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Bold commenter offers the last word on cooty smell

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This just showed up in the moderation queue for an old post, and it is too important to keep to myself. Take it away, Zay!

I find it quite fd up that a female can sit and laugh joke and disrespect a male for being small something he has no control of but when a guy be honest what he think of the smell of cooty its harmful he’s disrespectful he’s gay or he don’t like women look I’m straight I like eating cooty and like the smell of cooty if we being honest here cooty stink if it smell like cooty if it didn’t why try so hard too wash it off simple as this don’t disrespect male sex organs and you want get yours disrespected just like you have a choice of ick size we have a choice on how we like cooty to smell # all cooty dnt stink like cooty # she smells like nothing yummy

Ironically, given the subject matter, Zay’s comment has no periods.

EDITED TO ADD:  And now, a dramatic reading!

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Cooty? I think he meant cooter or coochie? And wouldn’t the equivalent of a small penis be a droopy labia or something? Not that I’m for shaming the appearance of either penes or vulvae, mind you. I just think think that the equivalent of a smelly vulva would be a smelly penis and ball area. Or does he think sweaty stinky balls aren’t a thing?

tee hee :3 I guess I’ll just copy and paste the comment I left there.

Oh, that’s fun.

In my experience it’s men that mock other men for the size of their genitals, women generally only care about that in male-oriented pornography.

Funny – it’s the same men that mock women for their genitals! Imagine that. Maybe there’s something about that subset of men that makes them want to mock anyone and everyone, in any way they know how…?

Also, I don’t think I know anyone above the age of 14 who uses the word “cooter”. Just an observation, ymmv.

Does this screed smell like bullshit to anyone else? Or is it just me?

I’ll see myself out now.

I am not a native English speaker so when I read this the first time I took “cooty” as a singular of ‘cooties’.

ohmigosh you guyse


I have a formal invitation for all of you!

Sammy B is hosting a (not the) White House Correspondents’ Dinner! She’s gonna roast the fuck out of that mildew-potato and she’s inviting the press to attend at the same time as the actual Correspondent’s Dinner!

Sweet heavens, she’s brave. Maybe she will make up for some of the horrible Canadians who have moved down there. Please, Sammy Bee, keep up the fight! You can do it! Take my energy, sempai!

I am a-fluster for Samantha Bee. We all know that the one thing Trump can’t stand is mockery, and she’s the queen. You’re our only hope! You can do it!


“I’m an experienced adult man I like the smell of cooty no actually cooty smell is awful stink I like cooty that don’t smell like cooty that’s totally logically possible”

I’m trying to break this down and understand it. From the op:

-I’m straight
-I like eating cooty
[I] like the smell of cooty

Ok, this is pretty straight forward. Lots of people say the same, though they tend to use more mature language to do so.

-if we being honest here cooty stink if it smell like cooty

Oh wait, he doesn’t like the smell of vagina when it smells like vagina. So he doesn’t actually like the smell like he claimed earlier.

-if it didn’t [stink] why try so hard too wash it off

Yeah, what’s hygiene for if not to please one’s partner?

Oh hey, is that you, Doosh?

Samantha Bee is straight up awesome. I liked her way back on the Daily Show, but she’s really come into her own since then. NotTheWHCD will be a must-watch.

Fun Sam Bee fact: she’s played Sailor Moon!

just like you have a choice of ick size we have a choice on how we like cooty to smell

So, is Zay saying that women can alter the size of their own penes? Or those of their gentleman callers? Both? Cos, regardless, I was not prepared for that sorta wizardry. And all we can change is our preferences? Misandry surely…

??? Sounds like this person has you-know-what, on the brain.

Tell me, as a woman, how often must I wash? Women sweat, too, you know.

BTW, I’ve never thought any of my partners smelled bad. Not always springtime-fresh, but never repulsive.

Damn! It’s snowing again here, and I need CANNED TOMATOES!

Women have a choice of ick size, eh?

I went MASSIVELY “ick!” when I read the OP.

Incidentally, how do you wash a body part off?

“but when a guy be honest what he think of the smell of cooty its harmful he’s disrespectful he’s gay or he don’t like women”

Because it’s totally unacceptable to say that vaginas smell in our society! I mean, it isn’t like, ever since I hit puberty, I’ve been told jokes about how my genitals smell like fish, or like there are special (harmful!) products marketed to me specifically to get rid of that horrendous smell! None of that has ever happened to me or other people with vaginas. /s

Also, dicks and balls all smell like roses, and fresh morning dew! 🙂 No man has every had stinky genitals, unlike all these nasty women! /s

No, but, seriously, I hate how the cultural narrative only focuses on the way female genitals smell. Balls can smell really fucking awful, too, but you never hear anyone about that.

Btw, I commented on here a few times before, but I never formally introduced myself! Hello everyone!

@IP: OMG! Better not show this one to my 78 year old mom! (In Florida, right now.). Nipple clamps freaked her out, more than enough. God (or whatever) bless her, tho’

All these feminists, shaming him for his dick size. Apparently.

Now I’m guessing both male and female genitals tend to get a bit whiffy when left to stew for extended periods in…. err… humid conditions.

The solution for everyone is simple. Shower before asking a friend to get yummy with your junk.

Is this what you deal with, David? While being a mod. Cooty?

I’d like to offer you something, but I don’t know what. So I disabled adblock for WHTM. It slows my browser but damn.

I have once – ONCE – told my partner, “Um, sweetie, I think I’m going to ask for you to shower.” But that’s what happens sometimes when you’re feeling playfully randy and your partner has gotten sweaty from non-sexytimes activity.

Never has an MRA so clearly and obviously demonstrated that he believes girls have cooties.

welcome, @YV! Please find a welcome package to your right!

IP: OMG! Better not show this one to my 78 year old mom! (In Florida, right now.). Nipple clamps freaked her out, more than enough. God (or whatever) bless her, tho’

“Cooty”? Seriously?!

I’d think this was supposed to be the singular form of ‘cooties’, but your usage clearly demonstrates otherwise. Are you nine years old, allergic to the term vagina or just too immature to use it?

Vaginas do not normally smell fishy, only ones that are infected ( idk if this happens to anyone else, but also if you eat a lot of shrimp). I think this guy has put his face on an undouched vulva, but he expected it to smell like fish.

Hardly anyone douches anymore.

I don’t see one feminist here disrespecting Zay for his ick size. Or even his dick size.

But I do recall being an insecure teenage girl and insisting on buying
genital deodorant spray (aka feminine deodorant spray) because our patriarchal culture had convinced me that I needed it desperately.

Later I started reading feminist literature and became aware that the stuff was harmful. Out it went.

Long story short, Zay: You think feminists are mocking you. They aren’t. Patriarchal culture, on the other hand, is trying desperately to convince me that I’m worthless and need to spend a lot of money on junk that will harm me.

Every time he says “cooty” imagine he is talking abut one of those plastic bugs from the board game.

I am stunned by Zay’s eloquence and his gift of being able to paint a picture with words.

Jackson Pollack-esque, one might say.

A Study In Cooty On A Sweltering Day -Zay, 2017

They can be a bit whiffy if you’ve been bleeding every day for a month because menopause likes to find ways to fuck up your life before it actually closes down the baby machinery. Not that I know anything about that.

@Scildfreja Sam is the queen Bee!

Why would I want my genitals disrespected? I use those, sometimes. Besides, I already have tonnes of people who can disrespect them for me. Thanks for instructing me on how it’s done, Zay!

Is.. is he aware that ‘cooties’ was originally a slang term for head lice?

Like, dude, I ain’t judging you (much), but wikipedia is right there.

From the ‘fifties right through the seventies, there were multiple head louse panics in public schools. (Concurrent with desegregation; racism surely had a lot to do with it. )The term ‘cooties’ was misused by small children as a way to be mean to other children (“he’s got cooties! stay away from him!”) and since girls and feminine boys got teased the most, it became associated with femininity.

‘Cooties’ has literally nothing to do with genitalia, female or otherwise.

Oh lord, Boogerghost, are you Tammy Waits? That was beautiful. *tears* *finger snaps of approval*

OMG…Boogerghost…that was *sniff* beautiful!

Seriously, that’s the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a long time and it has made my day so much brighter. 🙂

Thank you Boogerghost! A lovely reading. I’m going to add it to the post number sign.

The longest grammatically correct sentence is contained in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! (1936). The sentence is composed of 60 words (In the 1951 Random House version). Another sentence that is often claimed to be the longest sentence ever written is Molly Bloom’s soliloquy in the James Joyce novel Ulysses (1922), which contains a sentence of 100 words. However, this sentence is simply many sentences without punctuation. Jonathan Coe’s The Rotters’ Club appears to hold the record at 101 words. It was inspired by Bohumil Hrabal’s Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age: a Czech language novel written in one long sentence.

I once translated a 178 word sentence from Spanish. It was grammatically correct (the statue of saint A in church A and the statue of saint B in church B and … practically to Z) but I split it up in the English version. I’ve had native Spanish speakers tell me the English was easier to read.

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