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Ladies, don’t worry about the lack of female film directors. You can always resort to prostitution, MRA explains

From the Men's Rights subreddit
From the Men’s Rights subreddit

Near the top of the Men’s Rights subreddit front page today: a post with 160 upvotes sporting the sarcastic title “Because male film directors (85% of total film directors) getting 87% of the funding is discrimination.

The post is reference to the charge, made by feminist activists, that the fact that the Icelandic Film Centre — which funds and promotes Icelandic films — sends nearly 90% of their funding to men just might be evidence of discrimination against women. 

Pshaw, the Men’s Rightsers contend, the Icelandic Film Centre is just being fair. Because, you see, 85% of Iceland’s film directors are men. So of course they should get roughly that percentage of the money.

Because, as Reddit MRAs (and evidently a lot of studio executives see it), women just aren’t cut out for the manly world of directing.

Indeed, in the minds of some Reddit MRAs, filmmaking ability is tied to one’s possession of a penis much in the same way that baby-having ability is tied to ones’ possession of a womb. Mocking the faux quiz in the billboard above, one commenter writes:

cajunrevenge 30 points 4 hours ago  Why do women have 100% of babies. A- Aliens B- Black holes C- discrimination.

Another commenter suggests that the feminists need to stop their whining, because evidently in the imaginary world in which he lives money only goes to those who truly deserve it — at least as long as neither the government or criminals are involved. (Never mind that the whole point of the Icelandic Film Centre is to give government money to filmmakers.)


Matt_Why 21 points 4 hours ago  Money isn't given, it is earned. Unless there is government or crime involved. If you have a good film idea and you are willing to go through the work and management for every step of the process to get a good production, then market the idea to investors and show your accountability, creativity, and work ethic to get trust from the industry. If you think that money is just handed out to projects in exchange for a flimsy promise of return and cry discrimination when no one trusts you then just stop. If you believe that your work ethic creativity and accountability is getting ignored because of discrimination and stupidity, then find your funding somewhere else, even the internet; those prejudiced investors's money shouldn't even be cared about and it will be their loss.

Another helpful fellow suggest that women shouldn’t worry about the fact that he overwhelming majority of directing jobs go to men because, hey, non-film-directing women can always resort to lady jobs like nursing, or art curating, or, you know prostitution!

Chef_Lebowski 8 points 3 hours ago  I always see this argument that not enough women work in the film industry or not enough female directors. Directing isn't the only position available on a film set or in post. To think you're automatically going to be a famous feature film director out of nowhere is naive and silly. There are other industries where women dominate and men are few, such as nursing, fashion, art curating, prostitution. There is always kickstarter and indiegogo or whatever tax credits your country has.

Problem solved! And all it took was a little bit of male ingenuity. Give yourself a hand, fellas!

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“The reason I’m punching you is because 100% of the people I’m punching are you, so that proves I should be punching you”

What confuses me is why a billboard in Iceland is in English. Or is it like those English signs protestors haul around to get the message out to foreign media?

Also I take offense to the concept that only women can provide sexual pleasure for a mutually-acceptable fee and and eye to discretion. That is prejudice itself.

Most people in Iceland are bi-lingual, speaking both Icelandic and English. A lot of the signs around Reykjavik are in English.

I find it extremely hard to believe that 100% of that 85% of men deserved 2% more than their women peers.

Although I’m sure they would have something hateful to say about this, I would like to inform these MRAs that women don’t in fact have 100% of babies, because trans men, agender people and other identifying individuals also have children.

I’m sure they will give themselves a hand, at least once a day every day.

Hm, of those four professions where women dominate, I have to question whether two of them are “dominated” by women.

At least in the UK, art curators are 60% men .

And as for who “dominates” the prostitution industry, well that would be the prostitutors, I’d say. I know that prostitution is a $186 billion dollar a year racket, and I know it’s not well-paying overall for its lower-echelon workers, that is, prostitutes, But I can’t seem to locate figures on the percentage of women procurers, pimps, brothel owners, and others who actually dominate prostitution, as that little asshole quoted in the post claims.

…wow…and he even managed to insult all us nurses…because clearly LadyJobs (even ones that require degrees like…art curating and nursing) are So Easy A Caveman Could Do it! (but he wont, cause he’s a manly manly man)

Money isn’t given, it is earned. Unless there is government or crime involved.

I just gave me friend £10 because he was out of pocket. As far as I’m aware neither a criminal mastermind nor David Cameron were involved at the time.

Government grants are money that’s been given. That’s what a grant is.

I wonder what, besides actress are the jobs they think women are capable of doing? I’m guessing costumer. What else?

One could reasonably argue that the funding distribution isn’t discriminatory by design, but rather reflects the effects of a gender-biased field. However, it then becomes reasonable to ask if government funds, in particular, shouldn’t be used in part to correct existing biases in the market, to help end the effects of past discrimination. (In other words, award a disproportionate amount to movies with women directors, so that studios will be more likely to hire women directors for their films.)

Matt_Why…proof, once more, that Menz Rightz Libbertigibbertarians don’t brain gud.


If you have a good film idea and you are willing to go through the work and management for every step of the process to get a good production, then market the idea to investors and show your accountability, creativity, and work ethic to get trust from the industry.

He truly doesn’t understand modern filmmaking if he thinks it operates only on accountability, creativity, and work ethic.

When there are an equal number of women making “creative” films like the cinematic geniuses Michael Bay and Brett Rattner (and if they can still have careers and million dollar salaries after they dump their repetitivegenius” on the world), they will have truly arrived in that industry.

The sign is part of an art festival, and by a visiting artist, which is why it’s in English rather than Icelandic.

Hin ástæðan er sú að við vitum að enginn annar skilur þetta furðumál okkar. Ef maður ætlar að skapa umræðu þarf að ná út fyrir landsteinana.

(No, I will not apologise for that.)

I’d like to recommend American Mary, directed by the Soska sisters.

I’m also sure plenty of dudebros who think women can’t direct liked Michelle Maclaren’s Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad episodes without even realizing that they were tainted by feeemale cooties.

Okay, so…

Let’s look at the industries he claims are “female dominated”.
1)Nursing. A caring profession, respected but lower status than doctors, who until this generation were typically men. Long hours, high risk of on-the-job injury* and also getting shit on you. Literally.

2) Fashion. I don’t know if he means designing–which has quite a few men it it, certainly more than 15%, especially at the highest levels–or modeling, which also has men. Fashion modeling, to be blunt, is a terrible job. Sometimes you get paid in clothes, even if you are naturally thin you probably have to starve yourself to get the look the designer wants, and the industry is rife with sexual abuse. If you can make it big, it works, but if not…

3) Art curating. I don’t know what the fuck he was thinking, but I’m don’t know enough about this to touch. I don’t even know how female-dominated this is–the art world itself is pretty male-dominated.

4) Prostitution. *Sigh* A low-status job that threatens your ability to get any other job later (because stigma) and also exposes you to high risk of violence, police arrest (and violence), a criminal record (and inability to get other jobs).

So out of 4, we have 1 industry I don’t know enough about to even tell if he’s right and 3 that are dangerous, two that are sexualized, one is illegal, and none of which are nearly as high status or high paying as directing movies.

Hmm… seems to be a pattern. It almost like he couldn’t find a job dominated by women equivalent in status and pay to directing, almost like jobs associated with women tend to be low-status, low-pay, and sexualized.

* I heard a NPR report about a pioneering VA initiative to reduce injuries to hospital nurses by making sure all patient-lifting was done by machine. That is is pioneering should give you an idea of what you can expect in other hospitals.

I’m sorry, but there are a small, but non-negligible number of men who give birth. I haven’t looked at the numbers, but it’s probably closer to 99.9% of babies are birthed to women.

I wonder how these guys feel about Lana Wachowski because of the frequent references to The Matrix? (I’m guessing most would refuse to acknowledge she’s a woman)

I doubt that they’d be happy that one of the creator’s who coined the term “red pill” is a woman.


I doubt that they’d be happy that one of the creator’s who coined the term “red pill” is a woman.

The red pill has lady cooties? Day made!

weirwoodtreehugger-The Diarrhea Pill (expect the phrase would be ‘have you NOT taken the Diarrhea Pill?’), since that is what started the whole thing (according to Paulie) in the first place? I always found it ridiculous that they used a reference from a movie like the Matrix as inspiration for their ‘philosophy’. I found it even more ridiculous when I discovered that the whole thing started because Paulie did not want to take his diarrhea medication. Hilarious!! I wonder how many ‘redpillers’ know about this? Maybe we should tell them?


I also wonder what the actors and produces think about the film being used in such a way by the MRAs. Do they find it ridiculous as well, or are they pissed that they are not receiving any royalties? The whole red pill and blue pill thing WAS their idea after all and is their intellectual property! 😀 Maybe they can sue for copy-write violation?

I read a very informative article about this very issue a few weeks ago:

Interesting points (but please check the whole thing, it´s very good and just more prove these MRA iidiots don´t know what the heck they´re talking about):

1 – in film schools there´s a even representation of men and women, and their work, according to the teachers and such, have the same level of quality; also, when they go out to present their work in festivals and such, men and women are just as like to receive awards, etc.

2 – It´s AFTER this stage where the problem begins. Male directors who are awarded start to receive invitations for work in big studios, etc; for female directors, however, it´s another story altogether: they may be top of their class, receive awards in festivals and such, but that is not followed by invitations. It´s like they´re not there.

3 – It´s funny how women are considered instable, and emotional, and yet, everybody has horror stories to tell about crazy ass male directors screaming, throwing objects, cursing and abusing actors and stuff (ex Iñárritu and David O. Russel). They don´t lose their credibility and keep getting work. NOW JUST IMAGINE if it was a woman instead…. It would harm said female director immediately. And of course it would strengthen the argument women are not stable or reliable… (while men with the same behaviour sale through unscattered, as the male fame as serious, and reliable, and sane)

4 – Even when a woman goes against all odds, get to direct a movie and said movie wins big awards, said woman is still not garanteed to receive other job opportunities (ex: Debra Granik, from Winter´s Bone). Men, on the other hand, keep receiving opportunities even when they fail.

Obs: Guys sorry my english, not native and also not a fan of revieweing my texts #)


Just as a minor note, we don’t use the word “Crazy” here for a few reasons (a lot of regular commenters are mentally ill, and allowing it tends to result in trolls using “Crazy” to simultaneously excuse misogynists’ disgusting behaviour and demonise all mentally ill people as violent), but thankyou for the excellent link! =) Hope to see David make a post out of it, because that was really interesting.

@baroncognito the kiddo that I know born of transman is currently three years old. A little bit young, but just you wait! I do know of a 14 year old born of an agender person, though, if that’ll do? Is 14 old enough for memesploitation?

oh and dont get me started on people telling doctors “youre SO smart” and nurses “you’re such an angel!” Because it sure as hell wasn’t the doctor who noticed your blood pressure starting to tank, initiated the rapid response sequence, got you stabilized, searched your history for a cause and had a short list of plausible causes when the doctor arrived…and then if that poor doctor is FEMALE? Heavens above! ::clutches pearls::

4 – Even when a woman goes against all odds, get to direct a movie and said movie wins big awards, said woman is still not garanteed to receive other job opportunities (ex: Debra Granik, from Winter´s Bone). Men, on the other hand, keep receiving opportunities even when they fail.

Not to mention that they can create a widely-recognized masterpiece only to get snubbed at the Oscars and not win anything except Best Original Song. Yes, I’m still pissed about that.

Regarding curators being 60% men – a job category that is 40% women will be perceived by these whiners as feeeemale-dominated.

And that’s real.


May I ask what you’re referencing? Because I don’t keep up with Oscar. (I think they’re kinda stupid IMO.)


I didn’t know Selma was directed by a woman. There was some minor fuss about it then it died out, but, you know, Lincoln was praised for months. (Fun fact, Lincoln has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, Selma has 99%, juuust to get your blood pressure higher.)

Err – that last C was typed as ctrl C abort (with the ctrl and abort in angle brackets) looks like I found some forum code that ate my ctrl and abort)

Seems also no edit facility – a good geek reference ruined.

PS – Hello everyone, I’m new here, in case it wasn’t obvious.


If 85% of the directors are male, and they receive substantially less than 85% of the funding, then that would be discriminatory.

Hi, tricyclist! Nice to meet you. 🙂

If you haven’t already done so, you may proceed to the sidebar and click on the scented candle to collect your welcome packet.

hi david – love your blog! however, i (among others) am uncomfortable with the perpetuation of this notion that penis automatically equals man and that vagina automatically equals woman. in the future, could you please be more inclusive of your transgender audience? <3

When I read what redditors say stuff like the “other industries where women dominate lIke prostitution”, denial of the wage gap, and “edgy joaks” about not hiring women because of sexual harassment suits, I think “you want me to starve to death.”

I am unmarried and without children, so the ‘choice’ argument is irrelevant. While people I am dating would disagree, r/MR posters would say that I am “ugly” and that I am too old and fat to go the housewife route. No disrespect meant to homemakers of all genders.

r/Mr want me to be unemployed, or underemployed in something low paying. They would be raging if they worked in retail instead of engineering. Is it harsh to think that? Am I taking this too personal?

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