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Memeday: The (Allegedly) Selfish Feminist, starring Ashley Judd


In today’s slightly delayed Memeday post, we’re going to be looking at the “selfish feminist” meme, a variation of the good old “hypocritical feminist” meme that’s based on the notion that selfish, spoiled women adopt feminism in order to score equal pay without equal work — and in the greatest crime against humanity ever known — without ever having to pay for dinner.


Apparently you (cis) gals get a day off every month to tend to your bleeding whatevers?

Once in a long while, the mememaker will throw in a literary reference, like this one namechecking the heroine from Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.


But mostly the dudes making these memes seem to be peeved that (allegedly) feminist women are (allegedly) making them pay for dinner without “putting out” afterwards.



din er4

For some reason, the makers of these “selfish feminist” memes often put their words into the mouths of real and recognizable women who would never actually say such a thing.

Sometimes they use pictures of favorite feminist targets like Anita Sarkeesian …


… and Rebecca Watson:


Other times they use feminist celebrities, like comedian Janeane Garofolo


And actress/activist Ashley Judd:


Actually, they seem just a teensy bit obsessed with Ashley Judd and her alleged refusal to ever pay for dinner:




Apparently, the deviously feminist Ashley Judd also manages to avoid paying for her fancy purses as well.


Yeah, Ashley Judd has a net worth of $22 million, at least according to Celebrity Net Worth. I’m pretty sure she pays for her own handbags.

Not only that, but the allegedly selfish Judd — and yes, at least some of the angry mememakers know that the woman in the meme is Ashley Judd and not just some random angry lady feminist — now devotes much of her life not to acquiring handbags but to humanitarian work. Here’s how Wikipedia sums it up:

Ashley Judd’s humanitarian work has revolved around AIDS. Judd has travelled with YouthAIDSto places affected by illness and poverty such as Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda, and many others.

Inspired by her travels, which allowed her to witness the life of the poor and uneducated, she has since become an advocate for preventing poverty and promoting awareness internationally. She has met with political and religious leaders, heads of states, diplomats, and leaders on behalf of the deprived to convey the message to those who have the power to bring about political and social change. Judd has also narrated three documentaries for YouthAIDS which aired internationally on the Discovery Channel, in National Geographic, and on VH1.

In 2011, she joined the Leadership Council of the International Center for Research on Women(ICRW).

Other organizations Judd has been involved with include Women for Women International and Equality Now, along with other non-governmental organizations that direct attention to social, educational, health, economic, cultural and financial funding of the unfortunate.

So, yeah, she’s actually paid for a lot of people’s dinners.

Tomorrow: The worst “selfish feminist” meme of them all!

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6 years ago

Alan Robertshaw:
Yah, but gallstones can actually be quite pretty (unlike kidney stones). 😀 Google for “gallstone jewelry” and you’ll see 😀

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ skiriki

can actually be quite pretty (unlike kidney stones).

Oi, stop kidney stone shaming!

(you’re right about that jewellery though!)

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