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Paul Elam warns men: be wary of Asian women because they might cut your penis off

Modified still from the documentary "Seeking Asian Female"
Modified image from the documentary “Seeking Asian Female”

Paul Elam may have sort of abandoned his Men’s Rights lady hatin’ website A Voice for Men — he announced his retirement from the Men’s Rights movement back in March — but his longtime fans will certainly be relieved to hear that he has not given up the lady hatin’ that made him the internet-famous man he is today.

But now he’s working some racism into the mix.

On his An Ear for Men YouTube channel, Elam seems to be setting himself up as a sort of Mr. Lonelyhearts for lady’ hatin men, providing tips on how to “screen out loser women,” how to deal with “problem women — we used to call them ‘bitches,'” and how to get rage-spittle out of your beard.

Ok, I made that last one up.

In his latest video, Elam has decided to take on yet another kind of problem women — SPOILER ALERT: Asian women — warning Western men of the dangers of “shopping in Asia or some other country [sic]” for the supposedly more subservient “women we used to call Oriental till the PC police decided that, too, was an insult.”

Elam warns his viewers that any Oriental Asian woman “willing to leave her homeland to marry a guy she met on the internet” might just possibly have motives other than love.

To illustrate this point, Elam pastes in that famous clip from Full Metal Jacket in which a Vietnamese sex worker promises two American servicemen that she will “love you long time.”

Which brings us to this POP QUIZ

But the dangers of Asian women aren’t confined to those conniving young women just off the boat from Asialand. For there are Asians who live in the United States as well, and if you go for one of those you might end up with … brace yourself … MARGARET CHO.

Or you might get your dick lopped off.

No, seriously. Elam literally warns men considering “going Asian” that they might end up with someone like “feminist idiot and unfunny comedian Margaret Cho,” or “Twitter fembot Suey Park,” or even Catherine Kieu Becker, a California woman, originally from Vietnam, now serving life in prison for cutting off her estranged husband’s penis.

Apparently Elam thinks the best way to keep American men from fetishizing Asian women is to convince them that the Asian (or Asian-American) gal of their dreams might literally lop off their dick or — possibly even worse — tell them a feminist joke.

But I can’t completely hate Elam’s video. I mean, sure, it’s a racist, misogynistic mess, and Elam’s gleeful grin makes my skin crawl. But if it convinces even one of his fans to leave Asian women alone, it may actually do the world a teensy tiny little bit of good.

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Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

Re: indistinguishable white dudes

Count the Mobys (Mobies?)

6 years ago

Is it just me or is there a whole bunch of castration anxiety going on over in MRAland?

(I could have sworn there was another term for that a la Freud, and now it’s gonna bug me. All I can think of is penis envy, my number one least favourite theory. Thanks, Siggy, you misogynist asshat)

6 years ago

This may be a relevant topic to place this in:

U.S. Laws Will No Longer Sound Like a Vaguely Racist Uncle

Congress removed the last uses of “Oriental” and “Negro” from federal statutes on Monday.

6 years ago

I’m white, and bi. I’ve dated a few men of different races and I’ve found I can be attracted to just about anyone of any race. It’s not a race fetishism, I just find people with certain body types attractive, regardless of skin color.

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