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Open Thread to boycott the inauguration and talk about anything but Trump

Not Donald Trump

If you’re sick of talking about That Man, talk about anything other than him here. And enjoy the weirdest pic I could rustle up on short notice.

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<3 John. Tears aren't bad for you. Let them come, let them go, don't dwell on them. La pluie pousse des fleurs.

Don't dwell on the reactions of others, either, if you can. The shame they try to cast on you will pass just as easily. It's just part of the landscape you're passing through right now. It'll get better <3

@M, congrats! Tell us where you build your settlement and if you build anything cool in Fallout 4!


(by the way, I think you meant “De la pluie pousse des fleurs” ?)

It’s not really anything I’m going through right now, unless right now means the latter half of my life – been waiting on those flowers for a while now.

The most infuriating thing is that the “immediate” things I’m upset about are so petty and unimportant and worthless and they shouldn’t matter to me, and the only reason they do is because they’re the only things I have left to care about – but this isn’t my life. It’s not what it should be, it’s not what it was supposed to be, it’s not how I wanted to spend my youth and holy shit why the hell is it not over already ? Being grounded home by crippling depression and loneliness always felt like it was going to end soon, and that hope kept me going, but how long can I keep on deluding myself ?

It’s like, for years now I’ve been going on “It’s just a phase”, except, well, it’s never phasing out.

… meh, the good news is that I managed to get my hands on more of The Stuff. The bad news is that all my lighters are dead, all my matches are spent, my last candle’s got maybe 2 hours left in it and I’m all out of tobacco anyway. That’s, like, irony, I think that’s what irony means.

@EJ & Scildfreja

Um, sorry about the dumb rant. I was a mess for the whole day and that made me kinda assholish. But for what it’s worth now, thank you.

My best friend (who’s spending a year in NZ) just skyped me, so I had to calm the hell down. Things tend to get clearer once you stop randomly freaking out o_o

PokeBank’s finally dropped!

*listens to The Boys Are Back In Town while my babies transfer to Moon*

*what, no, not the Nazi Punch version, what are you talking about*

*okay, okay, it’s the Nazi Punch version*

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