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Celebrate Roosh V’s “Historic Victory” in Montreal with these lovely memes

Meme courtesy of Buttercup Q. Skullpants
Meme courtesy of Buttercup Q. Skullpants

Pickup artist and Men’s Rights (to Rape Women on Private Property) Activist Roosh Valizadeh has declared his recent talk in Montreal to have been a gigantic triumph for all mankind, emphasis on the “man.”

A victory for free speech. A victory for men. We will not apologize. We will not back down. Remember 8/8/15. Remember the Battle of Montreal.

He continued the celebration on Twitter.

In a post on Return of Kings, some random doofus who calls himself Quintus Curtius has gone a step further, describing Roosh’s noble struggle to find a place that would let him give a talk to 34 dudes as “the most significant free speech battle in North America in decades, probably since the 1960s,” and suggesting that “the seismic effects of this victory will continue to be felt for some time.”

There was one casualty in this war, however: The wig Roosh wore to a bar on Saturday night got lost in the commotion after some stupid lady poured beer on it.

I believe the only real way to celebrate a victory of this magnitude — and pay tribute to the fallen wig — is with memes. Anyone with me? Let’s make some memes.

Here’s my contribution. Post any you make, or any you find online, in the comments below.




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I’m still so confused about the wig. Was it supposed to be a disguise? Does he think chicks dig a guy wearing a long wig? Were the bodyguards hired to protect the wig? Will the wig soon have its own blog and Instagram, chronicling its wiggy adventures?


OMG. How come I didn’t realize it earlier?

Owen has a bathtub, Aurini is the skullman. (And we so miss Skully, since they were the most charismatic bit of the trio act.)

OBVIOUSLY Roosh needs his own schtick.

Which is a wig.

So what’s Paul Elam’s schtick? Or is his lack of schtick the reason why his star is waning?

The wig will run away and join Professor Skull, who as we all know appears to have escaped his bondage to PUA Anton LaVey. Together, they shall take to the road and have merry adventures. MRAs will squeal in horror at the sight, particularly when Professor Skull begins wearing the wig and they are forced to confront the non-binary creature thus created, which changes its name to Cranial Peruke. “Memes” are created protesting the relationship, with lines including “It’s Adam and Eve, not Rug and Mug” and “Toupee or not Toupee… urine trouble cranepuke”. Manosphere pundits demand to see the professor’s credentials. The rest of the world looks on confused.

So what’s Paul Elam’s schtick? Or is his lack of schtick the reason why his star is waning?

By Hera! I think you’ve solved that puzzle as well!

Rabid Rabbit: I legit laughed out loud. BRB, gonna do a quick render.


Thanks, that’s great. Would it be difficult to make it Mr. A. toupee? Would it be worth it? Just a thought.

Final report on the competing petitions regarding Roosh

Anti Roosh: 44,600
Pro Roosh: 33

change since last check:

Anti: 1100+
Pro: zero, zip nada

Can you put it on a body wearing a bathrobe over a t-shirt with a mesopotamian statue design on it? That would greatly delight me.

Sadly we will never see anything like this happen to Roosh in the UK as he wouldn’t be allowed in due to his very existence being deemed not conducive to the public good (in the same way the Julien Blanc AKA RSD Julien wasn’t allowed in) of course our Home Secretary is still Theresa May, so no doubt Rooshikins will put it down to OMGSEXISM.

Still it does mean we’d miss out on a lovely meme should he try his schtick in, say, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow or Belfast… BANG UK… with the word BANG positioned like a comic book sound effect right next to the point where the delicate fist of an elegant British young woman lands straight into his one of his weasly eyes.

Skirki, that is so awesome!

My addition to the skull & wig cannon :

Hey diddle dub,
A dude in a tub,
A PUA’s success is null,
Vulvatron laughed to see such a sport,
And the wig ran away with the skull

Yeah, the woman who threw a drink on RooshV had backup, and she knew she had backup. That woman who got beat up didn’t. And watch Roosh and his posse’s reaction when it goes down. Some of them look perfectly ready to throw down if there weren’t other people there. His forum has more than one person who said they know Roosh did the right thing for PR purposes, but they would have taken the shot.

That is part of the plan, they work to make resisting a risk, so that people won’t resist.

The problem is, that plan already backfired. The vast difference in signatories to the pro-and-contra petitions has already proved that. There are so many of us, resistance could come out of nowhere, and these guys would wind up with even more egg on their beards than they already have. They won’t risk that. And I’m confident they won’t take any shots now, because they never know when an angry mixed crowd will turn on them. They’re just bluffing because that’s all they have left. They’re like that chained-up dog in the yard, the one that always has to get the last bark in to “prove” to itself that it’s chased the mailman off.

skiriki et al., I am madly in love with your brains. Professor Skully and MR. A. Toupee are magnificent, and now I’m imagining a trilby-fied adventure where they m’lady their way across North America.

I’ve been creeped out by m’lady-ers since the late 1980s, but I always thought I was the only one; then I stumbled on this Eat That Toast! comic, which is the best thing ever:


Thank you. The visuals are far funnier than I could have imagined, let alone produced myself.

If you need any more inspiration, perhaps I should mention that I assumed that the two would take off on a motorcycle.

Hey diddle dub,
A dude in a tub,
A PUA’s success is null,
Vulvatron laughed to see such a sport,
And the wig ran away with the skull

I love it.

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