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#ResistTrump by looking at all the tasty resistance out there, mmmm good!

Still life with yelling Trump

If you’re feeling a bit discouraged by the confirmations of DeVos and Sessions, don’t be, because the massive wave of resistance to Trump that you and I are part of has accomplished several things that will ultimately be crucial to bringing Trump down. And we’ve accomplished these things less than three weeks into the Trump regime.

We’ve helped to push Congressional Democrats into a solid anti-Trump bloc. Democratic Senators stood together in voting against DeVos; only one Democratic Senator, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, voted yes for Sessions — and I suspect he’s going to be getting a LOT of phone calls today, if not an office visit. (If you live in West Virginia, why not contact him yourself!)

We’ve alarmed Congressional Republicans, who’ve resorted to turning off their phones and sneaking out of town hall meetings through the back door. Literally. Yes, they’ve continued to support Trump and to vote for his nominees, but if we keep up our resistance (and I think we can) and Trump continues his erratic behavior (as I’m sure he will), some of them will break with Trump and then the whole equation changes.

Our resistance has also succeeded it taking the repeal of the Affordable Care Act off the immediate agenda. Trump, who not long ago was boasting he could fix everything wrong with healthcare in an instant, is now suggesting that, well, maybe we won’t get to it until 2018. Or maybe never? Never’s good with me.

The other big accomplishment?

Activists — old hands and newbies both — are taking the energy that propelled the Women’s March and all the other acts of resistance that have erupted in the last three weeks and creating a vast new infrastructure of resistance that will enable us to fight this fight as long as it takes to win. 

To see what I’m talking about, check out The Nation’s very handy Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance Movement, which discusses a number of these new initiatives and suggests ways to get involved with them.

And if you are interested in doing some activism yourself, right now, call your senators and urge them to vote no on Tom Price for Health and Human Services. His confirmation vote could come tomorrow. See 5calls for more details on him and the number of a Senator to call.

And if you want to do more 5Calls has a bunch of suggestions for other calls you can make. See my posts here and here for information and advice on how to make your calls and emails effective. If making these sorts of calls is tough for you, here’s some advice on calling politicians if you have social anxiety. But emails are also fine.

If you’re (rightfully) pissed off about DeVos, Upworthy has some suggestions of ways to defend students and schools and learning in general.

If you want to do some marching or otherwise get out of the house, here are some upcoming protests and other events, which I’ve pasted in from the RESISTABLE newsletter (sign up for it here).

Thursday, February 9
6:30PM ETCleveland Activist Bootcamp, Cleveland, OH
Freedom of Choice Cleveland Coalition (FOCC) is hosting “Roe Together,” an evening of education and activism on reproductive choice. The speakers will address the moral, legal, legislative, and practical consequences of recent attacks on reproductive rights, as well as providing insights on how to respond effectively through direct action.

Friday, February 10
5PM CSTRally for Reproductive Rights, Chicago, IL
Reproductive rights, including abortion, are under attack everywhere in this nation. Illinois, and the Chicago area in particular, have long been known as a safe haven for abortion care in the midwest region. We’re holding this rally to defend the rights we already have, and to demand their protection and expansion.

Saturday, February 11
11AM ETProtest PP Counter-Rally, Manhattan, NY

Protest PP is holding country-wide rallies to defund Planned Parenthood. If you think Planned Parenthood is vital and necessary and should receive government funding, then join others who stand with Planned Parenthood in Washington Square Park to peacefully support them.

8:30AM ET 11th Annual Moral March on Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
This annual mass mobilization brings together justice loving people from across the state and nation to stand against the legislative attacks on the people of North Carolina and to continue to fight for their moral agenda. Opening rally at 9:00 a.m., march and people’s assembly at 10:00 a.m. Will gather on South St. in downtown Raleigh.

12PM ET —  Support Planned Parenthood, Portland, ME
Join organizers on the steps of City Hall to show support for Planned Parenthood and their mission, which is to provide, promote, and protect access to reproductive health care and sexuality education so that all people can make voluntary choices about their reproductive and sexual health. **This event is in support of Planned Parenthood, but not representative of or affiliated with the organization.

That’s all I’ve got for today. KEEP ON PERSISTING!

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Red Queen Who Bakes
Red Queen Who Bakes
5 years ago

@Scildfreja Unnýðnes

That kitty video is the best thing ever! Thank you so much. Especially love the kitties that twirl and the surprise hats.

And, hello everyone

Handsome :Punkle Stan: Jack

i hate to rain on the parade, but ICE raids have begun.

And we’ve slipped down the base of Shitshow Mountain.

EDIT: There was a protest blocking the 101 in L.A.

The group held a vigil at the downtown office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Alameda Street. After the event, about 100-150 people moved to the area of Aliso and Los Angeles streets and was blocking the entrance to the southbound 101.

Police were present, but did not appear to making any efforts to move the protesters. There were no indications of violence or arrests at the event.

ICE said any raids conducted recently were “routine” and “ongoing” – in other words, not related to national political events.

5 years ago

That’s… good to know? But like, there were several sweeps happening at once. There has to be a reason why this one raised an alarm.

Protests are effective and anyone against them can fuck off. Excellent work, protesters.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
5 years ago

Hello, Red Queen. Welcome!

5 years ago

@Red Queen Who Bakes
Hello : ). Welcome to WHTM.

5 years ago

Y’right, I was being over optimistic, I was hoping that some on the not-quite-so-right might disagree with the extreme-right and the alt-right. My take on the right was wrong.

5 years ago


It looks like there mght be one in Knox County (May 1st) and one in the City of Knoxville (August 29th) and then there’s a state/federal/town of Farragut Municipal Election on August 2nd (primary) and November 6th (general). I don’t know where you live in Tennessee or what will be on the ballot, though. Hopefully that helps.
I know Pennsylvania’s this year is Municipal.

I think you might have meant me. Sadly, I don’t live in Knox County. Thanks for the website, though! Totally bookmarked.

I’m sure my county has elections scheduled for those same days, but the county election commission website hasn’t been updated since the ascension of Lord Dampnut.

EDIT: Welcome, Red Queen!

Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

You may recall some kerfuffle about whether Trump would be allowed to address parliament here in the UK.

Well the matter has resolved itself cos it turns out the only times we can accommodate any visit happen to all be days parliament is shut anyway.

5 years ago

Oops, my bad. Sorry.
Yeah, I must have. At least the info got to you, though.
@Red Queen Who Bakes
Hi! Did you get your welcome basket from the side bar?

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
5 years ago

You mistook the state in which I live. Hardly a capital offense 🙂

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