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Open Thread to boycott the inauguration and talk about anything but Trump

Not Donald Trump

If you’re sick of talking about That Man, talk about anything other than him here. And enjoy the weirdest pic I could rustle up on short notice.

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I don’t remember if I mentioned that I was doing some maintenance work on a blog about vintage horror comics? Anyway, I was going through posts and tagging them for easier site navigation.

Well, the guy who runs the blog sent me some reprint comics for my work– and one genuine vintage one, too!

According to one source, 2017 is set to be the Year of Tolkien.

I know I’ve been reading a lot about Middle Earth in the last two months. For me, the Professor’s magnum opus is a perfect anodyne for…current events.

I, um, held out the begging bowl on Tumblr and might here as well. 1500/mo is not enough for a disabled woman, her child and all the expenses we have. lol, all my underpants have holes. The joy of living poor, right?

That being said, I suggest Pussy Riot music today. Loud.

if anyone is looking for some good strategy videogames to play to distract themselves, the “Endless” games are on sale on Steam this weekend. I especially recommend Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless.

Hey gamers what’s up? I never show up here anymore (not that I was a regular really), in part because I have enough Discourse to wade through anyway, also school has started up again. Anyway, does anyone here do Gunpla stuff? I’m trying to get into it and finished my Burning Gundam and Gusion HG models a bit ago. Does anyone here know other good HGUC models, or anything about building them?

I have taken up running, using the Couch to 5k programme. I’m about to start my fourth week, so am quite proud of my achievement. I am also trying to persuade the dog to run alongside me, which he is grudgingly complying with. So I’m proud of his achievement too.

I want to acknowledge the people whose comments on a previous post made it a little easier to get through the day yesterday. One of the things I did to mark the anniversary of my mom’s death was go back and listen to some of the music that used to make her laugh, and was a part of her culture. I often berate myself for spending way too much time reading blogs and social media, but once in a while I get something really important out of it–so thank you all, and thanks David for making this space.

This might be a good thread to bring up some personal stuff?

I recently came out to my wife about having been sexually abused as a child. I have never, ever told anyone about this before. Not even therapists. It’s very far in the past and I don’t feel very traumatized at this point, but it’s a secret I’ve kept entirely to myself for 25-ish years. It feels almost unreal that I’ve actually talked about it.

The perpetrator was someone who I will never see or have any form of contact with again. It was not a family member. He was also a minor at the time, although significantly older than me. Even though I’ve felt for a long time that these events haven’t significantly affected me, I do feel my heart rate speeding now when I write the comment. Not sure what to make of it.

Well, that’s that. It happened, and I remember it. It’s not like I forgot for a number of years and had memories resurface later. I’ve always remembered this, but sometimes I’ve gone long periods of time without thinking about it.

Completely different note. Are there any Mammotheers who feel like collaborating in an attempt to lose weight? (Standard disclaimers apply: no pressure for anyone to lose weight unless you want to, fat people are cute and sexy as fuck, including men, etc etc.)

I am pretty sure I have an eating disorder + ADHD, and it’s extremely difficult for me to stay disciplined and not eat chocolate for dinner (for example). I’m also limited in my ability to exercise, because of chronic pain. I suspect I would be more successful if I had a partner in suffering, so to speak? But I don’t want to burden my wife with having to worry about my calorie intake. :p

Sooo, anyone?

FYI: WordPress seems to be automatically moderating all comments from people with quotes and apostrophes in their name, so pls remove those. (The change will also lead to moderation for your first comment, but after I approve it you should be fine.)

I tend to suggest meeting a doctor to correctly diagnose and find help for the disorders on thoses cases. Then again, I never got properly diagnosed for depression, so eh.

That being said, losing weight is extremely hard for *anyone*. My best advice have been to stop drinking soda and drink only water, because stopping drinking soda don’t leave one too horribly hungry compared to the other. If you already don’t drink soda, you’re out of luck.

The other advice I can give is to make it as gradual as possible, once again to avoid being hungry.

The last advice is, if you move or have another big change in your life, it’s an excellent moment to also diet. Changing only your eating pattern is harder than changing everything at once, at least for me.

For the record, my personal case was to lose about 10 kgs on 90 or so.

Condolences and good thoughts to you Victorious Parasol; I know this must be a difficult memory.

Trying this name format. I think WordPress is just totally eating my comments though, since they’re not even appearing for moderation.

I also got a beef/lamb gyro at the this place a few doors down from my internship that the other interns had nothing but praise for. Nothing like delicious food made by a lovely lady in a headscarf!

I can also hear the inauguration playing in the conference room, so headphones on, Panic! At the Disco up loud. Currently listening to Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time from the Death of a Bachelor album.

I really love that one.

@Victorious Parasol
Hugs. I suggest pampering yourself in some small way. It usually helps me when a death anniversary comes up.

Thank you, kupo. I’m trying. It’s hard right now to come up with anything that sounds appealing.

@Imaginary Petal

Hmm…I’ve been wanting to lose weight as well for what might be one of the more absurd reasons (I want to cosplay as Lord Humungus. Yes, Really.) So I wouldn’t mind collaborating.

So, my brother’s doctor wants him to get bariatric surgery because he’s been unable to lose weight. I don’t yet know what my mom thinks, but my dad seems to be considering it.

My brother is autistic. Not in the way some of the commenters here are. He’s much lower functioning. I do not believe he’ll be able to follow the extremely rigorous after care program without 24/7 monitoring and that this surgery could be dangerous for him. I’m actually a little flabbergasted that his doctor is even pushing for it. It seems irresponsible to me.

Does anyone have links that outline clearly all the problems with weight loss surgery that I can forward on to my parents if they decide to proceed on this path. I’m very worried about my brother right now and am afraid fat eliminationist doctors are trying to mislead my parents.

@Imaginary Petal

Internet hugs for you, if you want them. We’re here for you to talk about whatever feels right for you.

On the diet thing, I lost over a couple of stone (translation: about 15 kilos) a couple of years ago, and this is what worked for me. I wrote down everything I ate, when eating pasta (which was pretty often) I halved the amount of pasta and replaced it with vegetables, and when I had alcohol I limited myself to two units. The weight loss was very gradual, as you might expect with such a minimal approach. I was quite surprised by how influential writing things down could be. Rather than saying “no chocolate” (which, for me, just means I’m thinking about chocolate all day), I could have some chocolate but I had to write it down, which seemed to be enough to help me have just one slice of cake.

Obviously everyone is different but I thought I’d mention what worked for me, in case you could use any of it.

Right now I’m trying to figure out what was the mystery fruit I ate ~35 years ago.

It came from Japan, or so the salesperson said at the fair’s stall. I do not recall the name, but there’s a faint suggestion in my mind that it might have started with ‘k’?

I bought a bagful. I remember the taste and overall shape being close to something like peach-crossbred-with-kaki/sharon (roughly that size and color too), BUT, there was a big stone inside, and I managed to make one of them sprout and I planted it. I do not recall if I ate the peel or not, but it was very thin, so I might have tucked right into it rather than try to peel it. It did not keep very well, it was pretty much “eat in two days or it’s rotting”.

It grew into a slender, yard-long wannabe tree, with very big dark green non-serrated leaves covered with pale fuzz on top, color was much more pale under the leaf and no fuzz. Never flowered, it was indoors in a pot all of the time, and lasted for a couple of years before withering away (too small pot and not enough light, I suspect).

Does this sound familiar to anyone in here? I already scoured through Wikipedia’s “Japanese fruits” category and none came close.

My colleague is planning the writing assignments for our department’s upper-division military history survey class and asked for some recommendations of memories or diaries from common soldiers of eighteenth-century Europe. Of course for that time period there are very few. I’ve been looking at Ulrich Braker’s autobiography, which was translated and published in English in 1970. It has one of the few derailed first-person accounts I’ve seen of what it was like to desert from the eighteenth-century Prussian army. It’s great though for raising issues about how forced enlistment of economically marginalized people actually played out, from the point of view of one such person. But fortunately I get to leave work a little earlier today; I arranged to take the afternoon off to go meet Ms. Pavlov’s House for a yoga class together. I need a good, vigorous hot class today. Plus it’s nice to practice beside one’s beloved.

A thing that is helping me lose weight right now is just the promise of no more ready-made food. Wasn’t even the reason I promised myself to cut that out; was just to be healthier, but I dropped three kilos already.

That of course doesn’t work for everybody, as cooking takes time. But I am unemployed, so if there is one thing I have it is time. πŸ™‚


Definitely no for ume, momo/peach is slightly open since it has so many cultivars.

Now looking at “fruits originating from Asia” category…

I tried looking for a list of all varieties of stone fruit and that’s surprisingly hard to find. You’d think there would be a list like that somewhere.

As someone who was abused as a child, I relate to feeling detached in many ways to it. I know it has affected me but I’m not sure how to deal so I just don’t.
I think it was brave to share and just want you to know I hear your voice. I’m sorry I’m not very eloquent on the subject.
I lost partial sight in one eye due to it. I didn’t inherit chronic pain but partial blindness and it makes me pretty angry.
I can’t imagine how frustrating chronic pain must be. Please take care of yourself.

I just realized I had intended to reply to Petal but did not. Thank you for sharing with us, Petal. I’m glad you don’t feel traumatized at this point.

@Victorious Parasol

Hugs on the loss of your dad. My dad died 8 years ago on my birthday, and last year was the first birthday I got through almost the entire day before I remembered. It takes time.

@Alan Robertshaw

Thanks, the Imperial War Museum is indeed great. I’m only familiar with the main London IWM location…never been to the Manchester site….as for the present issue, though, the overall “division of labour”, so to speak, in terms of the British army’s History is (or at least traditonally has been) that generally the Imperial War Museum has the twentieth-century and twenty-first century stuff while anything earlier (army-wise anyway) tends to be at the National Army Museum. (They used to be in Little Chelsea, not sure where the new refurbished site is.) There’s still overlap, of course, particularly in the larger IWM archival and manuscript collections especially where some twentieth-century person collected older stuff and it stayed with his or her personal papers when the IWM got it. But for this class we have to rely on published accounts anyway. Fortunately the Army Records Society published this excellent edited version of the journal of a Seven Year’s War era British soldier William Todd. (Todd’s sister contributed content to the original eighteenth-century manuscript near or shortly after his death, but she’s not mentioned on catalog records of the modern published version….grrrr….)

I made more progress in Japanese with Anki and Tae Kim. Honestly out of my hobbies of learning accounting online, gaming, math and this, learning Japanese seems to be the one I struggle with but am having the most fun with.

Speaking of struggles, I decided several weeks ago instead of bashing my head against a textbook to understand college level calculus, I’d go through the entirety of Khan Academy’s math courses. Right now I’m slowing down a bit as I forgot an embarrassing amount of things in Algebra 1-2, but strangely after completing a bunch of previous course lessons I feel more confident that I’ll be able to do a better job this time.

@IP, Schnookums
Ohlmann’s advice about removing/limiting soda is a good one. It might help the transition to keep a pitcher of cold mint tea or similar in the fridge, to add a little ‘oomph’ to the water
@Vicki P, IP

I’ll keep looking. Leaving aside the possible complications, the degree to which it actually works appears to be a bit iffy.


and this, learning Japanese seems to be the one I struggle with but am having the most fun with.

My brother’s recommendation is to get hold of some of your favorite media (movies, tv, books, etc.) in Japanese translation; since you already have a very good idea of what’s being said, you can parse it our easier.


Thanks to potential Diabetes concerns I’ve actually almost completely eliminated soda (I have one once in a while but I now consider drinking sugary soda to be a treat rather then a matter of course). I haven’t had a chance to weigh myself but it’s been about a month and a half now and I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost some weight.

Japanese and English are about as different as languages get. Everyone struggles with going from one to the other. But it’s still fun. πŸ™‚ I agree with the suggestion to watch/read media in the language. Rosetta Stone is good if you can afford it; I learned more Kanji in just a few sessions of that than I did from hours of memorization.

As for math, I had the same problem with having forgotten a lot of algebra, but I did fine in all my college calculus classes once I’d gone back and taken pre-calc. I’m sure you’ll do fine. πŸ™‚

@ pavlov’s house

Ah, that’s interesting. I didn’t know that so thanks. Must confess although I like some historical documents (especially the Vindolanda letter) I’m a bit of a Philistine, so at the military museums I’m usually “Ooh, tanks”. I particularly love Bovington. They have tanks and across the road is a monkey sanctuary. Unfortunately they’ve missed the opportunity to mix the two (I don’t know why they even bother having a suggestions box).

I wonder if the national archive has anything relevant. I know they have some private papers, although that tends to be more ‘famous’ people rather than ordinary folks. Might be worth an email though.


Oooo! That’s so cool! :O

I’m waiting for the livestream preview of the new vampire GP coming out for Sims 4. I’m also looking up pic of French Baroque architecture of a build I’m doing.

I’ve been Simming a lot lately.

Partially inspired by the recent Games Done Quick 2017 marathon (which raised over $2.2 million for cancer prevention) I’ve taken up speed-running Super Mario World.

I’m starting with the “11 Exit” run, which is basically the shortest full path to Bowser (I’m also doing the “glitchless” variant because I am not near practiced enough yet to start pulling off glitch tricks). This run is appealing because 1) it only required learning the routes to 11 levels (plus Bowser’s castle) so it didn’t take forever to start logging full runs, and 2) even a relative newbie can complete the run in under 20 minutes with a bit of practice, so it’s easy to squeeze in a quick run or two when I’ve got some time.

Unfortunately, also for those same reasons, it’s a very competitive category. I don’t hold much hope of ever making a top 10 run, but it’s still fun to practice and compete against myself, and set goals that I know I can reach with practice. For example, my current best time is 13:35 but the sum of my best attempts at each level is down to 11:49, so I know a “sub 12” time is definitely within my ability, and I’d be very very happy to hit that.

@Alan Robertshaw
I’m actually interested in tanks beyond just ‘Ooh Tanks!’, but what’s Bovington like? I’ve never actually been there, although I have been to Panzermuseum Munster, which is an excellent place for tank enthusiasts (only surviving Sturmtiger! Yay!). If you are interested in the early development of tank design and usage from ca. 1916 to 1933, allow me to recommend the following book to you: ‘The Fighting Tanks since 1916’ from Ralph E. Jones, George H. Rarey and Robert J. Icks.

On a more general note, has anyone else here ever read the Long Earth series from Pratchet/Baxter? If not, I highly recommend checking the series out at some point, as it is truly fantastic.

@Imaginary Petal

I am also trying to lose weight, possibly in preparation for gastric sleeve surgery down the road (although I am hoping it won’t be necessary, still, for me it is an option my insurance may pay for).

I don’t know what you envision by collaboration, but I do have a few things that have helped me. I, too, have chronic pain issues that keep me from exercising.

Enlist the support of your doctor. This has been REALLY valuable to me because she treats my other issues (depression, anxiety disorder, smoking cessation) and is a kind of cheerleader for me who keeps me motivated. It somehow helps me stay on track if I know I have to report to her in 6 weeks and I want her to be proud of me (doing it for my own pride doesn’t seem to work as well).

Secondly, I have found myfitnesspal app (also available online, for free) to be hugely useful in both determining my caloric intake and tracking it. When I track everything the weight really does just kind of fall off.

Thirdly, I’m also meeting with a behavioral therapist to learn some skills in coping with my relationship with food and overeating.

Anytime you need moral support, you just holler. I’m not here as much as some of the other regulars but I do care about the commentariat here.

I also want to congratulate you on telling your wife about your past sexual abuse. I don’t have a lot of advice for you but I will just say that I was married for many years to a man who had also been sexually abused (although with different circumstances). He told me before we were married but he has told me that it was the beginning of him getting help for himself – he eventually did go to therapy and has made peace with it since. Maybe this will be a start of something for you, too, or maybe you’ll find you’re okay.

There was a terrible event in my city yesterday when a man with a history of domestic violence, among other things, and who was on the run from police for allegedly stabbing a man, and who is thought to have kidnapped a woman unrelated to him during his rampage through the city (she got away on top of one of the busiest and largest bridges in the city where there’s no pedestrian walkway – I can only imagine what she went through), this man finally did burnouts in the busiest cbd intersection before police again pursued him, ploughing up two pedestrian malls, hitting at least 20 people and killing four, including a child. Police only stopped his killing spree by shooting him in his car, in a crowded mall, which must have been one of the hardest decisions to make.

We’re all a little shell-shocked this morning. I know people who witnessed it from their office windows. Melbourne is usually a very peaceful city – we’ve had gangland shootings, and a couple of massacres, but this is a new feeling of terror. (It’s not a terrorism related incident, btw.)

Sorry – I just had to unload that. I have to go back into the cbd today for a course (I’m learning how to make coffee) and I’m dreading seeing the change in my beloved city. I managed to avoid the troubled area yesterday when I left work.

I managed to burn off some social tension. I’m nearly finished with a first draft of a long term creative goal, a symbolic model of social conflict in comment sections. There were pieces that it’s taken a while to fit together but now it’s all finding the best representation. .

Persons interact in different dispositions and kinds of actions in a field of social context and social objects. Advance and withdraw takes place along axes like Direct/Indirect, explicit/implicit, overt/covert and a general “positive attractant/negative repellant”. Movements are relative to objects and person’s specified by comments, and opinions/arguments/characteristics they contain.

The requirements to confirm what a de facto combatant presents are measured against what they offer. From this compare/contrast social manipulations are outlined in a manner that is as group-neutral as possible in description if structure. Rhetoric seperated from content on a level that respects the fact that nature made us socially manipulative primates and that it had good expression too.

That’s what I’m hoping anyway. I’m in the middle of precisely representing the back and forth over object and feeling between comments to effectively represent changes to things like precise object/subject of communication/criticism, changes in requirements for claims about reality, and the way humor and other phenomena manipulate where attention is directed.

I feel strange. Minecraft is fun again too. I’m building glass tunnels in the nether.

I’d like to thank the WHtM community for responding in such a kind, calming and considerate way when I was freaking out a few days prior because of someone threatening suicide and ”blaming” (sorry, not a native speaker) me for it. I was being completely off topic and it was a panic attack, but yeah, thank you for the kindness and patience.

The person is ”fine” now, the next day he was being all happy suddenly and does appear that way as well in his interactions with others. To me, he’s remained passive-aggresive and clingy/nice at the same time. Reason enough after everything else to assume that him and I will never get along well; he cost me tremendous amounts of energy (literally still tired) and I cannot deal with this type of behaviour/issues very well. The unstable, radically changing moods and extremes, (in both feelings and words) to the point of suicide and self-harm by starvation are more than I can deal with, especially if it’s all changing so rapidly and nothing stays the same. (as in, highly unpredictable, yet very extreme, *especially* if he relates it to ME, and expects me to behave in certain ways or gets angry if I don’t act a certain way and then says how I torture him)

I have Asperger’s myself and I need to remain stable for my own well-being (I can’t deal with stress very well and if I’m too much out of balance I get all kinds of issues) and people like him, whatever his issues are, are bad for my mental stability.

In a way I see the whole thing (there was much more) as a learning experience, I learned my own boundaries better, and to trust my gut feeling/judgement more about certain behaviours and situations.

Anyway, thank you for the listening ear when I suddenly needed it and thanks for thinking with me/offering suggestions. That’s very nice of you and I appreciate it.

@Lucrece: wow, that sounds like a nightmare, that is so horrible. I hope that the people who need it, have access to help.

@Lucrece, Vicky, IP, Margot, everyone, much love and hugs from here. Rough stuff lately for a number of us. I’m glad that we’re all pushing through and improving, even if it’s just in small ways. Best wishes for Melbourne, too. That’s horrible.

@Brony, I’m glad to hear from you! I can’t wait to read your analysis. It sounds like it’ll be something I’ll refer to a lot.

@IP, I’ve gone through almost identical circumstances, though I’ve never told anyone, and he’s now a next-door neighbour again. It’s behind me, but I have a hard time looking across the street without thinking about it. I’m glad you’ve found a little bit of peace with it, and bravo for telling your wife.

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