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Worst of Twitter: World Jew Watch kicks it old school

Sometimes the internet is just plain horrifying

I run across some truly appalling human beings on Twitter on an almost daily basis. So I got to thinking: Why not share some of the most terrible tweets from these unsung antiheroes of the internet with you, my readers, and ruin your day the way these tweets have ruined mine?

So let’s start off this new intermittent Worst of Twitter series with a fellow calling himself “World Jew Watch.” Here are a few of the nuggets of, er, wisdom he has chosen to share with the world in recent days, some of which hearken back to anti-Semitic myths so ancient there were already a bit hackneyed back in Henry Ford’s day.

Yep, World Jew Watch is definitely kicking it old school.

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5 years ago

I did report some of the these, and for whatever it’s worth:

Our investigation found this account in violation of the Twitter rules:

World Jew Watch

We appreciate your help in improving everyone’s experience on Twitter.

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