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Giddy Gamergater: Will Candace Owens show the world that we’ve been right all along?

Washington Post editorial meeting
Washington Post editorial meeting

There are some who see the seemingly unlikely ideological romance between anti-bullying-activist-turned-bully-ally Candace Owens and Gamergate as a bit of a con-job.

In this view, the gullible Owens is being manipulated by cynical GGers and assorted far-right ideologues who’ve descended upon her en masse to assure her that her paranoid fantasies are true — particularly when they involve the very women that Gamergate has harassed most relentlessly. It’s a sort of cultic love-bombing, ironically based around hate.

There’s certainly an element of truth to this theory — and you can find plenty of examples of Owens’ gullibility in my previous posts on L’affaire Owens, or just by taking a look at her Twitter feed.

But Owens isn’t the only one here with starry eyes. Just as Owens has been seduced by GGers telling her exactly what she wants to hear, so GG’s True Believers have been seduced by her conspiracy theories. This isn’t, in other words, just a case of exploitation; it is also something of a folie a deux.

“This is probably THE BIG ONE!” an enthusiastic GGer called darkpowrjd gushed in a heavily-upvoted comment on the Kotaku in Action subreddit, the main GG hub on Reddit, several days ago.

Candace Owens, for all her faults, could be [the person] who vindicated GG for two YEARS of what they have been accused of doing en masse.

You’ll have to excuse darkpowrjd’s somewhat tangled language; they’re a little excited.

Yeah, this could be one of the most elaborate traps ever set up for GG to fall into, and I wouldn’t put it past any of the LWs to have THAT elaborate of a plan set up, but I don’t think Owens would seriously be that willing to be the cog in that plan.

With that little bit of butt-covering out the way, darkpowrjd explains why Owens is truly the woman of Gamergate’s dreams.

I’m still cautious, but I’m starting to think more and more that this is really a thing that’s going on, and this was the one person that we’ve been waiting for that has the pull, power, and connections to blow the entire lid off of what we have already known.


As darkpowrjd sees it, the evil anti-GG conspiracy has

more or less been doing this to the GG movement as a damn WHOLE for two years now. Never being opposed, always getting a free pass, and always getting sympathy by playing the feminist card. No one dared to question them because of how many people they ended up getting on their side.

But now …

the tides have turned

Ok, ok, I’ll try to restrain myself.

But they ran into someone that they couldn’t influence, buy out, or convince that easily. They ran into someone that had connections, but also was smart enough to pick up on some things, and put two and two together when things happened that seemed too coincidental to be just a coincidence.

Forget what I just said about restraining myself.

The fact that media outlets tended to react to Gamergate with skepticism, if not outright hostility, couldn’t possibly be that it was obviously a hate crusade pushing perhaps the stupidest conspiracy theory the world has ever known. No, it must have been the fault of … the people Gamergate hates the most!

Now, think about this: how many media outlets do you think this team of Signal, Quinn, and Harper did this too? How many got this treatment, and were too scared (or just willing to play along or even agree with them on everything) to do anything or say anything? … Think about how LONG this might have been going on, or how many more people were caught up in this web, and how far along does this conspiracy actually go? How far down did this rabbit hole go?

I’m pretty sure the only holes that GGers have explored have been entirely self-dug.

All the “neutral = pro” comments, anyone who did so much as to try to get both sides of GG getting bitched at, the NeoGAF bannings that didn’t make any sense … everything that had ever happened that GG got blamed for because they EXISTED!

Or perhaps GG got blamed for a lot of things because it’s a movement made up largely of harassers and trolls that routinely does a lot of pretty awful things?

darkpowrjd accuses evil anti-GG “Journos” of an assortment of terrible misdeeds, including “continu[ing] to poke the bear every chance they got” and “gamedropping,” which Urban Dictionary defines as the sinister SJW “practice of dropping a #GamerGate mention into a totally unrelated article in an attempt to drive clicks and controversy.”

It is hard indeed to imagine a crime more horrific than the journalistic practice of occasionally paying attention to Gamergate.

ALL of that (and THEN some) could be exposed with one single person who might’ve not have even been aware of what she was about to do.

And quite the exposer Owens has been. So far her longest and most passionate “expose” involved a Washington Post story that never ran but that Owens was sure would have been full of libels against her.

Owens is saying that she isn’t a conspiracy theorist. But every theorist might be thinking they hit the damn jackpot when reading this and knowing how this has probably been going on for 2 plus years now.

In the sense that, yes, Gamergate has been energetically spinning conspiracies out of nothing for “2 plus years now” and Owens is now doing the same.

The reason Zoe’s group is running to try to get things under control is because Owens hit all 7’s here, and she wants to cash out.

Well, no. Quinn was concerned that Owens’ proposed bully-doxxing site could be easily abused by bullies.

Ironically, Gamergaters themselves were making very similar criticisms, at least until Owens started attacking some of Gamergate’s most-hated (and most-harassed) enemies.

It could be the beginning of the end for blaming Gamergate for everything.

And there’s Gamergate in a nutshell.

From the very start, even before it had a name, Gamergate has been a “movement” of gamers against criticism of games and gamers — and ultimately, of Gamergate as well.

Oh, sure, most Gamergaters don’t mind games criticism based on game mechanics, or whether or not a game is “fun” to play. But they don’t like any criticism that might in any way reflect badly on them. That’s why Anita Sarkeesian sent so many gamers into hysterics simply for noting that, yes, a lot of games are really pretty sexist — because by extension, this suggests that the gamers buying and playing these games in record numbers might just be an eensy weensy bit sexist themselves.

And that’s why the now infamous “gamers are dead” articles inspired such fury, transforming what had been a harassment campaign against “uppity” women in video games into a putative campaign for “ethics in games journalism” — with the main “ethical” failure of games journalists implicitly defined as “saying anything bad about us.”

The repellent fantasy author and sometime game developer Vox Day let the not-so-cute cat out of the bag in an interview with internet talk show host David Pakman last year, declaring that

what Gamergate is fundamentally about is the right of people to design, develop and play games that they want to design, develop and play without being criticized for it.

Vox later walked this back a little, saying he didn’t really mean that gamers and game developers should be immune from criticism. But you don’t need to be a Freudian to suspect that Vox’s slip revealed what he actually thinks.

Owens is also easily offended by criticism, and seems to think so highly of her own opinions that she assumes anyone critical of them cannot possibly be sincere, and therefore must be part of some terrible conspiracy.

It’s no wonder she and Gamergate get along so well.

H/T — r/BestOfOutrageCulture

296 replies on “Giddy Gamergater: Will Candace Owens show the world that we’ve been right all along?”

@dlouwe, worth it in my opinion. If I could only use a phrase to describe my experience with Antichamber, it would be creeping dread. If you go back in, try to find the university. Or the Procrastinator’s Room.

@varalys, chiomara,

Oh God Portal is funny. Both games, absolutely hilarious. Portal’s so hard to sum up in words. It’s got this quirky humour that’s so dark and weird and terrifying. If I had to describe the Portal series in a phrase, it would be Gothic Horror Done Right. It ties up so many feelings in such a tight little package of fear and hate and loneliness and desperate attachment. So good. Play it.

The new Fire Emblem Fates is a lot of fun. 🙂

Also, huuuuge game considering the three storylines are basically three different games.

Fallout 4 is my everything right now, but I am freaking out because some code update disabled nearly all of my mods and wiped out my highly customized settlements. I’ve tried everything, but it seems futile. Are any other nexus users experiencing this?

Also curious what other mammotheers SS characters are like. Anyone wanna share screenshots? =)

I just remembered something. There’s a sale on anime-related titles on Steam right now, and Analogue: A Hate Story and its sequel Hate Plus are included. As long as you can stomach the visual novel-esque aesthetic and don’t mind gameplay that basically consists of reading, these are really good. You play a scavenger paid to investigate what happened on an ancient, abandoned generation ship, with only said ship’s damaged AI and a mountain of the long dead crew’s text logs to help you. The story is predictably depressing, and contains definite feminist themes. I recommend checking out the free demo of Analogue, even if just to be able to say that you’ve once played a sci-fi AI dating sim about a medieval Korean patriarchal society.
This is what the developer, Christine Love, has to say about herself:

V fgbccrq cynlvat unysjnl guebhtu bapr V ernyvmrq gur tnzr nfxrq “vf guvf ubj lbh jnag gb fcraq gur gvzr lbh unir?”

V cynlrq guebhtu gb gur raq. Va Nagvpunzore, nf bccbfrq gb erny yvsr, V pbhyq ng yrnfg znxr fbzr cebterff. (on-qhz-gff)

#Portal, just have to post this. Brand new 20-minute short called “Meet the Cores”, made by a dedicated fan. Absolutely brilliant, professional work:

#Stellaris … nnnngh I can’t wait. Paradox is amazing and I love everything that they do. I will have to go read your blag now!

#Fallout 4, here is Scildfreja in the Wastelands.

(I’d post an image but steam serves them dynamically without an extension, so it wouldn’t embed properly!)

space garbage:

Analogue is maybe my favorite game ever. It speaks so deeply to me as a historian, as a feminist, and as a player of games.

I just finished Life Is Strange, though I’ll probably replay it to see how different choices affect the story. It’s a short game that’s more of a choose your own adventure story than a game, with a kind of laid back pace. At first I was annoyed that I had to walk everywhere, but then I actually started to enjoy it and even just sit on the bed sometimes listening to music. 🙂

Also, I’m sure to the horror of Gamer Gaters I, a 41 year old cis woman lesbian loves the Gears of War series. I love those games so, so much, I have posable action figures of Marcus and Dom on my bedside table and keep my cash in a GoW wallet, and can often be seen sporting a GoW T-shirt. Damn, I love those games.


I thought I had a screenshot of my Survivor in her kick-ass new ballistic weave gear, but alas, I was wrong.

EDIT: how do I embed videos. I am so bad at this lately.

Oooh! Are we posting Fallout 4 screencaps?!

Because here’s Alex, my first Sole, and Corvo, my second, and Alex’s husband-from-an-alternate-universe-where-Alex-died-instead-of-him.

Bonus shot of “The Party Room”.

Also: I’m thinking of starting to maybe get into making miniatures, and I had the idea of building a base in-game, and then using that as a guide to build the miniature. :U

I think I might start with Corvo’s base, because he’s camped out at the Red Rocket, rather than Sanctuary, like Alex is. Though, Alex does have some cool buildings (like a bar and a clinic) that I will get around to screen-capping one of these days. 😛

I just remembered something. There’s a sale on anime-related titles on Steam right now, and Analogue: A Hate Story and its sequel Hate Plus are included. As long as you can stomach the visual novel-esque aesthetic and don’t mind gameplay that basically consists of reading, these are really good. You play a scavenger paid to investigate what happened on an ancient, abandoned generation ship, with only said ship’s damaged AI and a mountain of the long dead crew’s text logs to help you. The story is predictably depressing, and contains definite feminist themes. I recommend checking out the free demo of Analogue, even if just to be able to say that you’ve once played a sci-fi AI dating sim about a medieval Korean patriarchal society.

Ohhhh yes. Analogue and Hate Plus are amazing… if the content doesn’t put you off. (TW for violence and sexual violence against women.)

I have done Analogue before, and it’s really good. VN games are super good if they really make you feel emotions, imo, and I felt a whole range of them in Analogue.

A friend of mine and I share Steam libraries, and he just bought Hustle Cat, so I’m playing that one. I first saw it on a Let’s Play, and both my friend and I really got into it, and eventually one of us was going to break and buy it.

Of course, the one character whose route I want to do is locked off until I do everyone else’s, but that does give me a reason to play through them all first.

And Hustle Cat allows you to play with gender neutral pronouns too, so huge bonus for that one!

The story’s about A Cat’s Paw, a cafe where the waitstaff are cursed to become cats after they leave the cafe grounds. There’s tons of witchcraft in it, and depending on whose story you go through, you can also deal with internet trolls confronting people in real life. :U

@Scildfreja: They aren’t on my intarblag yet but here are some links thus far:

The Dark World

The Death Star

The Giant

The Puzzle

I’m doing them at least partially to get back into the discipline of writing daily. So far I’ve mostly succeeded.

Those boards are… they’re not really a safe space, sadly, but I’m trying to be an awesome person there and so set a good example (and alienate the GGers and Nazis who sadly are present.)

Visual novels, huh? Well, I quite like Katawa Shoujo. It was made by A Certain Imageboard though, and while that’s not a knock against it as a VN, I can get why that may turn people off. Also, I quite like Ace Attorney, even Apollo Justice. Yeah, I’m not exactly a seasoned VN reader but whatever.

I don’t play it much but M plays Blade and Soul, I don’t have much of a reference point but I enjoy it reasonably well, it’s just that I’m terrible at it.

And someone mentioned Fire Emblem Fates, that one’s really good. If you like Fire Emblem, maybe see about finding a used copy of Advance Wars Days of Ruin for the original DS. Like FE, but with tanks and stuff.

What pains me is that Candace Owens wanted to create a website to “make the internet a better place” without seeming to understand… what the internet is or does (considering she also claims as much). Like the whole point of Degree180, she claims, is to make news that people want to read. Which, aside from her lengthy and inconsistent essay that may as well be about how Zoe Quinn ruined her Kickstarter campaign, includes giving Sam Mire a platform for articles like this.

And how she can’t even look into the potential future and see what might happen to these people who get placed on are Bully Doxxing Website? Ridiculous. She doesn’t even understand that people create fake Tweets/Facebook posts, screenshot them, and pass them around as truth. The absolute reliance on honesty? Isn’t going to be very useful.

For all you RPG fans out there, have you checked out divinity:original sin? It’s on pc and ps4. Great, old school RPG in the vein of the old Baldur’s Gate games, with a lot of zany humour to break things up a bit. Turn based combat, tons of depth, so much fun.

@Scildfreja- Steam lets you save your screencaps to desktop, though it’s a few extra steps to be able to post it.

Anyway, this is my SS Joey Sullivan in her Chrome Shroud costume (one of the few mods that’s still functioning) and her original face design. I gave her a whole prewar backstory and everything.

First character I made was Hannibal and have been eating the finest people across the wasteland.

Then I made Handsome Jack, hero of the wasteland, slaughterer of raiders, and chooser of the ‘sarcastic’ option in every conversation.

And finally Furiosa, with her Furious Power Fist and War Rig power armor.

Whoa. That is a spot-on Jack. Nice job.

I have this little story in my head that my character and the survivors with Preston had to stick out the winter in the vault and defrost one of the prewar neighbors in order to survive. Dogmeat seems like he might graze on some raiders too.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Jackie; currently using they/their, he/his pronouns)says:


:OOOO HANDSOME JACK when he was called John. I love. <3 (I just finished Borderlands 2 for the first time just a little over an hour ago so yeah.)

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Jackie; currently using they/their, he/his pronouns)says:

That’s some good Handsome Jack right here…not, not morally. He’s not l, like, a good guy, just really good–you know, you know what I’m talking about.

On the discussion of video games, may I happyflail about Star Wars: The Old Republic a bit? Because story-driven MMO! *squeeing*

I know y’all know about it already, but it’s SO GOOD. I’ve only completed the Sith Inquisitor plotline so far, but… wow.

Usual caveat that it’s not 100% non-problematic, et cetera. Main problematic stuff I’ve seen is some “the Dark Side makes you c***y” stuff, which is sadly pretty standard for the setting. Also, no non-het romances until Chapter 4. If those are things you can deal with, it’s a beautiful game.

I don’t know why I’m talking like I need to sell you on it. It’s just so good. Each class has their own storyline. And companions. And each companion has their own plot. And… *more squeeing”


Oh my gosh, I am also so excited for Stellaris. I love 4X space games. There’s just something in me that wants to conquer the universe, I guess. ^_^

OH! Not sure if anyone else has already mentioned it, but the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver trilogy is a PS2 classic from Eidos that’s being re-released on Steam. Epic dark vampire storyline, great puzzle elements, amazing soundtrack. Despite the cruder early graphics during gameplay, the work they put into the cutscenes and voice acting really made it a work of art.

I’ll second Legacy of Kain, just be aware that it has an absolutely labyrinthine plot. You pretty much need a flowchart to decipher it.

Also, the actual first game of the series, Blood Omen, isn’t available on Steam. Anyone who’s interested may want to try and hunt that down elsewhere, or the story of the remaining games might not make complete sense.

I had Blood Omen on the PS1 – one of my all time favorite games. Never got into the sequels after playing a demo version of one and not liking the camera and controls. Never found running into walls to be that much fun.

@A Tiny Dragon:
We should have a WHTM Stellaris sub-forum in the Steam group. I really want to hear what you come up with in it.

@A Tiny Dragon:
We should have a WHTM Stellaris sub-forum in the Steam group. I really want to hear what you come up with in it.

Go for it!

There’s a steam group?

Yup! It’s pretty quiet, but I’m always hopeful we’ll get more activity. 🙂

@Kupo, I dled Life is Strange – it’s really good! I’m only in the second chapter but I’m really enjoying it 😀

As far as recommendations go that haven’t been given:

Darkest Dungeon: Turn based combat with a very “anyone could die” and Lovecraft horror story. Half the game is preparing your adventurers. There’s also a really nice Stress system, mental health is often more important when facing the horror. I’m a total addict for it.

Civilization: A bit obvious, but no else suggested it. Civ 4 if your comp is really that lousy or Civ 5 if it’s modern enough for something 5 years old.

The Banner Saga: A beautiful windswept work of melancholy art using a lot of norse mythology, turn based combat alongside a dialogue choice driven story.

Long Live the Queen: You are the stereotypical young beautiful princess, your coronation is just months away, on your first playthrough it is likely you will be murdered inside of the first 6 weeks.

Another well done horror/scifi with a storyline that somewhat resembles Portal is the 1995 PC point-and-click puzzle adventure I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream , based on a novel by the same author of “A Boy and His Dog” where an evil AI performs tests by psychologically tormenting the last remaining humans, and has multiple endings. It also features entering commands through typing sentences text-adventure style, something I really miss from older games.

Fair warning, to say this game is a downer is a huge understatement. It contains some incredibly dark stare-into-the-abyss elements as part of it’s ethical dilemmas, including rape and genocide. It’s as emotionally draining as a reading of 1984.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was a really well done play through adaptation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. It has also been re-released on Steam, but for some reason they didn’t use the Xbox software to allow for controller use.

@David – I got another warning on this page (not others).
I didn’t catch the exact verbiage (trying to see where the logs are – new anti-virus, so I’m not sure).
The ads currently showing up are Werther’s (really),, Paypal Purchase Protection, + the slew of Taboola stuff up top.

FWIW, I checked in on this site on my phone several times this weekend with no issues (same brand of anti-virus installed on my phone).

@several re: Fallout 4: I love your builds!
Especially Jack and Furiosa 😀

It’s been about all that I’ve played for awhile.

My kids are all, “Feed us! Nurture us! Ensure that we don’t live in filth!”, so my game time’s been severely curtailed for the past decade or so.
We’re gearing up for a move, too, and have a bunch of improvements to make on this place so it can be rented…even less time.
Bwamp bwamp.

Heck – the only thing I’ve touched for the past two weeks or so has been Ori and the Blind Forest, and that’s been because my kids want to watch me play it – it interests them, but they don’t have the patience for it.

I guess I could play now (before they wake up), but coffee and catching up the news (and wasting time here 🙂 ) keep pulling me in. Really, I should try to squeeze in a work out or something.
*sips coffee*

My character’s ridiculous now – level 70-something – and I still haven’t wrapped up the game. I’ve at least met the Institute now (not true a month ago), but for the most part I’ve been like, “My kid? Nah. I’m going to construct a few buildings with wildly unlikely physics, micromanage the affairs of a bunch of settlements, and see what’s in those blank areas of the map. If I get bored, maybe I’ll climb to the top of a tower, set off an alarm, and watch a few deathclaws slaughter some raiders.” I’m probably going to wait until the Far Harbor DLC’s up to run the end game.
I say that I’ll make some true role-playing characters after (this one’s pretty much Mockingbird of the Wastes) – one with lowish INT and highish a few other stats that’ll side with the Brotherhood, one with high INT and awful STR who’ll side with the Institute, etc – but by the time I’m done No Man’s Sky will likely be out.
I also have Witcher 3 chilling out waiting to be finished, I’ve only dipped my toes in Shadow of Mordor, etc.

Ah, well.

GenJones – I had the same problem when the update came out. Go to the 2nd start screen (so, not the small one that pops up on the desktop but the one that comes up when the game actually boots up). You’ll (hopefully) notice that there is now a MODS choice in the list of options. Go to that, and then click whatever button it says for LOAD ORDER. Make sure your mods are enabled and in whatever order you want. That fixed it for me. I thought it was going to be a way bigger pain in the ass.
Bethesda offers a few mods, even. I tried out their new radio mod “Atomic Radio” and liked it. It has a bunch of Fallout-land commercials and little short stories, plus new music. Hope this works for you, I can’t play Fallout without mods! 🙁

So according to Candace Owens, “friended and partnered with” usually means “mention our name and you’re going to get a cease and desist order” (re: their ‘partnership’ with Tyler Clementi foundation)

Very concerning for the future of wedding vows.

And of course, she’s trying to weaponize her own incompetence against ZQ again.


Fore some reason the options on my launch screen don’t have the option to look at mod order, just to adjust the distance settings and stuff like that.

I disabled the Steam in-game over lay in properties because I heard that worked for some people, but a lot of my mods still didn’t appear even after I reloaded them in the nexus mod manager. It was all working perfectly before by installing them in order and letting them overwrite, but I have no idea what needs to change. =(

@ booburry

BTW, have you tried the “Jetfuel Radio” and “Atom Cats” mods on nexus? They have some great songs for killing stuff to.

This is my new favorite girl power jam that I heard for the first time over Jetfuel:

This article and comment section is the outer limits. I don’t find with a little bit of reading maybe 2 hours and some research the holes in this story present themselves. I would not side with the camp that left to much evidence that Owens is telling the truth. If a documentary comes out and it has proof for those to see and they put it on Netflix its all over. Public opinion will come to play and this article will be used as a lightening rod at folks looking for those that protected cyber bullies.

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