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Friday Afternoon Video: “What it’s like watching The Sarkeesian Effect”

Ran across this on YouTube, from someone called ScAgCoWbOy. I know nothing about them, but this video pretty much nails the experience of sitting through all 2 1/2 hours of The Sarkeesian Effect — probably the longest 2 1/2 hours you’ll ever endure. The sleepy dog, needless to say, is not in the original.

By the time the “film” got to this point — this is from Jordan Owen’s weird Ayn-Randy monologue, around 2 hours in — I was so completely zoned out I couldn’t really appreciate the ridiculousness of what he was saying. Or the loopy graphics.

Also note the completely random (and way too loud) music. It’s like that all the way through this piece of crap.



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6 years ago

The worst part for me isn’t the terrible film making, writing, or whining, though those are all awful,

The worst part for me was taking things that were unambiguously unsupported opinions and flatly declaring them as fact. Even Zeitgeist and What the ^*^&% Do We Know knew how to frame their conjecture as leading rhetorical questions.

If this were an argumentative essay submitted by a 7th grader I’d give it a D.

6 years ago

John Pavlich: I agree with you on Red State; the centerpiece holds up pretty solidly as a film, and it was definitely genuinely new territory for Smith, which is a good thing for an artist in its own right. But it shows some of that ‘newness’ in how he handles the opening and the close–it’s tough to get into the film at first, and the ending just sort of sits there.

6 years ago

I decided to check out the IMDB page for this “film” (yes, one exists: It’s pretty bare bones, but what I found most interesting is the “People who liked this also liked” section:

Caroline (a Coraline knock-off I think)
Stay as You Are – a 1978 drama/romance about an illicit affair
32A – a young girl’s coming of age store (what?)

Oh yeah and clearly Davis Aurini is one of the users to give the title a good rating since he’s the only person in the world that likes “Lust in the Time of Heartache. I have to say, the synopsis for LITOH is suitably amazing.

6 years ago

@John Pavlich and Freemage:

The reason I hated the film as much as I did was because of it’s opening act as well as it’s ending. When it’s reenacting the Waco Massacre and having John Goodman as an atypical action hero of sorts, it works well…but it just wasn’t enough. The awfulness overshadowed whatever good qualities it had.

When it spends a half hour setting everything up, only for it to be repetitive and ultimately pointless, it was just aggravating – especially when it turns out these three teen aren’t the protagonists and serve absolutely no purpose after the first act. Even the reason for them being captured by these murderous homophobic zealots doesn’t make sense, especially as they are the ones who go through the trouble of tricking these guys into agreeing to a threesome (which none of them wanted to do either).

Do we also need to hear a 15-minute fire-and-brimstone sermon to further establish these murderous homophobic zealots were…murderous homophobic zealots? It doesn’t help the film also tries to make me feel bad for these bigoted fucks, often with the emotionally manipulative “look, there’s children amongst them!” It doesn’t detract from the fact they’re coming up with whatever reason they can to just ritualistically kill gay and possibly-but-not-really gay people. You can’t be asking for me to sympathize, at that point.

The ending, which would’ve just worked if it cut out right after that blaring horn sound happened – leaving things a bit ambiguous as to what it actually was – but instead get the biggest cinematic middle-finger ever. It’s been a serious film this whole time and yet it ends in the least serious way possible, as if this was some kind of comedy (even though there’s absolutely nothing funny about it) from the people behind Anchorman. It was so tonally abrupt that it retroactively ruined what I enjoyed about it.

I’d go as far to say it’s one of the worst films I’ve seen in the past decade, right next to Lady in the Water.

John Pavlich (@johnpavlich)

@NickNameNick ….Whoa. Come on, how do you REALLY feel, though? 🙂

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6 years ago

The whole “if u dont leik it mak ur own” argument is just such a stupid & pathetic attempt to combat criticism. I’m a professional film critic for my local newspaper & I get this dumb-ass response constantly. It’s a classic confusion of criticism & censorship.


True, but I have the right to respond however I want.

On a side note, what is wrong with that dude’s voice in that clip? Seriously, I can’t tell if it’s an actual person or one those robot voices.

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