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Gamergaters claim credit for Hulk Hogan’s victory over Gawker, recommend suicide to Gawkerites

Hulk Hogan (Gamergate not pictured)
Hulk Hogan (Gamergate not pictured)

Gawker Media has long been one of Gamergate’s favorite villains, and so it’s hardly surprising to see Gamergaters celebrating Gawker’s legal defeat at the hands of former wrestler and very large human Hulk Hogan.

It was a doozy of a defeat, with Gawker Media ordered to pay $115 million to Hogan for posting a sex tape featuring the ex-wrestler and the wife of a friend whose legal name is Bubba the Love Sponge.

On Twitter, Gamergaters cackled like the cartoon villains they are, posting schadenfreude-laden photoshops, ridiculous gifs, rape jokes, and the occasional request that Gawker employees die.

One Tweeter brought back this familiar face.

Remember me?

While the celebration comes as no shock, what is a little surprising is how many Gamergaters have leapt up to claim some kind of credit for a legal victory they had absolutely nothing to do with.

One Gamergate critic summed up the situation with a handy pic:

There were, to be sure, some Gamergaters who were willing to share credit with Hogan, seeing Gamergate as part of a some sort of Media Ethics tag-team.

Demonstrating the keen sense of ethics she has evidently learned from Gamergate, Minou took a moment off from her celebration to suggest to one games journalist and longtime Gamergate target that he kill himself.

One Gamergater and taco enthusiast offered a rather different take on the relationship between Hogan and the heroes of Gamergate.

Obviously, there are numerous Gamergaters who are sufficiently connected with reality that they can see that, no, they had nothing whatsoever to do with Hogan’s lawsuit, or the verdict, or the massive judgement. But the victory-claimers had retorts ready for these unbelievers.

But wherever they stood on the issue of just who was responsible for this glorious victory, Gamergaters seemed to agree on one thing: Gawker employees deserve to suffer for the poor decisions of their bosses.

Other Gamergate ethicists suggested that Gawkerites just go ahead and kill themselves.

It’s about ethics in telling journalists to kill themselves.

I hardly need to point out some of the blatant hypocrisies here. Gamergate wants Gawker Media destroyed over a sex tape. Meanwhile, Gamergaters posted nude photos of Zoe Quinn all across the internet; they also sent them directly to Quinn’s relatives. Gamergate did much of its early organizing on 4chan, before moving on to 8chan; both sites have reputations as havens for the trading of child porn.

Reddit, which hosts gamergate hub Kotaku in Action, has also been used to distribute child porn and stolen celebrity nudes; the site’s admins were glacially slow in taking action against both problems. Yes, Gawker’s posting of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape was sleazy and wrong and damaging. But 4chan, 8chan, and Reddit have done far more damage to a much larger group of victims. If Gamergate were as concerned as they pretend to be about “revenge porn” — or any kind of porn that is made and/or distributed without the consent of those in it — why are they not trying to shut down — or radically reform — Reddit or 8chan?

That is of course a rhetorical question.

Let me leave you with the creepiest tweet I ran across while writing this post. Once again, here’s Milo:

EDIT: I removed several tweets that turned out to be from a troll account.

EDIT 2: And one more.

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6 years ago

AsAboveSoBelow, I did not know about that character! I agree that the name fits. He’s just such a disgusting shitlord.

epitome of incomprehensibility

There aren’t many sympathetic characters in this case – not the Hulk, not Gawker – but the GamerGators are truly bizarre.

And awful and disgusting… (TW) “Cloudy Minou” probably was referring to a real-life incident when they made that “joke” about drinking bleach (the teenager who went online talking about her previous suicide attempt, and then who lost her life to suicide later). At least, I don’t think it’s a such a common method of self-harm that someone would refer to it randomly.

So yeah. Ethics in twitterism.

6 years ago

I absolutely love that these shitwits think Gawker and Jezebel are the epicenter of modern feminism as opposed to online rags which occasionally publish some more or less feminist leaning content.

It’s weird to think something that has permeated culture (at least to an extent) would be so centralized. Then there’s the vague notion of “teh tumblrz” when tumblr is just a blogging platform with a bit of website culture (especially in the lefty part), and it’s just as diverse as any other platform.

Feminism is scattered here and there, and really, Gawker and Jezebel are far from the most feminist sites I’ve read. I like Everyday Feminism, The Mary Sue, and Bitch Media, with a few small blogs and a couple of transgender comic artists. Buzzfeed and Huffington Post run feminist articles sometimes and I usually like them. Whenever someone accuses me of reading Jezebel, I roll my eyes. There are much better blogs and actual news sites to read about feminism on.

6 years ago

Gawker intends to appeal.

Pony's Labia
Pony's Labia
6 years ago

I used to read Jezebel but stopped because they suck. How? Because they tear some women down while supporting others for making similar choices. How is that feminism! Amber Rose is a warrior but Kim K is a whore? Whatever, Jezebel. Same shit different person.

Then Gawker outed that dude, now this. HH porn is not news, I hope they bleed reparations for this.

6 years ago

I thought gamergate was over…..they were boring and pedantic and apparently some still are.

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