff really 😛)

Victorious, you are. You’re victorious.

I’ve followed your journey, and I am so glad you are here.

This shit is making me angry and anxious. I should go to sleep sometime in the near future, but damn.

On a happier note, I’m glad @Victorious Parasol that you’re better, and @OoglyBoggles and @IgnoreSandra that you’re making progress. And good luck @Scildfreja on the exam!

I miss Fran too, and hope she’s okay. Everybody who’s trans here, please be safe as you can in these *string of adjectives unsaid due to comments policy* times. California is a bit safer, but as Oogly can no doubt attest, it depends on which areas of CA we’re talking about. Many of them are a hell of a lot redder than Los Angeles and the Bay Area would lead you to believe, and no safer than any of the more obvious bigotry breeding grounds. This is something that escapes a lot of people outside.

The carrion comfort as others have said of these past few days is that the Nazis are on full display and unmasked now. You can either be on the side of progress and inclusion, or you can choose the side that just killed an innocent woman, murdered six million Jews, millions of other people, and lynched who knows how many innocents in this country just because they were something they didn’t like. There is no middle ground.

I have a friend who’s wondering how soon it will be before the Tangerine Turd goes full meltdown and gets the 25th thrown at him. Me, I’m just hoping he’s kept far, far away from the button when/ if that happens. As it stands, he’s digging himself deeper and deeper and even his congresscronies are starting to distance themselves.

Another friend:
Me in history class: Wow, humanity has been through some fascinating times! I wonder if I’ll ever live through major historical events!

I want off this ride, too.

I haven’t done nearly as much as I should have done or have liked to do, but I keep a very close eye out on things and report the fuck out of Facebook assholes and trolls. Success is mixed, sadly. :/

Then video is horrible, made worse by the events of this weekend. I am glad they took it down, but it should never have been made in the first place.


David-Exactly! We have to keep fighting the good fight.

I don’t know if our legal expert Alan Robertshaw could advise us here, but doesn’t that video look like incitement to vehicular crime, rendering it unlawful ?

@Victorious – add my hearty congratulations and big squeezy hug to the rest (if you want the hug – I’m not a hugger normally but these days I really feel much more inclined to embrace people and really try to let my caring seep into ’em if I can).

@IgnoreSandra – I especially want to celebrate your naming decision! That is so wonderful, and I don’t want it to get lost in all the mix of turmoil we have going on. I think that is HUGE and AMAZING and I’m sure you picked something just perfect for yourself. Squeezy virtual hug (or no-contact hug) to you, too.

@Ooglyboggles you’re one of the people here that consistently impresses me with your posts. I’m happy you are finding your way. You get a hug as well (or a no-contact hug if you like).

@David – I agree, I am old, too, and I have never experienced the unique stress this year has brought. In a way it’s a – not a “good” thing, really, but for me it has been an enlightening thing, and something that has called me to be far more engaged and involved than I have ever been.

@Everyone – sending out strength, love, and care as I am able. Some days I am so weary, but today I have seemingly boundless love to share. I don’t want this to break ANY of us.

Congratulations Vicky P! All experimental data continues to prove that you are immortal.

*Makes a note of Oogly’s pronouns.*

I miss Fran too. Then again, she disappeared from here after intense flirtation with someone who lived in the same city as her, so I hope she’s indulging in high morals and low ethics, and is happy.


I am old, too, and I have never experienced the unique stress this year has brought.

Yep I’m 70 and mr is 5 years older. Last week (remember North Korea?) we were talking about the nuclear brinkmanship and we realised we both felt more scared than we had back in the day when the Cold War meant we were chronically aware/afraid. After all, the Brits were conducting bomb tests in our own state for years.

I think the difference might just be in habituation. We’d grown up with it and we could laugh openly at the kiss your ass goodbye posters and sigh half-knowingly at kiss your children goodbye posters. Mainly because very few of us had children, I think. Different now, 50 years later, that we’re grandparents.

Also, back then, there were longstanding, very public, anti-nuclear organisations. I realise many of them still exist in much smaller form – but they get a lot less air time than they used to back in the days when they were regular tabloid and TV fodder as traitorous greenies, commies, hippies.

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