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Alt-Right blogger urges “edgecuck” Nazis to stop dressing like Nazis

Dude, you’re trying WAY too hard.

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There’s long been a certain tension between “respectable” white supremacists — the ones who like to call themselves “race realists” and who make sure to hide their shrines to Hitler when there’s company — and the more flamboyantly Naziesque types, who swathe themselves in swastikas and black leather and other edgy accoutrements.

You know, like this guy:

Amongst the respectable azi-Nays, guys like this are often denounced as 1488s or Nazi LARPers, more interested in alienating the “normies” with their dressup antics than they are in, you know, securing the existence of their people and a future for white children, as these sorts of fellows like to say.

But did you know that they are also CUCKS?

In a post on The Right Stuff — a lovely little hate site best known for its podcast The Daily Shoah — a bravely anonymous author called Ghoul takes on what he calls the “unwitting cuckoldry” of the “edgecucks.” As Ghoul sees it,

You’re not spooking the egalitarian supremacists with leather jackets, patches, switchblades, and edgy swastika avatars online. You’re being their little bitch. You become the normie-repellant they want you to be. The Left says jump, and you respond “how high?” They couldn’t ask for a better pet.

These “edgecucks,” Ghoul argues, are transforming the insults they hear from lefties into an identity, reducing themselves to a caricature of the “emotionally unstable neo-Nazi” who spends his evenings sig-heiling while wearing a swastika-encrusted black leather jacket and a ski mask. Ghoul suggests this is little more than “prolonged teenage angst.”

You are not part of some violent extremist revolutionary circle. You are not overthrowing a government. You are not intimidating anyone outside of facebook cat-ladies. You’re a social outcast fantasizing about ropes and crosses in between hentai fap-sessions. You are the bottom barrel of what the Alt-Right has to offer; a haven for outcasts to out-LARP one another for status and approval among our dregs, and you will be a dancing puppet for the Left if it means effective escapism.

Ghoul urges these “edgecucks” to stop trying to scare the “normies,” because the “alt-right” wants the normies on its side.

Don’t cucksplain to me that “normal people are useless.” Normalization is how we win. That doesn’t mean we necessarily need to “win over” every normie in town. It simply means our position becomes normalized.

Ghoul’s post might seem like a slightly ironic thing to publish on a hate site that puts out a podcast whose title “The Daily Shoah” is both a terrible pun and a Holocaust joke. But apparently Nazi references are fine as long as they’re, like, ironic or something.

I am not suggesting that being associated with “nazi” or “radical” imagery is in and of itself a bad thing. I don’t care. It’s not about the association, and that’s the entire point. When the Left points and cries “evil nazi,” the obvious proper response is to either not care, or even better yet, laugh at them. Normalization comes with removing the power of these buzzwords and labels to the normal day-to-day people … .

A Right Stuff commenter calling themselves “Gina Tingles” — no relation to Chuck, I hope — suggests that the Nazi LARPers of today could learn a thing or two from old Adolf himself.

The Nazi party was specific to a certain country and culture at a certain time. It makes little sense to pretend to try to resurrect it in the US 80 years later. …

Even Hitler knew he had to appeal to the normies of his time.

So it’s fine, apparently, to think that Hitler was, like, the raddest dude of the 20th century. It’s just not cool to dress like him, at least in public.

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Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
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in between hentai fap-sessions

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