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This 45-second video demolishes the MRA delusion that women have gotten too powerful in contemporary society

This video, put together by the UK edition of Elle magazine, imagines what the worlds of politics and culture might look like if all the men were to suddenly vanish from positions of power and influence.

Naturally, it’s a bit UK-centric in its examples, but, well, POINT MADE, regardless.

Your move, MRAs.

H/T — Quartz

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@ Falconer

Luckily I’d already come clean about my tractor liking predilections on the Lamborghini thread, so I’ve not accidentally outed myself in that regard and thus cannot be blackmailed. Do your worst doxxers!!!

The Trojan Horse case is quite a rare example. There have been a handful of schools that have had problematic issues, but that’s mainly been stuff like making the girls sit at the back in lessons. Most Muslim faith schools bend over backwards to show how integrated and progressive they are. Their brochures are full of pictures of girls in hijabs bending over microscopes etc.

Sorry, I thought they’d been caught at a publicly-funded school.

(Catch me doing mandatory worship at school. I’ve always disliked even doing the pledge.)

I’ve been looking, but I can’t find any terms for a taxpayer funded open-to-the-general-public school anywhere in the UK, let alone England. Over here, of course, that’d be a public school but I understand that’s more Tom Brown than Breakfast Club in England.

I suppose we Saxons ought to be grateful that our Norman betters recognize that we can handle their manors more ably with a rudimentary briefing in letters and numbers.

@ Falconer

Yes, it was a publicly funded school. We don’t have that separation of church and state thing so we have state schools that are “faith schools”. Most are Church of England or Catholic but they can be any religion. The one in the story is a Muslim one. There’s a pagan one somewhere too.

The rules say they cannot exclude anyone based on religion but they are allowed to teach from the ethos of a particular religion.

The generic term for a tax payer funded school here is just “state school”

State schools are further categorised by how they are run. Some schools have ‘Academy’ status which means they are aware funded but run outside state control, normally by the parents but theoretically by anyone.

Our private schools that aren’t funded by the tax payer are called “public schools”. That seems a bit daft but that’s because they were the first schools open to the general public, albeit the ones who could afford to pay, rather than only being open to the children of members of particular trades or guilds or military units etc.

Falconer: if they’re selective they’re called grammar schools; if not they’re called state schools.

@ EJ

Grammar schools can also be state schools though. There are 164 state grammar schools in England according to the Guardian.

I actually went to a state grammar school. Weirdly it wasn’t selective in the sense I didn’t have to do the 11+. It was the local Catholic grammar school and anyone who’d been to one of the feeder middle schools could go there.

@ Falconer

It’s actually a requirement of English law that all state schools begin the day with an act of collective worship that should principally be “of a Christian nature”.

Probably fair to say that’s not the most vigorously enforced law over here.

Don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out but this is something that kissed me off about YouTube. After watching that video the next video it plays is Proof Women Are Stupid. It reminds me how every time I watch a FemFreq video the recommended videos are all trash talking her.

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