Support Chanty Binx’s Legal Fund to fight her harassers

The internet's angriest men continue to rage at a woman who once told some MRAs to shut up
The internet’s angriest men continue to rage at a woman who once told some MRAs to shut up

If you’ve been wondering what you could do to support Chanty Binx, the feminist activist who has endured three years of harassment for the “crime” of yelling at a couple of Men’s Rights activists at a protest in Toronto, consider donating to her legal fund via this GoFundMe.

Here’s the pitch from the GoFundMe page:

Three year ago, while protesting a men’s rights activist (MRA) talk, Chanty Binx was accosted by a group of MRA’s who proceeded to record her without her permission. She believed that would be the end of things, but Chanty was wrong; the horrific nightmare was just beginning.

Within 12 hours of the video’s upload she received 500 hateful abusive and threatening messages in her blog inbox alone, and her personal information was doxed including what they believe to be her address, phone number, and license plate.

For the past 3 years she’s has received over 30,000 hateful and threatening comments on YouTube, and thousands death and rape threats, and other abusive messages on her blog and Facebook. For the past three years she has lived in nonstop fear for her safety and life, and despite all of this law enforcement has done nothing.

The harassment reached a new level of creepiness last month when an employee at a liquor store took a screenshot from surveillance footage of Chanty at the store committing the dastardly act of buying a bottle of wine and put it online, effectively telling the world where she lives. When she spoke to the local media about this bizarre breach of privacy, it unleashed yet another wave of harassment against her.

With law enforcement unwilling to help her deal with the harassment, Chanty has decided to pursue other legal options. But that will require a lawyer, and lawyers cost money. Hence the GoFundMe, set up by a friend of Chanty’s (but that Chanty has confirmed to me is legit). Please donate, if you can!

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My first thought is that I really hope it’s not possible to doxx the person who set up the GoFundMe.

If I manage to find a job before this closes I’m definitely donating. I hate not being able to do anything that might help. Both with this and with other causes I care about.

Also done.

ETA: She’s at about $1200 of her $4k goal already. Glad to see it’s moving along!

@The Thousand Cock Stare
Same here. You think that in a city with a bunch of family restaurants there would be job postings, nope just a bunch of truck driving positions and stuff that basically means “must be friends of a friend’s friend to go here.”

Can’t donate, as I’m on a fixed income, but sharing this and boosting it as far as I can and hopefully I can bring in some help for her. God knows she deserves all the help she can get and justice. <3

I just had a thought. It may be best for everyone donating to make themselves anonymous so none of the MRAs go after them. And yes, they are aware of the gofundme set up for me, there are apparently even conspiracies that I’m doing it myself (projection is their MO isn’t it?). I don’t want anyone else to get harassed too πŸ™

The real Chanty? Hi! I hope you’re well and doing all the self-care you need… you have a lot of people who are wishing you well. I wish I could donate. I’ll try to spread word, though!


I always forget to make myself anonymous when donating via GFM. Is there any way to anonymize a donation after the fact? It’s not a huge deal for me, but in general I’d prefer to be anonymous.

I’ve tried signal-boosting this to some of the women-friendly media so that creeper doesn’t get to keep a position where women are required to show him their ID. I will also donate on payday because I’m sick of the evil silencing men do to us.

Chanty, you have great ideas and at no point is anybody required to present their anger about male bullshit in a palatable way. I am sorry for what happened to you, because you are right, while they are a blight. If we would stop protecting the identities of these dudes to keep some higher ground that ultimately doesn’t matter, maybe we’d be farther along. Keep on keeping on, sister. You are very much appreciated.

I had no idea who the redheaded woman in those terrible memes was until this post, and the situation is even creeper than I would’ve thought given how much they post her image. No idea what can happen legally in Canada to that liquor store guy, but I hope it’s a lot. Also hope the legal system offers some kind of identity protection to the plaintiff.


Brand new here. Am Canadian. Saw the CityTV and looked up Chanty Binx’s story.

As someone who has never experienced what you have been through, would you mind going into some details about which level (s) of law enforcement you have approached? No judgment, but I feel additional information would be beneficial to understanding my legal system a bit better. I have a daughter heading to UofT next year.

Did you contact municipal, provincial and/or federal police? (For the non-canadians: Toronto Police, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), RCMP.) My understanding of the law is that cyberbullying qualifies as a crime under both criminal and cicil law. Why is your situation not applicable?


I’m so sorry that I can’t donate. Instead I want to just send her all my best wishes, even if she doesn’t see this (and she probably won’t). It’s sickening that a woman can inspire so much hatred and poisonous backlash for such a minor thing. I sincerely hope she’s okay (or at least will be soon), law enforcement should have got involved ages ago.

Thank you Latte Cat πŸ™‚

@Jill, I went to my local police. Both when this shit first started, and then also with this lcbo incident. Both times they were dismissive, suggesting to me that I just turn off the computer and it will all go away (so if people recognize me in public, is there an off button I can press to make them disappear?). I’m out of work right now and the majority of my days this last month and a half have been spent sending out resumes left and right. Which in turn means that I don’t really have the time to chase police down and make them do their job. It doesn’t help that the police I had to go to were all dudes who don’t understand the severity of this, nor are they part of the social media generation so they just don’t get how online stuff can turn into real life stuff.


I’m sorry that I can’t donate, but I wish you well. I hope that you find a kickass job very soon.

Stay strong!


Decades ago, the people in the domestic violence prevention movement began educating police and lawmakers about DV. Good things have come from that.

Light bulb: Can tech geeks replicate this with regard to social media and teach the police and lawmakers about how it relates to victims of crime (and that which is not yet deemed a crime)? It seems like a worthwhile project.

Hi again Chanty,

This is unofficial advice, but please consider it. Our Criminal Code covers criminal harassment, which includes (non-specifically) “cyber-bullying” or online bullying and “cyber-stalking”. At the very least, charges could include voyeurism, defamation, wilful promotion of hatred, and intimidation.

You should contact Legal Aid Ontario for advice, today. You will likely need to file charges with the Toronto Police, the OPP and the RCMP asap for any legal action to be considered, even though the news report supports your claims (can you get a copy of the report from CityTV?). I know it’s a hassle for you because your life is complicated at the moment, but you need to get your ducks in a row. Good luck and all the best.

Hi Chanty, I hope you’re doing well. I will donate as soon I can (whether I get a job or unemployment benefits). And I will stay anonymous, thanks for the tip and I’m rooting for you all the way.

Trying to convince police that online threats do indeed count as threats can be a frustrating and often useless endeavor. At one point I tried to report a harassing phone call I got in the middle of the night; as soon as the officer found out that it might have some connection with something online, he basically said, well, get off the internet. I spent literally half an hour on the phone with him and he refused to even take a report.

Sorry to hear that discouraging piece of info. Apparently, “online” we’re all just avatars with no connection to real life.

Stay strong.

I spent literally half an hour on the phone with him and he refused to even take a report.

I know it may not be worth your time, but I would consider escalating. Your phone is not really the internet anymore.

I’ve donated (and remained anonymous) I know it is not much but hopefully it helped.

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