Toronto police investigating PUA who posted video saying a woman should be “stabbed and cut up into tiny pieces”

Screenshot of what appears to be xsouldeath's Twitter account
Screenshot of what appears to be xsouldeath’s Twitter account

Well, this is pretty freaking disturbing. reports that

Toronto police are looking closely at video of a Toronto pick-up artist who filmed himself muttering about stabbing a girl who turned him down. … 

“She deserves to f**kin’ like stabbed and cut up into tiny pieces for that s**t,” he says. “Like, I would f**king take her and her boyfriend and all her f**king friends down. F**king worthless pieces of s**t. She thinks she’s all that, just because she has the looks and s**t. I’ll show all these little bitches one day.”

In a second clip, [“xsouldeath”] appears to try to purchase a knife from a grocery store.

After news of this began to spread, someone who described himself as

E.J., the head coach of TdotPickup, a group that holds PUA bootcamps and coaching in the Yonge and Dundas area, called Metro Monday evening after speaking with xsouldeath. He said some of his comments had been misunderstood.

“This whole thing about getting them back, all he was talking about is basically getting them back by getting a really good-looking girl and rubbing it in their face,” he said.

Apparently, there is some mysterious language that resembles English in which “she deserves to f**kin’ like stabbed and cut up into tiny pieces for that s**t” actually means “rubbing it in their face.”

As for talking about stabbing a woman and cutting her up, E.J. said xsouldeath is not the type of person to do that.

So reassuring.

The video in which xsouldeath talks about looking for a knife at a grocery store was taken out of context, E.J. said. “Basically the whole reason he was asking for this knife was to find the cutlery section and they were not really understanding the English,” he said.

And then there was this plot twist:

Update:  xsouldeath, the creator of the YouTube videos, appears to be EJ, the head coach of TdotPickup.

Creepy as hell.

While xsouldeath’s YouTube channel has been taken down, what appears to be his Google+ profile is still up (I’ve archived it here). In addition to posts about his own videos and a wide assortment of popular Youtube “prank” videos, xsouldeath posts videos from other PUAs as well as from antifeminist “philosopher” and self-described Men’s Rights Activist Stefan Molyneux and from obsessively antifeminist Youtuber Bane666au, whose frequently hour-long videos feature him as a talking skull in a pitcher of Koolaid.

What appears to be his Twitter account has been made private.

On the Toronto subreddit, meanwhile, someone  writes:

I’ve known this person since High School. There are some stories I would rather not share about him on this page to save him dignity. But he needs Help. I am just really creeped out to approach him anymore.

I’ll post more later as the story develops.

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I have a Doctor story! When my little brother was 2, he was coughing a lot, and he had a fever and blue lips.

My mother has a degree in Medicine (although she hasn’t worked as a doctor since her 20s) and knew this was a Bad Sign, so she rushed him into a GP appointment. Inconveniently, at the time of the appointment, his lips had pinked up a bit, and the GP dismissed her.
The blue lips returned, so she made a second appointment the next day. I think she even said “As a doctor, I think it’s pneumonia, can you confirm the diagnosis?”. This time, despite the symptoms, the doctor dismissed her again because “it’s natural for mothers to worry about every little thing” or some such crap. I think it was the third appointment when he was visibly annoyed and said “well, you can take him to the hospital if you think it’s necessary, but they’re not going to find anything”.

My little brother had pneumonia, and if we hadn’t taken him to hospital (where he stayed for several nights), he might not have grown up into the healthy young man he is today.

So despite her considerable medical expertise, and my brother’s clearly serious symptoms, this particular GP dismissed HER as a hysterical mother, and missed the fact that his patient’s life was at risk.

So yeah, it’s not just women who can’t get treatment, it’s their small children, too.

I think I’ve been mostly lucky with my GPs, personally, especially since moving to [City], but I’ve heard other stories from women or people read as women by doctors who have fat-shamed them*, totally failed to offer appropriate treatment, asked if their gender identity was the result of child abuse… some real shockers.
*Someone was told they should lose weight because it was affecting their posture – the patient had spina bifida.

There’s also a real lack of mental health provisions in the UK generally, which means that even if you get a useful diagnosis, you might wait months for some hit-and-miss talking therapy or CBT. And with various cuts being made to the NHS budget, It’s becoming even more of a crap shoot.

I have a fun one from when I lived in the US.

I’d been having stomach problems for weeks and had lost a solid quarter of my weight in under a month… After finally dragging myself to the local clinic, the doctor barely took one look at me before declaring that I wouldn’t be throwing up if I wasn’t on meth. Which I wasn’t, because duh.

“Don’t lie to me, I can see your teeth.”

I tried explaining to her that I had bad teeth due to botched braces as a kid (true story), but she just demanded that I take a piss test to “Prove my innocence,” which meant further explanation that my meds occasionally pop false positives and showing her the prescriptions. Needless to say, she didn’t listen or care, another false positive, and she booted me out because “Jesus hates meth fiend liars.”

A week later, I was rushed to the hospital with a burst stomach ulcer and I’m now on yet another pill for life thanks to her negligence.


It just occurred to me that I may have posted that story before. Oh well. =P

Eh, I haven’t read it before. I’m sorry she was so bad at her job you have to be on permanent meds now. Ugh.

Speaking of GPs, coincidentally enough, I’ve just come back from an appointment where we’re trying to find out what’s causing a bunch of painful swelling in various places. Blood test has come back all clear, she’s recommended reading up on fibromyalgia and physio. (Not that I’ve been diagnosed with it, she just gave me a pamphlet on it).

I hope this goes somewhere. Sigh. At least she hasn’t brushed me off like the GPs in the past.

FTR I’m not complaining about her as a doc, she’s definitely good and has done more for me than others. I thought my post came across as a little whiney or ungrateful, it wasn’t meant to be that way at all.

Oh wow… I seem to have missed a whole lot of fun on here, and by fun I mean soul-destroying awfulness. :O

First of all, I want to say that I hope the OP guy is taken seriously and observed, we really don’t need another tragedy on our hands. Secondly, I have a female friend who lives and works in the Toronto area, and needless to say I was really quite worried from the moment I read that the OP is from the same area. I’m just very glad to remember that Toronto is a very large city…

Thirdly, and lastly, I thought I’d chime in on the “whoops, wrong diagnosis” bandwagon. Strap yourselves in, people, cause this will be a bit long! 😛 When I was born, way back in 1982, I was almost immediately diagnosed as being deaf, blind and paralysed from the waist down. So that was a good start! xD After a few weeks the doctors figured out that my legs were just a little stiff and that physical therapy might actually be beneficent (they didn’t bother correcting the fact that my Achilles’ tendons were too short, though) and also that, well, I can hear and see. They then went for the route that I was “developmentally challenged”. This diagnosis actually stuck with me until I was five years old. At that point the fact that I could talk at a higher level than my age group average became so embarrassing to the doctors that they just chose to call my situation “an unknown brain syndrome”. That diagnosis didn’t get changed until 2001, when I was finally sent to a specialist in the Autism Spectrum and he said (five minutes into an hour-long discussion) that I was a “textbook case” of Asperger’s, although with an additional case of slight brain damage. So, yeah…that had been a fun 19 years of my life, which had included all sorts of meds and diagnosis, all of which have permanently fucked up my liver to an extent that I’ll probably never be allowed to donate blood.

I’m sorry that this is such a long post, by the way. I just felt the need to share this. And now I have tears in my eyes. Not the proudest moment of my life, really…

I almost said something about how I think overweight people have a similar problem, where doctors are all about weight-weight-weight-weight-weight instead of the symptoms of pneumonia or whatnot. The root cause seems to be different, as it seems like doctors believe that overweight people are reporting their symptoms correctly, but they wrongly attribute every symptom to weight, even when that is not even remotely rational. Mad people are just not believed, as doctors assume they are malingering or delusional, even when, again, it’s not rational to think that a visible infection is a figment of my imagination.

Seems like the end results are similar, though: poor medical care and poor health as a result.


Holy crap, that’s an awful story! I’m sorry 🙁

And bloody hell, even if the doctor HAD been dealing with a meth head, guess what? Drug addicts still fucking deserve medical attention!

Doctors also see a lack of a weight surplus as a sign of good health.
I consulted because I had blisters on the fingers and feet, painful eye irritation, nosebleeds, joint pains, dry cracking bloody eczema, and an increasingly bloody chronic diarrhea, all appearing at the same time. But since my weight was on the lower end of the “healthy” range and stable, obviously I couldn’t be sick!
(For the conclusion of this adventure: those are the textbook symptoms of ulcerative colitis. It turned out rather mild after learning how not to trigger it, but as long as I didn’t know what it was I was eating all the wrong foods!)

@Dodom yikes. Similar misadventures with food/diet-related illness here. VERY hard to get diagnosed!

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