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Dudes! Use This Totally Alpha Red Pill iPhone Setting to Totally Dominate the Babes Like an Alpha

Regina George: Red Pill role model?
Regina George: Red Pill role model?

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If you’re a true Red Pill Alpha dude, you know how important it is to keep the hot babes wondering “does he really like me or am I just one of his spinning plates?

Well, totally dominating the hot babes with Dread Game is now as easy as switching a setting on your iPhone!

At least according to this dude in the Red Pill subreddit:

 Red Pill TheoryTurn on Read Receipt on your Smartphone. (self.TheRedPill) submitted 2 days ago by Jimmypickles Synopsis: Mind fucks Body: Some smartphones (most notably Apple IPhone's Imessage) allow you to show the other party when you've read their message. TURN THIS ON. Easiest dread game, I've had two girls call me out on not responding to texts when I've clearly read them, putting them in my frame and showing that they (to a certain extent) care. It's infuriating knowing that someone's read your text but refuses to respond, and guarantees you'll be on their mind longer than otherwise. Conclusion: Turn on 'Read Receipts'. 66 comments

Turns out some of the other Red Pillers are so Alpha that they’re doing this already!

Praecipuus 9 points 2 days ago This is some good advice, right here. When the read receipt notifications first were introduced with whatsapp, everyone was flipping their shit about "Imma turn that shit off because privacy and bla bla". This is one of the best tools that have been given to anyone who is familiar with dread 101. Not only does this show you read their text, didn't care and thus didn't reply, but it also shows you don't even care enough to hide that fact from them.

rebuildingMyself 1 point 1 day ago I've been doing this with WhatsApp since forever. Especially if I'm punishing my LTR for her bitchy behavior. Radio silence, she's free to send walls of text, and she's also free to know that I've read them.

True, at least one Red Piller seems to think that this is kind of a Mean Girls move.

fullanalpanic 7 points 1 day ago The issue I have with this isn't the improbability of being that preoccupied. It's that the only purpose for turning on read receipts is to make it obvious you're ignoring them. If you're doing this just to mess with their heads, it's really no different from a shit-test. Stay busy, do interesting things, read your texts, respond if you want. No reason to go the extra mile to make a point.

But they don’t understand that the Red Pill is all about being a Mean Girl!

[–]fullanalpanic 2 points 2 days ago I agree. Playing mind games is for children... permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]2FatStig 11 points 2 days ago Women are children and they love mind games. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]fullanalpanic 3 points 1 day ago That was my point. This 'strategy' reeks of effeminacy. Are we turning on read receipts just to make sure they know we don't care, or should we actually not care? permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]2FatStig 4 points 1 day ago I don't know if mine is on or not. Some messaging apps have it on by default. If they see that I read and didn't immediately respond they start demanding attention, whining, sending nudes etc. Personally I have other things to worry about and more than enough females trying to get my jizz. If you don't maybe this is a legitimate strategy. Your are trying to moralize and shame. Strategy is what works.


BRB. Gonna design an app to help Red Pillers track the number of females trying to get their jizz.  Gonna call it the Jizzbot 3000.

*Quickly Googles*


Though, granted, they’re not using it very well.

113 replies on “Dudes! Use This Totally Alpha Red Pill iPhone Setting to Totally Dominate the Babes Like an Alpha”

I summon my authority as someone with a disorder to say that Lea’s point was not inherently an ableist one. I don’t know enough about NPD to say the statement was accurate, but if it is it’s a perfectly fine thing to say.

I do apologise to anyone struggling with a disorder who might have read my post as saying they are like trpers. Having a disorder is not like being a misogynist douche bag who sets out to harm others because they think its cool and I did not intend to equate the two.


I was unaware of the remake until earlier this year. I was surprised it got a remake because the premise was so not western. Suffice to say, not worth a watch. I never not finish a movie but I had to stop in the middle of this one. It was stupid.

I don’t think Lea’s original point was ableist either. As a sufferer of a disorder I don’t recommend people to mimic the symptomes at all. I think the point was that it’s not healthy to mimic behaviour that might be harmful (and is associated with a disorder that includes being harmful towards others, even if you’re not really a bad person or abything.)

Ligher note:
I watch my poly friends maintain marriage, girlfriends, exes who are friends, friends who date their spouses etc and they don’t play these silly games at all. They have so many friends and lovers that I don’t know how they find time and energy to maintain their relationships. They’re genuine, caring, attentive and encouraging. When a woman tells me she is attracted to one or both of them I’m like, “Of course you are. The line forms to the left”. Oddly enough, having people fall for you and want to spend time with you is usually a side effect of having good social skills and being good to other people.

I don’t think these men are being jerks to try to get laid. That’s the “manly” excuse they give. They really just get off on being jerks and getting the approval of other jerks. Sex is something they do to score points with each other. I believe that if they had to choose between women falling all over them and their shitty red pill douchebaggery, they’d pick the douchebaggery.


“I do apologise to anyone struggling with a disorder who might have read my post as saying they are like trpers. Having a disorder is not like being a misogynist douche bag who sets out to harm others because they think its cool and I did not intend to equate the two.”

Yup. You weren’t being ableist, more incomplete. You were pointing out a behavior found predominantly in male somatic narcissists, this not a behavior found in all NPDs. Not all NPDs are misogynistic, but many are. Many NPDs are hateful in some way, and look down on some group or another, as part of their problematic personality problems. It’s not uncommon for this group to be women, especially since somatic NPDs get their narcissistic supply through sex and sexual dominence.

So, maybe some of these guys are modeling after NPDs, but I’d be more willing to bet that many of these guys *ARE* somatic narcissists for real. Since the *one thing* we can count on from NPDs is that they won’t change, their PD is only significant because it frames their misogyny for us. It shows us it’s permanence, and differentiates it from the more temporary incarnations of misogyny that we may encounter as women.

Personality Disorders are not mental Illnesses . Just because psychology has tried to classify assholes in an attempt to understand them, it does not mean that they stop being assholes just because their behavior has a category in the DSM.

Also, on googling; 99% of antedoctal accounts of PDs are bullshit (including mine). There are too many factors going on with PDs for it to be any different;

*Most PDs are comorbid with mental illness.

*Most people with a PD have more than one personality disorder.

*There are hundreds of possible unique combinations of problematic personality traits within each PD.

*There’s the flat out refusal by many mental health professionals to dx or treat people with personality disorders. (Personal experience lol; I’m BPD?)

*Many antedoctal accounts of PD on the Internet are written by the personality disordered themselves. This is problematic. Especially everyone who self-identifies on the internet as NPD or APD gets side-eyed by me. At the best, NPDs and APDs are known prolific liars; so even if they are being truthful about their dx, I can safely assume that everything that they say is suspect and an attempt to gather empathy (read; power-over).

@ LindsayIrene

Juliette Galocci was shit-posting as Julotte Galocci the other day. Low quality drive-by troll.

I name it ‘Youtube quality trolling.’ Probably the most unoriginal troll I’ve seen here since I started reading…

I knew a person who set his iPhone up to send read receipts like that. Little did he know that when you set them up, they usually go both ways – meaning he got a read receipt whenever someone read his texts too. It was actually kind of funny watching him freak out when a woman had apparently read his text but not responded.

Oh that’s some real oneupmanship there.

The most common reason for a lack of a reply is that people are just preoccupied, then forget. Only someone with low self-esteem is going to assume something is wrong.

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