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Roosh V urges his fans to infiltrate protests against him dressed as “homosexual hipsters”

No one will suspect a thing
No one will suspect a thing

Hugely unpopular pickup artist Roosh V, now on the final leg of his “world tour” in Canada, is apparently feeling a bit cocky in the wake of what he sees as the success of “Operation Medusa” — his not-terribly-well-conceived plan to convince the world he’s not a promoter of hate … by promoting a hateful dirty tricks campaign to scare his most outspoken critics in Montreal (and elsewhere in Canada) into silence.

So now, with his Montreal event scheduled for later today, he has launched a new campaign aimed at the same protesters, urging his followers to dress like “homosexual hipster[s] (i.e. male feminist[s])” in order to infiltrate today’s Demonstration Against Rape Culture, scheduled for noon in Montreal’s Norman Bethune Square.

No, really.

As he explains it in a post on his Return of Kings blog

“Operation Revelation” is a defensive operation to infiltrate all feminist protests on Saturday afternoon, take video of the crowd under the guise of being a fellow protester, and then have videos analyzed to identify the key ringleaders of the protest who make statements or actions showing they intend to break Canadian law.

So very sneaky.

In order to better blend in, Roosh tells his Montreal fans to show up with iPhones charged in

an outfit that looks like a person who has nothing going on with his or her life. To fit in seamlessly if you’re a man, dress like a homosexual hipster (i.e. male feminist). If you’re a woman, gain 30 pounds, dye your hair red, get three cat tattoos, and wear ugly clothing (i.e. contract Lindy West disease).

(Lindy West? Ugly clothes? Uh, Lindy West was just featured on MTV News as an “Inspiring Bride Obliterating Wedding Dress Stereotypes.” But I digress.)

Pretend you’re a protester by sharing your hatred of patriarchy, “rape culture,” and masculinity while casually filming the proceedings with your phone.

And then you’re supposed to send the footage to Roosh via Dropbox.

Do not challenge the protesters because they are mentally unstable and in all likelihood ready to use violence. Fit in with them instead, gain their trust, and film the proceedings casually. Your raw footage will be edited and shared online to help identify potentially threatening individuals. Private investigators will likely be hired to help with the analysis.

While Roosh is obviously being a bit facetious about the clothes, he’s serious about the filming. And it’s pretty clear Roosh and his cronies aren’t simply interested in filming protesters in order to protect themselves from violence or other illegal acts; they’re doing it to get a database of pictures of people they can identify — and smear, using whatever shred of dubious “evidence” of wrongdoing or wrongthinking they can find.

Indeed Roosh has started doing this already with some of the protest organizers; a post up today on RoK tries to portray one of his critics as a supporter of violence against Roosh — on the basis of a single Facebook “like” of hers.

The commenters on Roosh’s post are even more blunt about their desire to intimidate Roosh’s enemies. Ashan writes,

Even if everything goes well, and there are no confrontations, still do record the faces of protesters. Why? you may ask. Protesting is a legal right, you may say. Yes it is, and so is free speech. Using one legal right of yours to sabotage another legal right of another person is bigoted, and you must break the anonymity of these bigots and expose them at any cost. Fight fire with a bigger fire. Bring a gun to a knife fight. When you enemies are even a little bit defeated, don’t have any mercy. Crush them down, hard, to destroy them fully. Kill their very souls.

A commenter calling himself Cat5krusher adds

Infiltrate, divide, conquer, destroy from within. Hey Its worked for the F.B.I an the C.I.A for the last 50 years and seems to work for them. If you’re really good as an imposter catch them on tape on what the sjw’s plan on doing. Entrap and give the footage to the authorities.

Daniel Ramos complements Roosh’s “excellent plan,” explaining

I myself have contacted a few ex military friends who live in canada for support. A few of them promised to go to this demonstration in full hipster camo so they can blend right in. I’ve even asked some of them to act like moronic leftists so the rest of the plants can catch it all on camera lol.

No one will suspect a thing when your totally real ex military friends totally show up at the event in “hipster camo,” because that is a thing that totally will happen.

Roosh’s fans aren’t battle-hardened super spies. They’re angry assholes who like to talk shit online but have probably never even been to a demonstration in their lives. If they can even be bothered to get their asses to Norman Bethune square in the first place, they have about as much chance of “blending right in” with the protesters as Roosh has of winning the Nobel prize for literature.

And if you don’t believe me I have some tickets to a totally real feminist conference to sell you.

Real feminists are a lot smarter than these dudes think they are. And they have cameras too.

163 replies on “Roosh V urges his fans to infiltrate protests against him dressed as “homosexual hipsters””

Oh dear. My kids are mini feminists and gay rights advocates, I wasn’t aware I’ve been dressing them wrong.

Roosh is such an ass.

So, has anyone else noticed that feminists try to create change and get their point across by protesting or speaking publicly or, you know, normal things, while anti-feminists try to get their way (which is always to make feminists look as bad as they want to believe they are) by coming up with these ridiculous sabotage plans and giving them stupid names that they think sound cool like “Operation Ninja Firestorm” in a hopeless macho fantasy attempt to “destroy” their enemies somehow? Why is that exactly?

We did end up throwing three Rooshites out, from what I can remember. One was filming and acted very suspicious when confronted. Another gave a weird rambling speech that may have just been misguided victim blaming or may have been some weird trolling. We glitter-bombed him. (He complained to the cops, who laughed at him and refused to let him file a complaint of assault, so we figure he was a Rooshite.) Finally, one other guy was chased off by 3 or 4 women later.

Talking of trying to make feminists look bad, I found that on Judgypants’ blog she’s managing to conflate feminists and SJWs with antiGG misogynist trolls. Here’s the donotlink:

where she slips in the lie that:

‘When LizzyF was doxed during the height of #GamerGate, the feminist and SJW mob created child porn using images of her three year old daughter, who has Down Syndrome, and threatened to send anthrax to her home.’

I did some digging about this and all I could glean was that the person bragging about doxxing her on Twitter (who JB has screen capped) and saying some pretty vile things about her was using a burner account, and nowhere was there any indication this person claimed to an SJW or a feminist. They write like the worst kind Channer who just wants trouble, they even said they’d doxxed her for a payment of 1 bitcoin.

Sorry, off topic I know, but I don’t know when the next open thread is, and these little drip, drip lies really wind me up because I know they’ll be believed, and then trotted out as facts by future feminist bashers.


I can’t wait to hear the RoK version of that, where the glitter bomb turns into a nail bomb which he deflected with his game, the rambling one demolished everyone with his powerful rhetoric and the guy with his suspicious camera captured everything, but then accidentally deleted it while feminists wielding boxcutters chased him away.

I was there earlier this afternoon. I’d say there were about 80 people at the demonstration as well as more passing through who decided to listen. There were news media from CTV, CBC, and The Gazette (the local English paper) – not a lot, but one or two from each.

And no, I didn’t see any feminists violently attacking anybody! (Surprise, surprise). The only “attack” was when the leaders gave people who wanted to speak a turn with the megaphone, and a guy (I don’t know whether affiliated with Roosh V or not) started to give a victim-blamey speech about how if someone attacked you, you should fight back and not “give in” or you’d regret it. Someone told him those were “empty words” so he started protesting, and then someone else threw a handful of glitter at him.

(I didn’t see this part, but I heard from others he called the police about the glitter attack – I don’t know why he just didn’t go up to them, since there was a cop car parked at the square, neither hindering nor helping the event, but I guess for security reasons. Anyway, as I heard, the police did not take his complaint seriously.)

Some people were legitimately nervous about being filmed and then doxxed/harassed by Roosh V supporters, and there was one man who was seen filming without permission, but when others confronted him, he ran away.

I was talking to some people who were trying to find out where Roosh’s event actually was, but there was no clear answer on where it was or whether it took place. I’m probably not up-to-date on this, so maybe someone else can fill us in?

Well, epitome of incomprehensibility summed it up pretty well. I’d lean closer to 100-110 on the crowd, but I’d say 80-100 works.

We knew they had intended to unload with disinformation about the new venue, and so we followed up on the only remotely credible lead we found (a given hotel which did originally confirm there was something planned for 3pm). There was no plan to disrupt or interrupt the event, more just “stand and photograph/roll your eyes at the creep brigade”, but it turned out that (as we suspected) it was a decoy. (Still not sure if they just met there to go to the real location or it flat out had nothing to do with anything.)

They are crowing endlessly about their victory on the RooshV forum as he announced it was at some location out of town and there were 200+ people (even though he was saying earlier this week he only sold tickets in the 40s for the original venue) and SJW’s couldn’t disrupt them and Free Speech won the day.

Unless glitter boy is an active Rooshite, I doubt they will mention it at all. It will be about how they tricked the SJWs with their cunning “Operation Goebbels” and it was a huge success. The rest will be how the media was against them, and the government (the mayor posted a Tweet saying people like Roosh aren’t welcome here), and make fun of anyone they have pictures of from the demonstration.

Mind you, we are still assuming he will bring them all downtown to try and hit the clubs, so he might get some small face-to-face confrontations later with people thinking he’s odious and recognizing him from the TV. (Depending where he ended up, which was probably the West Island, they might go to one of the big bar/mall places out there instead.)

The only “attack” was when the leaders gave people who wanted to speak a turn with the megaphone, and a guy (I don’t know whether affiliated with Roosh V or not) started to give a victim-blamey speech about how if someone attacked you, you should fight back and not “give in” or you’d regret it.

I’m probably missing details here, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how he thought that made sense in the context of an anti-rape protest unless he wanted to slip in a little “It’s your fault if you get raped!” bullshit while hiding behind plausible deniability.

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs – There are reasons we suspect he was in fact a Rooshite, although I also know some people who get into martial arts/lifting/sport who suddenly view everything as “you never give up” and he could have viewed the whole idea of a manifestation as “you never give up”.

But really, if I had to put money down, he’s a Rooshite.

So if you’re a woman, you need to gain thirty pounds and get some cat tattoos to “fit in” with the feminists. How shocked will he be if there are conventionally attractive women protesting? Will it blow his mind?

SFHC – Yeah, I’m not sure what his intentions were. Although the glitter part was funny. And it wasn’t even the really tiny craft glitter that gets everywhere, just the sequin kind (which makes it less aggressive to me – I find the tiny glitter annoying). 🙂

@lightcastle – You’re probably more accurate about the number. I tend to round down.

Great victory for Roosh V? All right, sure – he held a talk in an undisclosed location without people finding out about it. They way they were going on about it, it was like Roosh V conquered Montreal and claimed the land for Return of Kings-o-topia.

Video news report.

Interestingly, she is much more confident that the second location WAS in fact the second location in that stand up she does outside the hotel. When I talked to her, she was with us that it was the rumoured one, and had told people there was an event, but I don’t think anyone had confirmation it was specifically RooshV’s event. (She seems more specific here.)


Thanks for posting the vid, interesting to watch. So fucking frustrating though that when they interviewed that guy on the street, it was “It’s borderline hate speech.” Not IS, but BORDERLINE.

It’s just frustrating that misogyny is so internalized that people can’t even see what seems like is so obvious to me… if advocating for the rape of women ISN’T hate speech against women, what is??? (Don’t answer that, I probably don’t want to know lol because to a lot it’s probably ‘Nothing, stop being so sensitive.’ =/)


Thanks for the link, it was a great news report, so congrats! They were a bit light on Roosh, as caling him “impolite” (oh, come on!), but it exposed his real sayings, spoken by himself straight at the camera, and overall was a pretty good coverage, even included the “undercover” stuff.

Als, LOL T the glitter bomb, wish I was there to see it!


I was trying to figure out who Roosh looked like with that beard.

No no no, oh god no. Conchita is gorgeous and talented and seems like a nice person.

Well, with all THAT fanfare, Toronto should be a walk-through for him.

(I kid. TO is murder for jackasses.)

Some bars put up signs telling him he was banned, then he went around in a wig and some people found him, poured beer on his head, and followed him home yelling. There’s a video.

Roosh contacted the cops and filed a complaint.

Naturally, the Rooshians are screaming assault (which, considering yelling at someone threateningly can be assault, it technically is – although I’d be stunned if the crown bothers to pursue it) and grabbing the names of everyone they can identify on the video and preparing to destroy them. (Basically make them unemployable by saying they are the kind of anti-free speech people who assault innocent gurus.)

Isn’t that harassment to follow Roosh home while yelling at him? I mean he’s a terrible person, but it’s still not okay.

Also, I find it pathetic that he had to wear a wig to sneak into a bar that didn’t want him. Can’t he get the hint that they don’t want him and he won’t have a good time there? I guess old habits of ignoring rejection and no’s is hard to overcome. But a bar is not like a woman.

The bars should just post signs that say “This is a Lesbian social establishment, if you cannot behave like a human being we will throw you out.”

I’ve said it before this year, but it’s increasingly true: I’m very impressed with Canada this year. It has really got its act together in a big way when it comes to these sorts of incidents.

lightcastle: I suppose a charge of battery could be made for the beer getting poured on him, at least in the US if Wikipedia is to be believed.

That said, please don’t ask me to feel sorry for him. I can’t even pretend to. I probably would have a hard time feeling sorry for him if it was a more severe form of battery.

Wow. OK, pouring beer on a person and following them around while yelling at them, especially when it’s a large group of people against one or two persons, is not very cool. However, Roosh specifically and proudly states that he goes to these sorts of places (night clubs) to rape women, so.. if this is what it takes to shut him the fuck down, I’m for it. Soaking someone with beer and making them feel a bit unsafe while retreating to their hotel is less of a crime than rape.

Canada uses the same assault and battery definitions as England [Yey for the Empire!!!]

An assault is where a person does an action that puts someone else in apprehension of the immediate use of force. There’s no need for actual contact. Assault cannot be committed by mere words alone but words can negate an assault. So if I put my hand on my sword hilt but then say “Were it not Assize time I would run you through” that’s not an assault. Words that can initiate an action though can be (“OK Rover, bite him”)

A battery is any form of contact where there is no consent for the contact. There can however be implied consent. When travelling on the Underground you consent to getting bumped and pressed up against people for example. There can also be implied consent through societal norms. If I tap you on the shoulder and say “Excuse me, I think you dropped this” that’s not an assault.

Nowadays there’s a single charge of assault that can also include batteries. The traditional view of what people might consider an assault is often charged as ‘assault by beating’; but it doesn’t have to be.

Throwing objects (even if they miss), spitting at etc can all be assaults. Pouring drinks over people would be an assault. Whether the Crown would take an interest is another matter.

Nowadays there’s a single charge of assault that can also include batteries. The traditional view of what people might consider an assault is often charged as ‘assault by beating’; but it doesn’t have to be.

I know what you really mean with this, but in my head I now have an image of people throwing AAs at Roosh.

The language of these people is always so militaristic–that’s a very bad sign. It’s a sign they view the world in terms of war–a war on women.

When it comes to Roosh, beer throwing aside I think the verbal confrontations and backash were appropriate.

I am really sick of male privilege. He wasn’t online anymore. He wanted to be a public figure and encourage the worst kinds of interactions between humans.

I’ve had someone argue to me that everything he says is satire and we just don’t get it. Gaslighting is real. Just because he attempts humor throughout his writing, that does not make it satirical. He is advocating for reals.

@Rabid Rabbit

And a couple of particularly desperate defenders are saying “But she thought it was funny, so it’s okay!” Which is why she’s pressing charges and telling anybody who’ll listen how much it freaked her the fuck out. Because she liked it. That makes perfect sense.


As for Doosh, I think he might be trying to go the WBC route, provoking people in the hopes of suing them. Except without realising that the WBC only gets away with that grade-school bullying bullshit because the whole family is lawyers.

First his pro-rape advocacy, then his attempt at spying on protesters to try and harass them, NOW he’s trying to waste police time with a weak accusation of child neglect?

Is it me or do you think that shit is hitting the fan for Roosh? Now he has ventured from his online bubble he is fucking up in ridiculous ways and more and more people are realising what an ass he is. Except it’s all his own doing, so it’s more like Roosh is throwing shit at a fan and then getting upset that it’s spraying back at him.

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