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Just some dudes who think a lady-only Wonder Woman showing makes them Rosa Parks

Have the guys complaining about women-only Wonder Woman movie showings ever read Wonder Women comics?

When the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas announced they would be holding a few women-only showings of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, the angry dudes of the internet all cried “foul” at once.

And when one bold man — a conservative journalist by the name of Stephen Miller — bought a ticket for one of these women-only showings, and announced on Twitter he fully intended to attend, darnit, these men knew they had found their Rosa Parks. Only white. And a dude. And not even slightly oppressed by any reasonable definition of the term.

Still, the angry dudes took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Well, their thought. They all seemed to have the exact same one, and they haven’t gotten tired of repeating it yet.

Er, sorry about that last one. I don’t think that dude is talking about the Wonder Woman movie at all.

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4 years ago



Just saying “Nick” is fine – it’s my actual given name.

can you do me a favor? Can you call him Hbomberguy? Thanks.

If it’s just to make it clear who I’m talking about? Sure, I guess so.

Generally, when I know someone’s actual name and they’ve willingly admitted to it or put it out there themselves, I’d rather refer to them by that than their online handle – it feels rather weird otherwise. One of the reasons I use the current handle as I do is because it is in reference to my actual name and would rather people just call me “Nick” than, say, “SuperJapanophileD00D” or whatever.

It’s why I don’t like calling Carl Benjamin “Sargon of Akkad” or Philip Mason “Thunderf00t” either as much as people still do it, moreso because I’d rather be addressing the person than an online persona they may hide behind.

PeeVee the (Timber-Rattling Booger Slut, But Noice) Sarcastic
PeeVee the (Timber-Rattling Booger Slut, But Noice) Sarcastic
4 years ago


Thank you. Because people here know him as Hbomberguy, whatever his given name is, and no matter how in the past he used it.

Not to mention that David has redacted it several times, and most likely will, again, as he did in this thread, and the first one you used it on.

Respect David, even if you don’t like Hbomberguy. ?

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
4 years ago


Maybe because those two things aren’t the same? I’m not sure how taking issue with contrarian defenses of bad movies, especially with this whole earlier-than-thou attitudes about it, is the same as being reactionary unless you contrive enough to conflate the two

*sigh* I explained it to you already

I also find it funny you’re accusing me of gatekeeping when that’s exactly my issue with Brewis and Klimo

I accused Plinkett of gatekeeping…

…are totally things that skew towards a “younger audience.”

I didn’t say that the movies are for a younger audience. I said the audience for them is younger. Literally, the movies came out 20 years later

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