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Friday Night Non-Trump Dance Party 1/27/17 Edition

Take a break from Trump in this Non-Trump Open Thread! No trolls, no Trump fans, no talking about Trump.

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@ moggie

There is precedent for actors who’ve previously appeared in other roles, and there could be some really interesting story possibilities, especially as he’s also Ricky.

He needs to have red hair though so the first post regeneration scene can be him looking in a mirror saying “At last/It’s about time!” (which also of course works on a couple of other meta levels)

Figure this is as good a place as any to drop this:

Single mums ‘too lazy’ to attract and hold a mate: One Nation candidate – ABC News

(And no, I do not consider myself an idiot. That was just appended because I couldn’t think of anything better to differentiate my name from ikanreed)


I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.
– Voltaire

How…what? Single parents are, by necessity, the least lazy people in the damn world. What does he think about single dads? Are they also too lazy to attract and hold a mate?

I was so tir d yesterday, all I could do for dinner was open a two month old candy cane.

Monday night after the vigil and march in Montreal, I was having tea with F&F: a family member who was until recently doing interventions with (among others) right-wingers at risk of radicalization in Quebec City; a friend who helps integrate refugees into Arizona; and someone I didn’t know, who mentioned he’d just produced a video about the Soldiers of Odin (follow the link to see it). Along with a couple other random chumps like me.

The video is a bit shallow, but shocking nonetheless. Darkly, it hints at the risk that things might become really violent. A prediction that came through before they had time to even post the video — one they’d have preferred to be wrong about, of course.

The video was shot a while ago: there’s a few feet of snow in those areas of Quebec now.

Ikarikid the Dumb: David Archibald is also a well-known climate denier. Google “david archibald climate” for that.

Of course he’s running under One Nation. He’s a fucking idiot, what other party would he run under?

How the heck is Australia so ass-backwards? You’ve had bush-alikes in power for years now, and in response to them being obviously incompetent assholes, you’re electing even *more* incompetent assholes. Despite what you can see happening in the US!

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