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Celebrate Roosh V’s “Historic Victory” in Montreal with these lovely memes

Meme courtesy of Buttercup Q. Skullpants
Meme courtesy of Buttercup Q. Skullpants

Pickup artist and Men’s Rights (to Rape Women on Private Property) Activist Roosh Valizadeh has declared his recent talk in Montreal to have been a gigantic triumph for all mankind, emphasis on the “man.”

A victory for free speech. A victory for men. We will not apologize. We will not back down. Remember 8/8/15. Remember the Battle of Montreal.

He continued the celebration on Twitter.

In a post on Return of Kings, some random doofus who calls himself Quintus Curtius has gone a step further, describing Roosh’s noble struggle to find a place that would let him give a talk to 34 dudes as “the most significant free speech battle in North America in decades, probably since the 1960s,” and suggesting that “the seismic effects of this victory will continue to be felt for some time.”

There was one casualty in this war, however: The wig Roosh wore to a bar on Saturday night got lost in the commotion after some stupid lady poured beer on it.

I believe the only real way to celebrate a victory of this magnitude — and pay tribute to the fallen wig — is with memes. Anyone with me? Let’s make some memes.

Here’s my contribution. Post any you make, or any you find online, in the comments below.




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Buttercup’s meme is an instant classic. I’m going to look at it to cheer me up when I’m down from now on.

In a city of millions, 34 men is a victory? Alrighty then.

(Sorry I don’t know how to make memes but will be back to laugh along with this thread).

Only 34 suckers attended, plus a woman dumped a beer all over his shitty disguise, PLUS a far greater number of men chased him down the street after he got booted from the bar. “Stunning humiliation” is right!

PS: Roosh, if you need a new wig, I’ve got a clowny rainbow fright-number that one of my cats peed on. You’re welcome to it, and you’ll probably smell better wearing it, too.

so talking nonsense to 34 oafs in a back room somewhere is a victory now? Last week I gave a presentation about library resources to 40 people. Clearly I am a more powerful thought leader than Rooshv.

It’s dissenhearting how some people in the comments section talk about freedom of speech… it’s like it’s okay to incite violence against women under that flag or something :/

The fucking Battle of Montreal! The greatest human rights event since the 1960s! You’re talking about people being dehumanized and killed for their beliefs. You’re someone who had a bit of beer thrown on you. Get some perspective.

No doubt ‘the seismic effects of this victory’ (lol) will be felt by Roosh for some time.

Buttercup’s meme is so awesome that irony-deficient Rooshians could use it as their own.

Bear in mind that it’s nearly four times the audience for incredibly successful incisive commentary on something or other The Sarkeesian Effect.

Are we like 100% sure he’s not being sarcastic? It’s hard to believe anyone can be this much of a delusional jackass.

davidknewton | August 11, 2015 at 3:16 pm
The fucking Battle of Montreal! The greatest human rights event since the 1960s! You’re talking about people being dehumanized and killed for their beliefs. You’re someone who had a bit of beer thrown on you. Get some perspective.

You might as well be asking him to wipe his own ass without complaint!

Roosh and his ilk can’t imagine a universe where they aren’t the triumphant underdogs, fighting against a system that’s keeping them down with things like “Rape is awful!” and “Women are people, not sex toys!”

Which is very much a human trait, we’d all like to believe we’re not terrible people, but some people will deny it in front of a mountain of evidence to the contrary with both their hands on holy books.

@Dawn, great link – I’m curious to hear more about this naming and shaming while Rooshy tried to have coffee on St-Denis.

@Rosa, I generally steer clear of comments on CBC articles 🙁

@ianrennie, I guess that makes Roosh’s speech only the second greatest triumph for free speech since the 1960s.

Battle of Quebec: Plains of Abraham

Battle of Montreal: Plaint of Valizadeh

Oddly enough, the losing side of either continues to act as though they won. (J/K, je suis un maudit Anglais.)

So, he’s bragging about 34 people coming to watch him talk out of his rapist ass?

Wait, didn’t somebody write in the previous comments that it was said on Roosh’s forum that around 200 people attended? Or was that about some other event?

They’re throwing out different numbers to beat feminists with disinformation somehow. Rhoosh is like Johnny Iselin from The Manchurian Candidate identifying different numbers of communists in the United States congress. Except even stupider.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

Wasn’t there some Tweets that said that the conference actually never happened and Roosh was kicked out or something in another thread?

I heard the speech got cancelled and he made that ‘victory video’ in a small cafe somewhere? All that effort for an audience of 34 people? No way is he making a profit from any of this. He’d better get some fund raising advice from Paul Elam, or his buddy Davis Aurini.

Roosh and his goonsquad posted a bunch of different things about the meetup in order to try and bamboozle protestors. However, they kept doing it long after the meet was done. As such, it’s now impossible to tell which of their claims, if any, are accurate–outside the fact that he took a beer to the wig, that is.

Oh, for pity’s sake. I guess these guys have to take (or invent) their “victories” where they find them.

He can enter the Hall of Champions next to the Black Knights Head who declared victory over King Arthur after he walked away.

MRAs who annoy commenters until they ignore them will now have a shrine that they can make pilgrimages to.

LOL! 34 angry men got to bump chests and high-five each other. Although I admit I fell prey to “game” at one point, I knew right away Roosh was a loser.

All that effort for an audience of 34 people? No way is he making a profit from any of this.

Yeah, I’d be surprised it covered his travel costs. That Ukraine video from the other thread was a hoot, too…he was reduced to couch-surfing because he couldn’t afford anything better on what he makes from his shitty books and “seminars”. The mighty PUA coach, ladies and gentlemen!

I must admit it took me a while to get it, but when I did, it was magnificent.

BTW, I read i na comment in this blog that people other than heterosexual cisgendered men were barred from posting in RoK (or its forum? I don’t remember well). Is this true?

@Dawn, I came here to post that too! Nice that we in Toronto finally have a mayor who is…. well, uh, not Rob Ford. Tory has been pretty good so far.

34 people? So that means more people saw him get a beer poured on him than saw his lecture thingy. That makes me smile.

@ Rosa

Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here.

Well, not so much barred…

Oh, I see. Still, it’s a bit bold of him to claim to be a defensor of free speech when he doesn’t want some people commenting on what he has to say.



*takes breath*


Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here

Free speech heroes! Brave manly men!

Oh, lordy.


@Dawn Incognito

Omg, some of the people on the CBC site make me want to vomit.

“Its just satire..”
“Its about free speech..”

No, it wasnt satire. He’s a rapist. He’s teaching and encouraging men to do the same. He’s a f*cking monster.

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