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Friday Night Non-Trump Dance Party 1/27/17 Edition

Take a break from Trump in this Non-Trump Open Thread! No trolls, no Trump fans, no talking about Trump.

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My tiny iPod shuffle delivered this one the other night and I’m still all danced out!

On a (hopefully) amusing note, there was a twenty-minute period today when I thought I would have special effects fangs stuck to my teeth forever.
They were the kind that you customize to your teeth, and I accidentally left them for just a little too long and couldn’t get them off. Thankfully, I thought to google to see if this happens to anyone else and got some tips for getting them unstuck and was fangless once more.
The worst moment was when I got one off, and couldn’t get the other, and just thought “now I’m going to be half a vampire forever”.
They do look nice and fit very well now though.

@ jayne

I once painted myself red for a party (don’t ask) and it took four frikkin days of showering, and a nailbrush, before it finally all came off. I had to go to work looking like Hellboy.

Apparently this sort of incident runs in my family. When my dad was a kid, he dressed up as Eddie Munster for halloween. He used vaseline to do his hair . . . it turns out that vaseline doesn’t really wash out. At all. A barber had to use the most foul-smelling grease remover to get it out.

RIP Sir John Hurt


These were really easy and super tasty. I’ve made them twice and I just bought more potatoes. Everything on this site is phenomenal, but not necessarily easy. I’m a total Kenji fangirl. It’s not a vegetarian site, but has lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes.

confirming that eli’s roast potato recipe is the best ever. Rosemary and garlic, a little salt, some oil or fat. It’s super easy to do – boil’em, toss them, roast’em until they have a nice golden crust. Only thing I’d suggest you try is to squash the potatoes a bit when you put them on the pan. Increases surface area against the pan, and creates little cracks in the potato that helps steam circulate.

Do that recipe, for serious. You’ll never do roast potatoes any other way again, and you’ll give french fries the side eye.

ISA Chandra Moskowitz.

Google her for her website and books and restaurants

Her sometimes partner Terry Hope Romero too

And Christina Ccoks on PBS can’t spell her last name right it starts with P

And Chloe something

Just put vegan cookbooks and you will get a ton of names and cuisines and tools and price ranges. How to eat on$4 a day. Maybe $5 or $6 with inflation!!!

You can look up vegetarian ones too BUT some old time vegetarians have added fish to their diets.

That’s NOT vegetarian

Fish are dead unless you eat raw oysters or clams etc while they are still living

Pescaterian exists to make people feel less guilty about eating animals, and that would be OK EXCEPT meat eaters then sometimes think REAL vegetarians/vegans eat fish too and most of us don’t appreciate that ASSumption

End of lecture

Have fun!

One of the Moskowitz/Romero collaborations I think (might be just Isa) is Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

I’ve had several of the varieties and now I want CUPCAKES!!!!!!


Also the new PC term for vegan is Plant Based so look under that term too.

A couple of years ago I did the Live Below the Line challenge (spending five days eating for £1 a day), and the reason I was able to do it is they had some fabulous recipe books on their site (all vegan of course–who can afford meat or dairy on £1 a day?) (Edit: nope, some are not vegan, they include eggs and yogurt). Unfortunately I just went to the site and they’re no longer available–disappointing! But–I did find some of their resources elsewhere:

I made a big batch of dinner, very easy:
Buttercup squash (aka kabocha).

2 lbs tofu

2-3 onion

Bit of garlic and ginger, to taste.

About 2 tbl Penang curry paste from a box (I use “a taste of Thai” brand, which is vegetarian) — to taste, make sure it’s ok for your spice tolerance.

2 cans coconut milk

Wash the squash, take off the annoying stickers and slice off hard woody bits if any. Chop the squash in half, scoop the seeds. Then chop the flesh (including the skin), the tofu, and onion into about 1cm to 1in cubes. Dice the garlic and ginger.

Dump the ingredients willy-nilly in a slow cooker, cook for a couple hours, serve over rice.

Really easy, if you have a slow-cooker. It’s not too hard in a big pot, you just have to keep more careful watch.

Also works with butternut and other squash, kabocha is just my favourite.

Pretty cheap too.

Queen of Pain: “plant-based” at least in the nutrition community doesn’t mean vegan or even vegetarian, it just means you get a predominance of vegetables. If you sprinkle some fish sauce or cook in butter, it’s still plant-based.

I don’t know that there’s a precise limit to how much meat/egg/dairy you can have until your dish stops being plant-based.

re: disguise-type things you fondly imagined were temporary –

I was once required to have a pair of black shoes to be allowed to sit an exam (historical hold-over dress code; I had some kind of approximation of all the other required elements, but no black shoes at the time). I didn’t want to spend money on black shoes just for that, so I took some leftover black paint and painted shoes on my feet, and went to the exams barefoot (it was summer).

I failed to take note of the fact that the paint was emulsion, for walls, and I did not know that emulsion has some serious staying power. I later discovered that it laughs long, loud and mockingly in the face of soap, scrubbing brushes and even swarfega, and I spent the entire summer with black feet – complete with painted shoelaces – until many multiple months later.

@opposablethumbs That is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. I hope you saw the humour in it at the time….

I was inspired by the “pussy hat” protest, so on Thursday I was browsing for knitting patterns to represent vulvas. Hence this conversation:

Me: Oooh! I’ve found a pattern to knit a vulva.

My husband: I used to have one of those.

Me: (suddenly seeing a new angle on our 13-year relationship) Eh?

Him: I used to drive a Volvo.

So… the pattern wasn’t much good so I’ve made my own. It’s lovely. Clitoris represented by one of my pretty handmade beads.

Head buzzing with ideas: I’m now planning a wall-hanging in rainbow colours, various embellishments – cowrie shells, sequins… and all shades. I’m an inveterate buyer of wool scraps from Charity shops and am always making beads and beading, so it looks like a new project.

Now imagine being stuck with painted feet AND vampire teeth. :p

This inspires me to tell an embarrassing story, even though it doesn’t follow the theme of unruly disguises.

In the summer of 2000, I went to a confirmation camp with lots of other people my age. Since I’m from a small town, all the other kids were from the same school and we all sort of knew each other. In other words, the regular school dynamics followed us to camp. This camp coincided with the 2000 European Football (Soccer) Championships, and Sweden had qualified to play in a group with Belgium, Italy and Turkey. The game against Turkey took place during camp week, so the church leaders had set up a big screen for us all to watch the game.

The room chosen for the event was on the second floor, only accessible through an outdoors spiral staircase. Camp leaders had furnished the room with a few rows of chairs, as well as a number of comfier armchairs in the front row. At this time I was a fairly extreme football geek, especially when it came to international tournaments, so I went to the room early in order to grab a comfortable chair. The room then quickly filled up with other kids and adults, most of them bringing snacks, candy, soda, etc.

Not that it’s very relevant to this story, but this particular game was a historically boring 0-0 draw. To make it worse, about halfway through the first half I noticed I was sitting in chocolate. I saw a few pieces of chocolate in the seat by my thigh, and when I discretely peeked down it became clear there was quite a lot more chocolate in the chair. In this situation, with people all around me, I couldn’t quite assess the extent of the damage, but I was wearing khaki pants. In other words, if I got up from my chair it would almost certainly look as if I had pooped my pants.

Not willing to risk such disastrous humiliaton, and almost certainly be teased for the next few months, I didn’t even get up at half time. After all, I could use the excuse that I didn’t want anyone to steal my comfy chair. The next hour or so was pretty excruciating. I could just feel the melting chocolate eating into my pants, making stains that I imagined would never be washed out. I was irrationally worried someone would smell melted chocolate and draw attention to me. When the game was finally over, I stayed in my chair with the motivation that I wanted to watch the aftershow as well.

Luckily, all the other kids eventually left the room to be outside in the sunny summer evening. Even the camp leaders let me stay in the room to watch the studio talk on my own. So, once everyone was out of the room I could finally get up to check out the chocolatey mess. It was just as bad as I had imagined. The seat was covered with gooey, melted chocolate, and by twisting my body I could see in the wall mirror that my ass was straight up brown, with stains going down the back of my thighs. Yup, it looked like poop.

Now, my mission was to make it back to our bedroom without being spotted. I would have to exit the TV room, run down the spiral staircase outside, cross a small patch of grass, down a slope, and turn the corner of a different building. I peeked out the door to see if anyone was closeby. While I saw no one, people were wandering around the ground freely. Anyone could show up at any second, from any direction. People could see me through the windows of 4 or 5 buildings.

In a possibly somewhat hasty decision, I decided to take my pants off. My calculation was this: being seen in just my underwear would be embarrassing, but I could argue it’s no worse than being seen in swimwear or shorts. Being seen with suspected poop-pants was a potentially camp-ending event. Thus, I folded up the pants so that no stains could be directly seen, put them over my arm, and then peeked out the door while gathering up the courage to make a run for it. I should also mention that I had been barefoot in sandals for the game. I didn’t feel comfortable trying to run in sandals, so I took those off as well. All in all, I was carrying my pants, my sandals, and one bottle of soda.

Once out the door I sprinted down the spiral stairs (almost fell a few times), and ran across the grass which was damp and slippery from a short summer rainfall during the game. Just as I got to the downward slope, I heard girls’ voices from around the corner, about to happen upon me in my distress. I had to speed up and race down the slope in order not to be seen. Being barefoot in the steep, slippery slope, my feet lost contact with the ground and I slid on my side down the little hill. Halfway down the slope, the grass was split by a small path of gravel. I zoomed right across the gravel and scraped up my shin and thigh all the way up to my hip, and also ripped my underwear, before finally slowing down and being able to stand up.

After the fall, I only needed to run full speed to the door of my room and I could finally rest. Once inside, I inspected my injuries and found quite severe bleading mixed with dirt, gravel, grass stains, and chocolate stripes along the entire right side of my body. I went to the bathroom and tried to clean up, since we had mandatory church service coming up just a few minutes later. I ruined a towel, but managed to stop the bleading enough so that I could put on clean clothes and look reasonably presentable.

During service, however, the priest called attention to me as my wounds bled through my light blue pants and were forming a small puddle of blood on the floor. He sent me to the nurse immediately, so I had to get up from my chair and walk out of the room with a blood soaked pants leg while all the other kids watched me in shock and terror.

Long story short, I had to strip for the camp nurse and explain what happened while she patched me up and cleaned me with a sponge. The moral of the story is, if you’re 15 and you sit in chocolate, you’re fucked.

All this talk of staining. Had a paint spillage incident yesterday. Teal emulsion on my beautiful hand-knotted Persian rug I picked up from ebay. BTW, tears do nothing to remove teal emulsion. Spending the afternoon scrubbing. I’m so sad.

Madison is super, in all the various editions. I still mostly cook out of cookbooks. I used to purchase them rather indiscriminately and was never really happy with them.

Now I check them out of the library. It lets me know better than a browse if it is poorly indexed or uses odd, difficult to source ingredients.

I’m a very messy cook and find both electronics and library books a hassle to cook from. If I have some random thing, like extra zucchini, I love sitting with a pile of cookbooks and scouting all the possibilities even if I’m so hungry by the time I’m done, I just steam it with a little lemon (or even munch it down raw).








I think I know what I’m doing with the rest of that butternut squash I got for that other thing….

Ow, IP, painfully unforgettable!

@guest, yeah, I was laughing at myself even at the time (though I did feel a bit of an idiot) and it was almost nice to have some dumb little thing like that happen amidst all the stress of exams. (The morning after the last one, I woke up from a vivid stress-dream that I was just about to start the first one. I have not often felt more intensely relieved than when I realised I’d been dreaming).

The day I realized I reacted badly to shrimp was also the day I sliced open my shin/knee. Bled all thru the right hem of my shorts. Not a good day…

Imaginary Petal: Heh. Reminds me of the time, years ago, I was out shopping with my then-boyfriend, and we realized his pants had split down the back seam. I walked directly behind him, to lessen the chances of anyone noticing.

That video of Maru in the snow is adorable, but any photos or videos of cats playing in snow are bittersweet to me now. Roscoe died as a result, indirectly, of a big snowstorm in January 2016. There, I’m not gonna talk about it anymore.

Potatoes baked with rosemary and garlic! It reminds me of a recipe I have for new potatoes fried with rosemary and garlic.

I’d like to lose about 10 lbs. I’m going on this soup diet I have, which a dietitian came up with, I just have to get around to making the soups.

Winter is so uninspiring, out here in the sticks:(

I had a hilarious day a few years ago that started with a cyclist ahead of me turning left, so I passed him… and then discovered he was actually turning right. I did not run him over! However, once I stopped just shy of slamming into his shocked face, I lost my balance and fell onto his wheel and gear cassette.

So much for that t-shirt: tire marks and chain grease and a few tips and tears.

Then I get to work, my coworker sees I’m a bit roughed up, so we go to the coffee machine. He graciously makes me an espresso. But he managed not quite to attach the piece you put the grounds into quite right. As soon as pressure built, pressurized coffee shot out in all directions… but mostly right at me. Nobody else in the area got more than a drop; I got nailed.

So much for the already-scrapped t-shirt, now there were espresso grounds and coffee stains to add to the tire marks, chain grease, rips and tears.

Thankfully my mind space was good, so I could laugh at the absurdity of it all.

I can recommend The Vegetarian Bistro by Marlena Spieler. Some of the food can be pretty rich, but the soups in particular are wonderful.

I’ll miss John Hurt. He was such a fantastic actor. He said once that he and Derek Jacobi almost couldn’t get through the “Uncle Claudius, do you think I’m . . . mad?” scene, but you’d never know from watching it.

We watched I, Claudius in my high school Latin class. One episode every Friday.

I feel really dumb that I only realized last night that John Hurt played Caligula. He was so amazingly squicky in that role.

Try South Indian food. I don’t have any specific blogs or books in mind, but I have a number of South Indian colleagues who are trying to learn to eat meat because they grew up vegetarian and aren’t used to the flavors and textures.

Eli: I watched many of those “I Claudius” episodes on PBS when they were new, with my parents, of course. Funny…that was some of the raciest TV I’d ever seen. Cable wasn’ t available where we lived. So it was the big 3 US networks, and PBS.

Uh oh, my spouse is having back pain. He says his pain is at an “8”. Fortunately, he doesn’t think it’s kidney stones. He’s had those in the past. I’m running a bath for him…I’ve got a whirlpool tub, so it takes time. I hope I can get him into it!

Biggest news in my life right now is having removed the 1.7cm piece of a sewing needle from my foot, which I had been carrying around in there for 6 months, having thought it was just a long-healing tendon injury. I have a hard time expressing how relieved I feel. I had to spend about 2 months on crutches, and even after that any amount of walking was uncomfortable at best, and downright painful at worst. The injury isn’t 100% better yet, but 95% of the pain and pressure was gone immediately after the thing came out.

I was making plans with a friend a few days ago, and she suggested wandering through a park, and I had a wonderful moment when I realized I can walk as a leisure activity again. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer; I’m gonna walk everywhere.

Protip: Even if you don’t think there’s a piece of metal in your foot, but there might be, just get the damn x-ray to be safe anyways. Especially if you live in Canada and the procedure is bloody free.

regarding the Minecraft server mentioned in the last open thread, there are still some details to be finalized before it becomes waiting for my new CPU to arrive. First of all: should it be a survival or a creative server, or should it have mainly survival worlds with a creative world? Secondly, how can I determine who is and isn’t a mammotheer? If I were to post an IP address in the comments, it could also be used by one of the numerous trolls who like to lurk. Thirdly, the list of mods. I’ve already started to work on that, but my preliminary list needs a lot of slimming down because at the moment it has over 100 mods in it.

@Fishy Goat

I love the retro swing bands! Thank you. I knew some east coast ones. This one is new to me.

And holy moly that dance footage!

@eli Indeed! 🙂 I remember one gig where I was playing, and saw something moving very quickly out of the corner of my eye. Turns out one of the swing dance couples were doing flips and it was her feet that I had seen. 🙂

This week I have TRIUMPHED in my skipping. Skipping in this context means picking up useful stuff from the street.

I found some gems – a pair of specs, practically new, that make my eyesight CRYSTAL CLEAR! Frames are OK too. I really needed new glasses so I have saved at least £100.
A midnight blue faux fur stole just lying on the ground – BEAUTIFUL and apparently £99 at Fortnum and Mason!

I love to skip stuff – I am happy to rummage through bins at night, and I combine it with walking my dogs. I am poor, and I also really dislike waste, and I will sometimes skip stuff just to give to other people – people put out a lot of bedding for eg. It has become a bit of a hobby of mine.

I even find food – though I don’t fish it out of bins.

@No man rules alone: i’m… not sure how you would set up a way to tell that someone is a mammotheer. I would start with a spam catcher email address for people to email to get the ip, but i don’t know how you could weed through everyone to catch any potential trolls.


Good luck figuring out your mods! All the ones people have been talking about sure do sound exciting, i would hate to have to choose.

Ellesar you are a person after my own heart. I love skipping too 🙂 (though it has occasionally given rise to the problem of getting something home, not really having a use for it in the end, and not finding another home for it either :-\ )
One of my best finds was a beautiful silk scarf in the street as well, so snap!
Oh, and I found a pair of boots in decent nick for £1 at the tail end of a jumble sale once, and got them for Spawn#1 – and we looked up the brand name on line and they were something ridiculously expensive. Those are my favourite kinds of things to buy :-s

Ellesar and Opposablethumbs: I had a boyfriend who, oh, some 30 years ago, was an affectionado of what is called in the US: Dumpster-Diving. He found 6 or 7 pairs of very nice high-heeled shoes, in my size, with very little wear. Perfect for the surreptituous nightclubbing I used to indulge in, in those days.

I found a 14 karat gold ring in the ocean, at low tide, when I was a little kid.

Maybe best of all, my parents once owned a rental car franchise. They found a set of silver- plated cutlery in the trunk of a returned vehicle. They tried to find the owners, to no avail. ASFAIK, my mother still has it.

Dormousing_it – My dad worked for a US car rental company for 30 years. We never lacked for towels, umbrellas, or cameras in our house!

Some of the other stuff he brought home included a nice set of golf clubs (how do you not check the car rental agency when you lose those??) fishing poles and gear (fishing off the Santa Monica pier?) and a complete set of matching napkins, napkin rings, and tablecloth from a very high-end store unopened and with price tags still attached (thwarted romantic picnic?) Oh, and quite a lot of silverware but no matching sets.

He worked in a location next to Hughes Aircraft for a fair few years when I was little and while cleaning out his house last year, I found not one, but two tie-tacks of the Hughes Syncom (picture satellite from 1963. I might make earrings out of them!

@Hambeast: Wow…I hear you! My mom & dad owned an Econocar franchise in New Jersey, near the ocean, from the early to mid 70s. Most of the people they rented to, probably weren’t flush with cash.

They had people steal cars from them…just run off with them, to be found much later, in Texas, or Oklahoma.

My mother occasionally uses that silverware. Of course, it DOES need to be polished.

The energy crises of the 70s pretty much killed what was, at best, a seasonal business. However, it supported a family of 4 for years.

News of the day: I’m agonizing over a major life decision.

I’m bored with my work. I know exactly what I need to do to get a new contract, but I just can’t get up and do it. Partly because sales and marketing isn’t my thing. But mostly because even if I win that new contract, it won’t be that much fun.

That’s been seeping into the rest of life. I flaked seriously hard on friends this weekend, organizing something, getting people excited, having them cancel plans to join my ski trip, then… not going. (Also my place is a mess, but that only hurts me.)

So I’m seriously this >< close to telling my partner I'm out.

Next step: likely head up to Iqaluit, see what I might do there. Or a couple other options. But I miss my sweetheart, too!

@ embarrassing stories

I have a lot of stories about things getting stuck or ripped. My best one can’t really be shared on the internet, but ended up with student teenage Headologist drunk as a skunk stumbling home across the city in the freezing Aberdeen winter with my beautiful cords hanging off me in shreds. This is not an exaggeration, sadly; I was covered in sand, legs bleeding everywhere covered in scrapes, and my trousers being held across my bum in an attempt not to get arrested for public indecency.

I also had a rather awful second menstrual period; it was entirely unexpected (it was a few months after my first) and I was maybe 12 on holiday with my family wearing my favourite powder blue cotton cargo trousers. We went out to a lovely restaurant and when I sat down to go to the loo realised the reason everyone had been staring at me as I walked to the toilets was I had dark red blood soaked through the entire back of my trousers down to the calves. I then had to walk back across a crowded restaurant in them. I was so embarrassed I hid, crying and scrubbing my (unsaveable) trousers, for over an hour in the shower.

@ found things

I also have a lot of these (including my beloved bedside table a friend carried in off the side of the road) but the best is my laptop bag, a beautiful leather briefcase style bag found for £8 in my favourite charity shop. It looked brand new and expensive so my mother googled it when we got home; it’s worth nearly £300. I’m also very fond of my gold Dr Martens – the same price from the same charity shop. And when I had people living with us unable to pay rent (again, student digs) they paid their way with skipped food every night. For about 3 months we had more fancy desserts than even a 4+ person flat could eat.

@ vegetarian food

I’m a cheap vegetarian. I like bbc good food recipes, and often adapt meaty ones by using meat substitutes. However my best warming, cheap meal is French onion soup; not quick, but simple. I make it in batches to last a week but pick your pot and adjust accordingly:

Cut onions thinly, enough to have a layer a couple of cm or more (depending on how many oniony bits you like) thick in the base of your pot. I tend to use about a kilo to a kilo and a half of onions for my biggest pot (maybe 8litres capacity?) Add garlic (as much as you want, really, none up to a whole bulb.)

Cook gently with butter(/vegan spread?) and oil. When onions begin to turn transparent, add a little brown sugar, enough to have a sprinkling over the tops of the onion layer. Cook (stirring) until brown and sticky.

Add optional dash of brandy (or any other liquor to hand – I normally end up with whisky.)

Add white wine (cheapest you can get.) I use a whole bottle – you want it to cover the onions, say a few inches up the side of the pan.

Add stock (any, of course veggie if you want it vegetarian/vegan.) Fill the pan with it. Add herbs, and salt and pepper if desired. Turn up the heat to a boil then reduce and simmer (with a lid on the pan.) Simmer for a long as possible – I’ll often sit with it or watch TV in the other room/do chores, for up to a couple of hours. Honestly once it’s simmering it probably is fine within 20 minutes, but it’s soup, so longer is better.

Serve with crusty bread and grated cheese, melted onto the bread or sprinkled directly into a bowl of soup. You can put it in the fridge once it’s cool and use it forever, I’ve had it a week after making and it’s still good. You can also freeze it, although it looks a bit unappetising until defrosted! It’s the perfect, warming, filling winter comfort food, and the only thing it really requires is onions and stock, the rest is pretty much optional.

@Hambeast, I don’t think that’s the right link for the tie-tack picture, unless it looks like an old Egyptian/Canaanite seal.

In important non-Trump news, Peter Capaldi is retiring from Doctor Who. Who should be the next Doctor?

I kind of don’t know why I care any more, since I haven’t watched TV for years, but there’s the perennial question of whether this time it’ll be someone other than a white guy.

Noel Clarke

Mickey? I don’t see how. Might as well suggest Noel Gallagher. Hey, now that I think of that…

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