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MRA’s and Their Future-tense Schadenfreude: Memeday, Early Edition

Found on AVFM's Facebook page
Found on AVFM’s Facebook page

Every Friday is Memeday here at We Hunted the Mammoth, but this week I’m going to start the celebration a day early, with a collection of “told you so!” memes I found, mostly, on Men’s Rights and other antifeminist Facebook pages.

Now, most of us human beings enjoy a bit of Schadenfreude now and then; it’s not the most noble of emotions, but it’s kind of hard to resist laughing a little when some horrible person gets their comeuppance.

Men’s Rights Activists are a pretty bitter and immature bunch, so it’s hardly a shock to see them giggling away at other people’s misfortunes. But it’s still a bit surprising to see just how many of the memes they create and/or pass along are little more than meanspirited “told you sos.”

Even more striking is how many of them offer up a sort of future-tense Schadenfreude. They’re not laughing because some feminist they hate has gotten their comeuppance; they’re laughing at the possibility that this feminist will get their comeuppance some time in the future. And I don’t think I’m wrong to see a sort of anxious desperation underlying these memes; I think on some level most MRAs know their Schadenfreudy fantasies aren’t going to come true.

The meme posted at the top of the page — I posted it before in a roundup of memes from A Voice for Men — is a visual representation of the rather tired claim, repeated endlessly by MRAs, that feminist women will end up dying alone surrounded by a small army of cats.

It’s not clear to me exactly why MRAs find this prediction quite so hilarious. Women tend to live longer than men, which means that even the most staunchly antifeminist women are likely to outlive their partners, giving them pretty much the same chance of ending up “alone” late in their lives, at least if they have no family or friends outside of their late husbands.

But for some reason there aren’t a lot of feminists sitting around cackling at the thought of GirlWritesWhat dying alone at some date in the not-so-near future. Because that’s petty, and tacky, and mean.

In addition to being a stony-hearted bunch, MRAs also tend to be a bit impatient, and like to imagine their sworn feminist enemies having their Waterloos long before they get to the age of seventy.

And so MRAs fantasize about feminists having a sudden realization that they were wrong and the MRAs were right — shortly after hitting age 30 or whenever it is that modern misogynists like to imagine that women magically turn into pumpkin-faced uggos.


Dudes, only MRAs, misogynists and pedophiles think that a woman’s “best years” are in her teens and early 20s.

By why wait for these imaginary feminists to have some sort of drastically premature mid-life crisis when you can just pretend that they’ll all be miserable just as soon as they graduate from college with their women’s studies degrees.


Whoever made this meme picked an awfully cheerful-looking woman to represent a young feminist brokenhearted over having to work at Subway.

But women don’t have to work in food service to be miserable, the mememakers insist. Having to work ANY job at all is going to make them regret their feminism. Because apparently, before feminism came along, women were pampered creatures who slept all day on silk sheets, surrounded by bon-bon wrappers and an assortment of tiny dogs, while their husbands worked 25-hour-days in the salt mines.


Huh. Somehow I missed the part where feminism told women that working in an office was the closest thing to paradise on earth

Then there’s this tired trope, a lovely example of misogynoir turned into a meme by a black MRA cartoonist I first noticed on DeviantArt a couple of years ago.


And let’s end this survey of future-tense schadenfreude with a meme that somehow manages to work in two historical cartoons I really like and that I think I’ve posted here before.


I’m going to say, “yes,” except perhaps the portion of her life she spent married to a dickhead.

And because the first two cartoons there deserve better than to be shoved into a dopey antifeminist meme, let’s look at them in all their full-sized glory.


We love you, kickass suffragette girl!

This cartoon was originally intended as anti-suffragette propaganda, but, seriously, that girl is AWESOME.

Looking through the collection of anti-sufragette cartoons featured on the post I linked to above, I noticed another one that shows pretty clearly just how ancient and utterly unoriginal the “you feminists will all die alone” trope really is.


See, wanting the vote makes women UGLY!

Is is even necessary to point out the obvious: that despite all the mean cartoons they inspired, the suffragettes WON.

And here’s that other cartoon, of more recent vintage:


Wait, is that redhaired gal dating Carl Sagan?

161 replies on “MRA’s and Their Future-tense Schadenfreude: Memeday, Early Edition”

Yup. I also wonder how she went from blond girl to black-haired woman.

I don’t know, I was dirty blond as a young child but my hair went black after I passed puberty. (Though my eyebrows were always black.) So it can happen.

My parents had been expecting a redhead, thanks to having redhead grandparents.

But for some reason there aren’t a lot of feminists sitting around cackling at the thought of GirlWritesWhat dying alone at some date in the not-so-near future. Because that’s petty, and tacky, and mean.”

…and dull.

My grandmother is nearly 80. She hasn’t dated in 20 years. She has taught literacy in prisons, helped refugees get their citizenship, built homes with h4h and all the kids at her church call her Granny. She traveled all over this summer visiting family. She has good friends and good times and she stays in amazing shape biking and going to yoga. My oldest son calls her regularly and all my kids worship her, as do I.

She’s a staunch feminist, was a divorced single mom and says the sexual revolution was the best thing that ever happened to her. She loves her cat. I’d be thrilled to be just like her.

MGTOW vs. wisdom teeth? Well, of the two, if I had to choose, I’d pick the latter. At least when you get them out of your life, they stay GONE. Migtoes just hang around forever on the fringes, whining and throwing hissyfits. Plus you don’t get general anesthesia when you (try to) get rid of them. Or painkillers after.

Meanwhile, it’s most satisfying to hear that Mystery has hit the wall and gone splat. Only a shame that the asshat (literally an asshat, because his hats are the most asinine thing you ever saw!) has kids. Shudder for them.

So that Marvel cover is “Dedicated to the fearless, fabulous females of WOMEN’S LIB!”… Well call me crazy but I read that as a positive portrayal of feminism, why did the sexists assholes of the IAFC include it in their little anti-feminist post?

I kind of love the irony of MRA’s use of the first cartoon. I mean, make it a guy and swap “suffragette” for “MRA” and suddenly the sentence is pretty factual.


My last state of the state of the feminists state included the recommendation of arming oneself in whatever manner the individual sees fit. Partially because I decided to use the last couple of axes I wasn’t keeping for myself as bait for the bear traps that will be set up with appropriate lures out in a trail of sorts that should get my planned targets to head off into the woods and to the bear traps themselves. I’m still undecided on whether sandwiches or earlier copies of playboy magazine (pre-elimination of nudity editions) would be the best lures.

That photo of the lonely 70-year-old? There’s a plant on her windowsill. She could water it and nurture it and watch it grow. She could go to the nursery and ask for instructions on how to best take care of it. Maybe the owner is 60 and can appreciate an older woman. He asks her to dinner. One thing leads to another. Dot, dot, dot.

I’ve read that issue of Our Love Story. It contains three shorts. The first one is about a feminist. The dilemma of the tale is that the guy she’s into hasn’t made any moves on her and she thinks he doesn’t love her.

Of course she hasn’t made any moves either or asked him about it; she just mopes about until he comes knocking on her door and explains that he didn’t want to offend her “women’s lib attitudes” by coming on to her. Or, you know, mentioning it at all. It’s basically standard romance dilemma #14 with added women’s lib stereotypes for variety.

Story #3 is better. Despite the central dilemma being yet another case of a problem that’s immediately solved once the couple actually talk to each other about it, it features a black, working, single mother, rather than the usual blonde dilettante.

You’ve read it?! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

I have to admit that when I was a kid, I spent far too much time at the newsstand perusing romance comics.

The long, thick, wavy blue-black hair! The pillowy lips! The luxuriant eyelashes! The stylish clothes! The true, true love!

Every woman needs a man the same way every “s” requires an apostrophe. It’s a matter of possession.

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