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Friday Video Fun Times Half-Hour: Watch this re-enactment of The Sarkeesian Effect

A scene from Kevin Logan's remake of The Sarkeesian Effect
A scene from Kevin Logan’s remake of The Sarkeesian Effect

A week or so ago, YouTuber Kevin Logan, known for some pretty hilarious takedowns of some of the manosphere’s, er, leading lights, put up the first installment of what was intended to be a 2 1/2 hour long “review” of Jordan Owen’s The Sarkeesian Effect that consisted basically of him making snotty remarks as he watched the terrible, terrible film.

Owen sent a DMCA takedown notice, claiming (and I suppose he was right) that Logan’s video showed a lot more of his movie than “fair use” would allow. Like pretty much the entire first 25 minutes of it. So it was removed from YouTube.

Logan has returned with a couple of new videos that solve that whole “fair use” problem in a novel way.

Instead of talking over Owen’s film, he has instead chosen to do a sort of parodic re-enactment of it, which alternates clips from the film (or at least the footage that Owen “borrowed” for the film and that he doesn’t actually have rights to) with droning fake narration, weird “puppet” shows, and some distinctly unprofessional vocal versions of Owen’s music for the film.

“Davis Aurini” makes intermittent appearances, in the form of an egg with a face drawn on it.

As one of the few people who’s actually seen Owen’s terrible film, I have to say that Logan’s parody is pretty much spot on, and is about a hundred times more entertaining to watch than the plodding original.

Then again, he’s only made it through about a quarter of the film so far.

Without further ado, the first two installments of What Can Only Be Called Kevin Logan’s The Sarkeesian Effect.

It’s crude and deliberately stupid but I enjoyed it.

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I wouldn’t even mind if he used notes. But he doesn’t do that. He just reads the text he wrote beforehand. And he even sets up the laptop at an angle to the camera.
This guy is just so incompetent.

Josh | September 26, 2015 at 10:44 pm
Though again, the game doesn’t really punish you for killing much of anyone. Hell, at first I was shocked thinking that the karma system had kicked in, until I saw it was just reputation.

I mean, hell, you can flat out murder at least five people in any given faction/settlement before they even think of turning you away.

I remember I drove my karma way, way down in Fallout 3. I couldn’t do anything without being attacked, so it’s just easier for me to be a do-gooder. That, and the good missions are usually a hell of a lot easier to do as well.

To be honest though, I haven’t really tried to nuke my karma (see what I did there?) in a while, so my memory’s kind of fuzzy on that bit.

In TES, however, I find it’s much easier to be that “likeable asshole you can’t prove did anything wrong, but a few people are wary, but they can’t say anything because you own half to 3/4ths of the country” kind of character that I like so much.

Because in the forests of Skyrim or the plains of Cyrrodil, no one will find your body. Ever. (⊙∇ ⊙✿)

Or…y’know, if I murder you in your house. Pretty sure no one went looking for my neighbor in Skingrad after he “went missing” after he was so very rude to me. Good thing corpse decay and rigor mortis aren’t things in Tamriel!

LinuxLea | September 27, 2015 at 4:25 am
I wouldn’t even mind if he used notes. But he doesn’t do that. He just reads the text he wrote beforehand. And he even sets up the laptop at an angle to the camera.
This guy is just so incompetent.

I’ve actually taken a class before for public speaking (It was a requirement for my degree). The best thing I was taught to do was to not rely on a pre-written speech, but rather a bullet-point style list of all your talking points. That way, the speech comes off as more natural, and doesn’t sound like you’re reading off of note cards.

For instance, if I wanted to give a speech on TSE, I’d do a list like this:

1. What is The Sarkeesian Effect?
a. Pro-Gamergate movie
b. Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini
c. Is supposed to focus on Anita Sarkeesian and give an “inside look” into the “world of social justice warriors”
d. Patreon funded
2. The Sarkeesian Effect has lack-luster production values
a. There are disembodied body parts in every shot
b. The sound production is terrible.
c. The editing is poor
3. There’s a lot of not useful information
a. Interviewed people not part of the industry, but rather who had nothing to do with it
i. Sex workers, porn photographers, MRAs
b. Some appearances hurt your cause rather than help it
ii. Jack Thompson wanted to destroy video games, not save them.
c. Only one person mentioned in the movie had anything to do with the video game industry
d. The movie was advertised as “two sides to every story”, yet there’s really no one who’s anti-GamerGate or even Pro-Sarkeesian
i. There were some people who identified as feminists, but they’re not accepted by the feminist community
4. The Fallout between Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini
a. Aurini’s scam and abuse of Owen
b. Owen trying to put together the pieces without him
5. Conclusions
a. The movie was a flop that had terrible production value, didn’t do anything it was promised to do, and only makes the ones behind it look bad.

…and so on. I could continue, but I think that’s a good break down.

Of course, not everyone can do this, but with practice, it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. :3 And of course, you should always practice your speech before you give it. You might change some things, but it’s always better to practice before.

As has now been noted, the misnaming of Kevin as ‘Kurt’ is deliberate, proving once again that when it comes to rapier wit and devastating bon mots, GG stands proudly on a par with your average petulant eight-year-old. So take that, DAN Futrelle! LEL SICK BURN

@promisedlandpastor: I really wish Kevin Logan wouldn’t use the C-word. But the way he uses it as a general term of abuse, I don’t think he’s really thought about the implications of the most taboo swear being a synonym for female genitalia, or the difference between See You Next Tuesday and slang terms for male genitalia e.g. prick, cock etc. He also doesn’t, for example, refer to any of the sex workers in The Sarkeesian Effect as c-words, w*ores, sluts etc. So I can live with it. It’s not perfect. He may eventually come around and drop it from his vocabulary, and I hope he does.

As for calling mras douches, douchebags etc., most commercial douches are actually harmful to the vagina because they destroy the natural flora and pH. They’re also only a thing because OMG VAGINAL ODOUR MUST ELIMINATE. So as a nasty name for mras, I think douche really fits.


I wasn’t fond of that particular detail either – apparently it’s a cultural difference, those two words don’t seem to be as offensive in England as they are elsewhere, but it’s sure as hell not something that we’d allow him to say here. Still, it’s like anything else – problematic stuff can still be enjoyed, just be mindful of said problematic stuff. Just like with video games!

*”Those two words” being “T**t” and “C**t.” There’s nothing wrong with calling MRAs a pointless-at-best, harmful-at-worst product that only exists due to misogynistic marketing teams inventing yet another random thing for women to feel bad or ashamed about.

Re Mike, ‘I’d just like to note that in writing this, I’m leaving a blog comment in response to a blog comment in response to a section of a video in response to a section of a movie in response to a section of a video in response to a piece of footage from a video game which is the third sequel to another game…’

Hey… Isn’t there some kind of theoretical limit for nested meta after which, if you actually respond to something already sufficiently deeply nested you disappear entirely from this universe and reappear as a Wikipedia footnote? I seem to recall it was around eight tiers or so and then [15].

@paradoxical intentions: Exactly my point.
But if he used his laptop like something akin to a teleprompter it wouldn’t have been halve as bad.
I agree that any sane person would use bullet points, etc., but Jordan obviously isn’t a sane person.
Search for his “But Women ARE rewards” video, and you’ll see what I mean.

I just wanted to say how happy I am that the pop-up video ad running right now is for Lane Bryant, and features plus-size models in underwear making eye contact. Garden-variety misogynists tend to respond to that like someone threw sand in their eyes, and the thought that some stupid precious snowflake baby is ~OMG AUGH *reaching for brain bleach*~ just because the mean blog showed them a fat woman’s skin makes my day a little brighter.

“Now look at all these fucking Communists. And even worse – they’re Social Justice Warriors.”


@paradoxical intentions: I didn’t mean it in any discriminating way and I apologize if I misspoke.
I’m german, and this kind of pc-stuff isn’t that big over here.
I just think it’s not very healthy to be so far removed from reality as he is and see conspiracies everywhere. Just look at his “#Metalgate” video.

I’ve gotten two things in the mail now that are for weddings of some sort. I got a wedding catalog for wedding party stuff and a gift card from Target that would give me 20$ if I start a wedding registry.

I think someone with my name is getting married or something, because I’m certainly not.

I’m very confused.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

I have a SINISTER SOLES ad. :’3

“The Sarkeesian Effect” is a term invented by thunderf00t. It has a very stupid meaning. If I’m not wrong, the context is his Twitter account was suspended and he called this “The Sarkeesian Effect”.

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