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#ResistTrump today by calling to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Jeff Sessions: Once referred to the Voting Rights Act as “intrusive legislation.”

The senate hearings for Donald Trump’s terrible cabinet picks start today with wannabe Attorney General Jeff Sessions. #ResistTrump today by calling your Senators and urging them not to vote for Sessions. 

I’ve got more info on Sessions below, but let’s start with the practical issues involved in making a call.

Get phone numbers and other contact info for your senators here.

Sessions will be making his case today to the Senate Judiciary Committee; check here to see if either of your senators is on the committee.

Tell the staffer who takes your call who you are, and note that you are one of the senator’s constituents — i.e., someone who will actually be voting for or against them in future elections.

Express your concerns about Sessions. You can be blunt, saying that you feel he is unfit for the job because he is racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic.

Or you can be more subtle, saying that Sessions’ record suggests to you that he’s not interested in fighting for the rights of all Americans. (See more details on these points and more below.)

Ask if the senator plans to vote against Sessions, or if they have spoken out against him; offer support if they say yes, tell them that you are disappointed if they say no.

If they are on the Judiciary Committee, ask if they intend to give Sessions the “extreme vetting” he deserves, or something along these lines.

If you can add a personal story to your comments, by all means do — especially if you’ve been harassed or discriminated against on the basis or race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc.

If you didn’t call yesterday to register your outrage over the GOP’s attempts to ram all of Trump’s nominees through the confirmation process without adequate time to properly vet them, feel free to comment on this as well. See my post here for advice and info.

If you can’t call, writing a personalized email is also effective. See my posts here and here for more advice on how to call/write your reps.

And here’s some advice on calling politicians if you have social anxiety.

See my post here for a schedule of all the cabinet confirmation hearings this week.

If you want to know more about Sessions before you call, read on: 

Sessions has a long and less-than stellar record when it comes to race and civil rights. As the ACLU notes, Sessions

Defended President-Elect Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the United States. … 

Referred to the Voting Rights Act, a law that simply demands that every American’s right to vote is protected, as a piece of “intrusive legislation.” …

Once prosecuted civil rights activists for registering black voters. …

Allegedly labeled the ACLU and NAACP “un-American” groups who “forced civil rights down the throats of people.” …

Argued that stop-and-frisk programs are Constitutional, saying that “it’s all about how that is done.”

As a Senator he’s been an enthusiastic supporter of the right’s “war on women.” The ACLU points out that he

Supports a national 20-week abortion ban … and has a 100% voting record from the National Right to Life Committee. …

Voted to defund Planned Parenthood … and called for the Justice Department (which he is being nominated to lead) to investigate PPFA …

Voted against the Violence Against Women Act. 

As the ACLU also documents, Sessions has retrograde views on torture and supported the Patriot Act. (See their fact sheet on Sessions for more, as well as for documentation of all this.)

As Alabama’s attorney general, he sought to uphold so many dubious death penalty verdicts that some have labeled him “the Grim Reaper of Alabama.” As several of his critics point out in a recent New York Times op-ed, Sessions

worked to execute insane, mentally ill and intellectually disabled people, among others, who were convicted in trials riddled with instances of prosecutorial misconduct, racial discrimination and grossly inadequate defense lawyering. Mr. Sessions’ eager participation in an unjust Alabama capital system makes him a frightening prospective civil rights enforcer for the nation.

What else is wrong with him? He doesn’t think that gay-bashing counts as a hate crime, and has such a poor record on LGBT rights generally that The Human Rights Campaign rates him a “zero.” 

As newly elected Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth notes, Sessions “has a record of not supporting basic access for people with disabilities whether they’re adults or children.”

Right Wing Watch enumerates more of his less-endearing qualities here.

See more Resist Trump Today posts here.

30 replies on “#ResistTrump today by calling to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General”

Don’t forget that he was also not sure whether grabbing women by the pussy constituted sexual assault.

I’m not suggesting anybody lies about their voting preferences during this process, but are there any ‘Republican’ arguments against any of the candidates?

I’m just thinking that if someone calls/writes but makes it clear that they’re a Democrat voter then any Republican recipient might just take a ‘well, they’re not going to vote for me anyway’ attitude and therefore ignore the representation.

If however there are some issues that might concern a Republican (or floating) voter, that might get Republican politicians more worried about losing votes if they support a nomination.

Any thoughts?

That’s a difficult question to answer. Hate media has pulled the Republicans so far to the right that their entire range of policies is largely reactionary.


“How do you know that I’m not reading black poetry?” she asked in an interview.

I’d say that the fact you ran to the damn NYT, pearls in one hand and tone argument in the other, the very moment you read an extremely mild post about racism that wasn’t even directed at you is a pretty good indicator.

(“You” being the White Feminist™ in the article, of course, not Kupo.)

“Why is everything taken at face value? You always want to go with what’s come out of his mouth rather than what’s in his heart.”
— Kellyanne Conway, on her boss

Ahh, Ms. Conway, you DO NOT want to go there…. For all the venom and abject stupidity that comes out of the dumpster’s mouth, what is in his heart is surely more evil than the mind can comprehend….

@Alan Robertshaw

I hope it ends up not being relevant. Enough constituents calling should be sufficient regardless of the issues being broached, since politicians are above all else dedicated to their career.

I.E. I would assume that they care more about being voted out of office than cleaving to party lines.

Drumpf, however, has started to open all kinds of rifts within the Republican party (not surprising when an actual outsider sweeps your base from under you in the primaries), so I don’t expect any political players here in the States to act in a familiar way (although I bristle at anyone who claims that history presents a perfect representation of current events, as well).

In short, if there are any traditional ‘Republican’ complaints that can be voiced (and if there are Senators we can identify who would be more receptive to those complaints) it should at least be on the table. Ex. Tillerson’s ties to Russia should especially rankle them.


Am I the only one completely fascinated with Conway? Drumpf has surrounded himself with spin artists, but she’s the best representation of what happens when an arguably talented spin artist doesn’t have any expertise to back them up.

Now the spin artists are having to spin nothing-Tweets or outright dangerous irresponsible nonsense, all while having to toe the line with regards to expert opinions. Experts don’t agree with Drumpf 100% and are thus not devoted followers.

Her interview with Cuomo re. Russia was especially painful (as was the Maddow one a few weeks earlier). They’re already having to defend solely through deflection, and their favorite target Clinton is already looking desperate (because it is, but you know).

Conway has fought tooth and nail for a job to be a salesperson for Drumpf, not realizing that the product is Drumpf himself, along with his Pandora’s Box of crappiness.

@ Scildfreja

I absolutely frothing to take my granddaughter to see that!! Been working overtime ever since it opened, tho. I LOVE that it had such a stunning debut (opening weekend nearly paid for the production)!!

@ Caveats

She’s selling snake oil, but all the buyers have already bought. Now she’s got to sell the dumpster to people who aren’t all in with his bigotry.

@Alan Robertshaw
You don’t have to tell them what party (if any) you are affiliated with, just where you live and maybe your name if they ask for it. Senators generally get so many calls the people sitting at the phones don’t typically have time to grill you.

@ Weird (resist trump today) Eddie

What would you do if this is your product? (original image that you inspired, by the by, so forgive its general cruminess).

David, feel free to delete this and my two previous comments (I’m only leaving them up as a historical record of my fail trail), would anybody be willing to give me a hand? I’ve never been on a forum before so my knowledge of such things is woefully inadequate. If you do help, I do so solemnly swear to only use my newfound powers to post kittens and silly things.

@Caveats and Quandaries

Usually you should be able to add a link by either highlighting the text you want to link and clicking the link button or just pasting the whole url into the comments section.

When you use the link button, it should make it look like this:

<a href=””>highlighted text</a>

If you paste the url it will just look normal when you click submit but will transform into a link after it posts.

Caveats, that was worth the wait! I’ve never tried to post a pic either; I can’t even figure out the link button, I just copy/paste.

Someone here posted a link to the Hidden Figures trailer a couple of months ago and I’ve been wanting to see it ever since! I guess I’ll bug Husbeast into seeing it with me in a couple of weeks because he read that theatres don’t see any money from a new release for three weeks.

re: kupo’s link – Argh! What is it about the concept of privilege that makes privileged people so freakin’ defensive? I could release a teal deer here, but I won’t because I’m out of evens to can’t.

@kupo… Uuuuuuurgh. I just can’t. “This is supposed to be a march for women! Why are all of these black women taking it over??!!!!” Would you believe… black women are women?

Actually got thru today. Most horrific thing I’ve ever done in my life. Survived tho! Call everybody (if you can/feel up to it, of course. Take care of yourselves <3). More than anything, it's important that I get used to calling

Funny note: the staffer called me, 'ma'am'. When I'm excited (not necessarily good excited) or tryna be personable, my voice goes up at least an octave. Understandable 🙂

I just did, and I’m East Coast. Depending on your time zones, you could have plenty of time. Regardless, it’s never too late to leave a voicemail. Go for it!

I emailed both of my state’s senators. Neither of them are on the comittee, but hopefully they can still do something.

Edit: I recieved an auto-response from one Senator saying that he recieved my emails (all three of them, lol) and will read and reply to them shortly.

You did your civic duty. Nothing unbrave about it. Honestly, emails are more intimidating for me. So much time to think. To overthink. I tried to email yesterday, couldn’t bring myself to do it, called instead 🙂

My senators have a few of my voicemails now. It would be nice to reach an actual human on the other end of the line, but I suppose calling at 6:30 pm is not conducive to that.

Chuck Schumer endeared himself to me by sending back that McConnell letter on nominee vetting with the names changed.

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